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  2. azattila

    Radiator vs Radiator

    Just wanted to do an up date on the radiator. I got the Champion aluminum radiator as Derek recommended it and what a difference. I got me the 3 core radiator, all the mounting holes line up with the original, so it was an easy swap. So far I'm happy with it, operating temperatures went from...
  3. azattila

    Radiator vs Radiator

    Thanks for the info Matt!
  4. azattila

    Radiator vs Radiator

    Thank you guys for the info, I will be getting an aluminum radiator. It may sound dumb, but the more “rows” you have in a radiator the better cooling it provides? Thanks Derek for letting me know about Champion radiators!
  5. azattila

    Radiator vs Radiator

    My current radiator is going bad so I need to replace my radiator with a new one. I been looking at radiators and I found a few different options. AutoZone’s Spectra Premium Radiator with copper core, O’Reilly’s Murray Heat Transfer Radiator with plastic tank/aluminum core and Silla’s All...
  6. azattila

    Exhaust question

    Thanks for the info, I will be adding the H part to the exhaust. By the way right now I got aftermarket long headers with glass packs and Flowmaster 40 (I think) on each side.
  7. azattila

    Exhaust question

    I have a 390 v8 on a 69’ F250 and I have a dual exhaust setup on it but I heard if I do an H pipe exhaust it would be better performance vice. Is this true? Did anybody go from a dual to an H pipe setup? Please let me know what you think and know! Thank you, Attila smilieFordlogo
  8. azattila

    Towing Capacity

    That’s really good
  9. azattila

    Towing Capacity

    The axel ratio is 4.10; is a 4 speed manual, the radiator is original but I’ll be upgrading it soon to a new better radiator because I’ll be adding AC next year. If you have any more questions just let me know. Thanks!
  10. azattila

    Towing Capacity

    What’s the towing capacity of a 1969 Ford F250 HighBoy (crewcab) 4x4 with a 390 v8? Thanks!
  11. azattila

    crewcab arm rest

    Thanks for the advices but what I see is a 4 hole arm rest. So far I have tried junk yards and some other places but no luck so far. If you guys come a cross with anything please just let me know.
  12. azattila

    crewcab arm rest

    Unfortunately it never came with any arm rests. Do you know a web site or a store where I could order it from?
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    This is a 1969 Ford F-250 CrewCab HighBoy 4x4, 390 v8 with a 4 barrel Edelbrock , custom dual exhaust, 4 speed manual.
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  18. azattila

    crewcab arm rest

    I have a 1969 F250 crewcab and I need door arm rests for the back doors. Looked everywhere on the internet and can’t find any. Can someone help to where to buy them? Thanks, AttilasmilieFordlogo