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  1. What could it be???

    So after replacing and testing everything it looks like a bad ignition switch. I installed a remote push button ignition switch and boom, starts right up.Thanks for all of the replies and suggestions.GR
  2. What could it be???

    All of a sudden my 71 F250 wouldn't start. Turn the key and nothing at all, not even a buzz. Out comes the test light. Thought it was the solenoid so I swapped it out..Nope...Pulled the starter and it bench tested just fine...Battery was old so I replaced it...Nope...New battery...
  3. Gen 5 Restoration Books?

    Can anyone tell me if there are any good Gen 5 Restoration books/manuals and if yes where to get them?ThanksGR
  4. Rims for a 71 F250 Camper Special?

    I have the stock 16" rims on my 71 F250 Camper Special but am looking to change the look up a bit. Looking for some old-school mags or perhaps an "Alcoa" look. I found these (attached) on Craigslist. The ad says they have 265/70/17 and are 8X170. Does anybody know if they would fit? What specs...
  5. 1971 F250 Interior Components?

    I hope this message finds everyone doing well.I have a 71 F250 Camper Special. I recently pulled the 390 and fixed those pesky exhaust leaks with new cast-iron manifolds. I had the heads re-surfaced and did a complete valve job. I also installed a stock 4 barrel manifold off of a 65 T-Bird...
  6. Side Molding Removal....Help !

    I found a parts truck that has the bed molding pieces I have been looking for. Any tips on how to remove this molding properly without bending or damaging the molding? Tool suggestions? These are hard to find and I really don't want to damage them on removal. Any suggestions are welcome.ThanksGR
  7. Will this intake fit my truck

    Hello all,I have a 71 F250 with a 390 2V and want to convert from a 2bbl to a 4bbl. I found an intake on Craigslist a few hours away but want to make sure it will work. It's advertised as a Ford "fe motor" 360 390 4 bbl intake. I've attached a pic of the intake to this thread if that...
  8. 1971 bed molding / trim needed

    My truck is a RangerThanksGR
  9. 1971 bed molding / trim needed

    Thank you. Dennis seems to be out of stock with no ETA while Mac seems to have inventory. Two great websites! Do you have any other restoration websites/parts sources for 5th gen trucks?ThanksGR
  10. 1971 bed molding / trim needed

    Hello all. I'm looking for used molding/trim for my 71 F250. The bed pieces in particular. Or perhaps someone makes quality reproductions? Any help is appreciated.ThanksGR
  11. Just got a 71' F250 and happy to be here !

    Hello all. My name is Gordon R from Sacramento Ca. I have been a Ford enthusiast since I was a kid. In high school I saved up my nickels to buy a 69' Mustang Sportsroof. I have always wanted a 5th Generation truck/project and after a patient search found a 71' F250. I am the 3rd owner of a San...