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  1. New Toy, 68 f100 short bed 4x4

    Hey All. Recently picked up a 68 f100 short bed 4x4. Traded my wifes 67 mustang for it! 390, 4 speed with granny low. Truck is pretty dam solid, minimal rust, runs good etc... Looking to get a repair manual for it. Can't seem to locate one at the usual sites. Any help? Thanks. I'll post some...
  2. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    A few weeks later and truck is running! New coil and condenser and nothing. As I said I just bought the truck and its been 20+ years since I worked on a car/truck. Someone responded about points, rotor, cap etc... and I said they appeared good. Well as frustration mounted and remembering what we...
  3. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    well I'm gonna put a new coil on and go from there.
  4. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    okay, battery is charged, pulled #1 plug, held my finger over the hole while my son cranked until compression forced my finger off. Pulled dist cap off and the rotor was pointing to the #1 wire. I also re did the screwdriver spark test with charged battery, no spark to speak of. Is it a good...
  5. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    Loosing light and the battery is dead. I'll charge it and try tomorrow. What am I looking for as far as the rotor button? What will that tell me about the coil?
  6. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    No bulging on coil. Distributer isn't loose, can't budge it let alone spin it. How would I go about bringing # 1 cylinder to the top of compression stroke?
  7. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    tried the screw driver test, virtually no spark, I mean the smallest hint of a spark from plug wire. nothing from center dist wire. The battery was losing juice from all the cranking the last few days, would that have an effect on this test?
  8. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    We will try that tomorrow. Thanks for your help so far. I'll post results.
  9. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    I'm sure we can do that. HV?
  10. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    so the screw driver 1/8" from a good ground... where do I hold the end of plug wire?
  11. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    I'll try that tomorrow. So pull a plug wire, any wire? and ground with screw driver? Where exactly? How?
  12. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    Yes, I'm getting fuel down the carb. Pulled dist cap to check for moisture, cracks, pitting etc... The cap, rotor and points look new. What would cause the truck to lose spark from one moment to the next? The truck tries to fire.
  13. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    Was running fine until the other day. A few blocks from home it started to sputter and stall. Barley kept it running enough to get it home. Now it wont start at all. Fuel filter seems clear, float is floating. Seems like a fuel issue but I'm just guessing.
  14. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    Flareside, got it! Now I just need to figure out the "search" and "FAQ", don't seem to get any matches on my ????
  15. Hey All, New Guy Here.

    Hello, Just registered. My son and I just bought 66 short bed, stepside a few weeks ago. Overall pretty good shape, drove it home about 40 miles in 5 degree weather. New tires, good paint, lights, heater turn signals all in working order. Seller thought it needed king pins replaced but turned...