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  1. Hanging the Driver's Door 2016 F-250 XLT, Super Cab

    I backed into a wooden post with the Driver's door open. Bent the post over but also bent the door. Got a replacement from the junkyard. Removed all the guts and hung it. The outside forward edge of the new door is over the fender so the door will not close. There should be about a 1/4" gap...
  2. Cup Holder R&R, 2016 Super Duty

    Call off the hounds boys. Back to your video games. I did it myself.
  3. Cup Holder R&R, 2016 Super Duty

    2016 F-250 Super Duty. The cup holder, center/bottom of the dash is broken off. I have a replacement holder. I need a procedure for removal/replacement of the old holder attched to the dash. I have searched the internet/youtube but cannot find a procedure for 2016. Lots for earlier gens but not...
  4. Does Max Torque = Max Efficiency = Max MPG?

    Power curve on my 2004 6.0l puts max torque (560 ft/lbs) at 2000 rpm. Read in an RV forum that max efficiency is attained at max torque for a diesel. Looking for the sweet spot for hour after hour of interstate driving pulling the 5th wheel. My truck hits 2000 rpm at 70 mph.Thanks, Friz
  5. MPG on Overhead Console wrong!

    That is what I was hoping to find out - reset.Little bit of egg on face - 2 buttons on the console: MODE and E/M. Looking more closely at the 14.7 display I see it says 14.7 MPG. If I hold the EM button for a few seconds and release the display changes to 16 L/100 KM. So, my bad. Kind of ass...
  6. MPG on Overhead Console wrong!

    2004 F-250 6.0 diesel. Had not towed anything of weight in years. Overhead console MPG readout always stayed a little north of 16 mpg. Went on a 2 month 8K mile trip this summer pulling a 8K lb 5th wheel. Over the 2 months the readout dropped to 14.7 MPG. This did not quite jive with the...