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  1. 81 f-250 4 x 4 front brake job

    I think you are talking about the actual lugs that the rotor is pressed into the hub with??? Usually you need to press them in as they have splines and they press through the hub and rotor. I have had issued with new studs being incorrect and it wouldn't fit properly. If they are the correct...
  2. Failed cam on 2004 5.4 Triton Engine

    The only thing I know of is that the 2004 and 2005 model years are not interchangeable internal engine components. If you had some repairs done, like cam phasers and they did it right and changed the followers, but used the wrong model year followers, it would cause this type of damage. If not...
  3. Talking about my Rear Brakes

    Well my rear brakes went out on my way to school yesterday. Was an exciting drive to class thats for sure. smilieteaseAnyway, took it home and checked out to see whats a matta. The drums have been shaking like hell since I bought it last spring and not having any income or time to even check...
  4. Early Bronco pics

    my 69 Rock crawler project [/IMG]
  5. New from Colorado

    Been a while, just dropping in to say hi.I did get some work done on my 81 F250. I had a push rod pop off of the number 5 cylinder and that in turn gave me 0 compression in that cylinder. Put that back together and did another compression test and that cylinder is still low about 25% compared...
  6. 7th gen Roll Call

    Thank you!
  7. 7th gen Roll Call

    I have my 81 F250 recently purchased for 600 bucks. not a lot of pics on there but its a clean pickup for the price.I also had an 85 F250 460 4 speed I should have never sold, I feel it was my biggest mistake. I could have taken all of the dough I put into the other newer pickups and...
  8. New from Colorado

    I would if I had some, I never took pics of anything when I was younger, not like everyone does now.
  9. New from Colorado

    Thanks, my dad owns a 77 F250 Ranger XLT 4x4 in Black he bought new, it looks a lot like the one in your signature pic. The paint is original but fading and the common rust in the bed etc etc etc. But when you open the doors the interior is immaculate as in brand new in appearance.
  10. New from Colorado

    Yupp we beat the hell out of it, well I didnt, but my Brother did and then decided it was too expensive for him. I did a lot of maintenance and repairs to it over the last 5-6 years. It now has a fresh C-6 and rear springs and new shocks on all four corners, new C bushings etc etc etc. I can...
  11. New from Colorado

    thanks, the 78 is tired if me just as much as I am him.We beat the hell out of that truck and he just kept on going.Its still in the family and thats how it goes.
  12. New from Colorado

    Hi all, I was doing a search for a 460 swap into my 81 F250 when I stumbled across this forum. So I decided to join.I have been around for some time.I have a 64 F100 street rod pickup I put a 460/C6 in and a 67 Mustang I have owned for 20 years, Both are for sale now because of my current...