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  1. 400 valve adjustment

    Thank you
  2. 400 valve adjustment

    Has anyone tried to adjust valves with engine running?
  3. Too much free time.......

    in the process now of reworking the rear fenders. I fabricated them out of 18 guage steel and they are to heavy for the bracketry so I am molding them out of fiberglass.
  4. Too much free time.......

    This thread is for the truck profile titled "Too much free time.......". Click the Watch button to get updates and comment on it below.
  5. steering column

    I am looking for a steering column for my 73 f350 project truck. Or has anyone rebuilt one with any luck. Any advise?
  6. New dakota digital dash

    No problems calibrating speedo. The set comes with very detailed instructions. Even my old technologically challenge self could do it.
  7. New dakota digital dash

    I installed into my 74 F 350 project build and love them. As was said earlier, you can add on with ease. Best money I have spent ever on gauges.
  8. Top End Rebuild/Overhaul

    Girl My wife now wants me to paint my engine like that........
  9. Rings not seated?

    I'm just asking , you said it now has a RV cam. But is it flat tappet or roller, different break-in procedures for each.
  10. brake pressure valve centering

    Bleeder valve always to the top of caliper. Air travels up..
  11. just picked up a 10/77 F250 4x4

    400The 400 engine is a fine engine and has a lot of potential. The engine is great for a truck you plan on working a little. I have a 400 with and edlebrock 4bbl intake. Lunati RV style cam straight up timing gears and MSD distributor and ignition box. You should be looking in the 330 to 350...
  12. What did you do to your Dent today

    reworking a dentside welding truckHi all. have been reading what everyone is doing with thier trucks and figured I would join in and post about my project. It is a 73 350 cab and chassis that I want to make a workable toy with. I moved the rear axle back 18" and put 4 link live air ride to...
  13. New dakota digital dash

    I put as set in my build of my 73 and love them, and really the price was not that much higher than auto-meter when you and in all the sensors you will need.
  14. your dream truck?

    dream truckBig Jim that is one fine truck. I am building a 74 F350 and want to paint it that red you have. I rebuilt the 400, put a C6 with GV unit moved the rear axle back 18" and installed live air ride on the back. No bed is being used, just closing in the frame with wood planks. Put some...
  15. Thinking ahead a few? years

    I would get a good pinstriper to lay some ol school pinstiping around all the badging of the truck. Not overpowering but serious eye grabbers.
  16. front spoiler under bumper

    Ranger, you wouldn't consider selling that one??????
  17. front spoiler under bumper

    Yep that's the one 340. I guess I will have to make my own.
  18. front spoiler under bumper

    Does anyone remember the spoiler people were putting on thier trucks back in the day? I am looking for one if anyone knows where to find them.
  19. 79 ford plans/suggestions

    Take your time and shop around. You will find fixing this ride will be rewarding. The newer trucks just don't have the styling or the work ethics of the older units.
  20. Check this Ford truck put

    Nice truck, love the color. Is that the original ford red from that year?
  21. Happy New Year

    With the ending of 2013 and the coming of 2014, I hope everyone has a safe and joy filled New Year. Let's keep on keeping our prized Gen 6 trucks going and having fun with them, even if our wives can't understand our passion for them.Happy New Year All!!!!!!
  22. 351m/400 engine towers

    yes I still need some. I have a two wheel drive. I am building a one of a kind 1 ton. Good for no one but me I guess. Thanks again.
  23. 351m/400 engine towers

    engine perchesHoltz yes i still need them. you can give me a call @225-937-8168. i am located in Louisiana. I was out this weekend looking at how I was going to fabricate some. Thanks looking forward to talking to you Keith
  24. Pan clearance

    Thanks, I am trying to find some towers but they are getting hard to find. This is in case I have to fab my own.
  25. Pan clearance

    Hi folks. I am looking for some information on the pan clearance to the front crossmember on a two wheel drive with a 351m/400. My truck had a 390 but it gave up the go and i am installing a 400 into it. i would greatly appreciate if some one could tell me how high of the X-member to the pan is...
  26. dip stick tube for 400

    can anyone tell me if the dipstick tube for a two wheel drive 302 is the same as the one for a 400? looking at pictures in different catalogs it looks the same.