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  1. Smog pump bypass?

    Let me respond this way. I have not done the kinds of dynamic testing from which you are looking to see data. Ford did that when they designed the systems. The purpose of the systems is to make the Federally mandated (and that would be the demands of "we the people" if you stop and think...
  2. '86 Bronco 5.0 FI hot start mystery

    Replace the ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) sensor (three-wire sensor typically mounted near the water neck). The symptoms you describe are textbook for an ECT sensor failing with a "stuck cold" condition. The ECT sensor "tells" the ECM (computer) what temperature the engine is at. The...
  3. 96 Bronco Air Box

    The MAF-equipped trucks have a different top cover to the air box with a single plenum and mounting flange for the MAF sensor. The intake tubing is basically a big rubber "Y" tube that runs between the airbox with the MAF sensor mounted on it (single bore) and the throttle body (twin bores)...
  4. Sweet bronco forsale

    Its pretty... its well dressed... its gonna make you want it... Its gonna thin your wallet. Its either that Bronco or your next girlfriend!
  5. March 2014 Truck Of The Month

    Nice truck there, sir. From one TOTM owner to another!
  6. February 2014 Truck Of The Month

    I have more "process photos" from the construction of that top than I care to think about. I can cull some together and maybe post a thread in the Bronco forum for you and anyone else who might want to make something similar.
  7. February 2014 Truck Of The Month

    Many thanks folks. I am humbled to have the most reliable and most capable truck I have ever owned achieve TOTM.
  8. Interior water leak in 96

    You shouldn't have to unless you discover that there are no cracks. Then (and this would be an extremely rare occurrence) you might need to replace the seal between the top and the aft section of the steel roof. In that event, you would need to remove the top. I have seen some of these seals...
  9. Interior water leak in 96

    Either cracked sealer in the rain gutters themselves or the dreaded "aft gutter cracks"! Typical problem for all Broncos between 1980-96. They start at or just aft of the end of the gutters. The best approach is to clean the cracks (wherever they are) as best as possible and fill them with a...
  10. Greystreak's Successor

    Greystreak's Successor

    1993 Bronco XLT
  11. Greystreak's Successor

    Greystreak's Successor

    1993 Bronco XLT
  12. Greystreak's Successor

    Greystreak's Successor

    1993 Bronco XLT
  13. Greystreak's Successor

    Greystreak's Successor

    1993 Bronco XLT
  14. Greystreak's Successor

    Greystreak's Successor

    1993 Bronco XLT
  15. Greystreak's Successor

    Greystreak's Successor

    1993 Bronco XLT
  16. 91 Bronco help

    If it was my choice, I'd swap the whole thing INCLUDING the 300. But the short answer is yes, it will work. You will have to cut the carpeting on the "hump" to reveal the plate that covers the hole in the floor where the manual shift lever passes through. The plate is the same size and shape...
  17. 2015 Bronco

    The stupid part is that unless Ford reworked it from the '04 concept the running gear underneath is from the Escape! Leaving it uniquely INCAPABLE compared to what we all know the Bronco to be. In short... What good is a 4.5L diesel if the axles will twist and under the torque and the...
  18. Best way to do a 2 inch lift?

    Longer front springs and add-a-leaf kit for the rear.
  19. I put this under bronco

    The C150, C250 and C350 were conversions that started life as a crew cab shortbed then the Centurion Conversion Company (and a few others) would put the Bronco "bed" onto them. the 150, 250 and 350 determined capacity just like the F-sereis truck line. The 250's and 350's were available with...
  20. Codes Pulled Finally

    Then why waste everyone's time by asking how to troubleshoot fault codes? The system will not operate properly with equipment missing and the computer will FOREVER give fault codes because it isn't getting the information it needs from the equipment that has been removed. The short answer here...
  21. Codes Pulled Finally

    Codes pulled 31,67,81,82,84 Lets take them one at at a time:Code 31 - EVP signal return lower than expected. Basically this means that the voltage coming back to the ECA (computer) from the EVP (EGR Valve position) sensor was lower than 0.5 VDC.There are a host of things that could be...
  22. Smog pump bypass?

    Alas, your information is only half the equation. The smog pump also pushes fresh air into the heads prior to engine warm up keeping the inherently rich condition created when a cold engine requires more fuel in the mix. Without this air injection, the O2 sensor "tells the computer to lean out...
  23. Smog pump bypass?

    Well you see the problem with the entire idea here is in your first statement...You cannot alter the EEC-IV programming. End of story. There is no "performance chip" or memory re-flash that will alter the software to allow the removal the Thermactor system or any of its components because...
  24. This is my last resort!

    '82 model should already be Duraspark II. Variable-venturi carb setup never made it into the light truck line... thankfully. Replace the module and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts it fires right up. DSII modules are well known to fail suddenly and spectacularly without an ounce of warning...
  25. 1993 5.8 Bronco with bad idle!

    Welcome! We will endeavor to get you the most accurate info we can muster.First things, first... it will save you a ton of time, effort and money to run a KOEO and KOER test. Fault Codes generated by the onboard computer will help pinpoint where the real problems lie. If you need info on...
  26. Wondering what you fellas would do?

    Wish I had followed this thread more closely. Haven't got the time to read the whole thing right now so I won't comment beyond this.The only "full-time" t-case ever OEM in the Bronco was the NP203 which had an additional differential to allow for discrepancies between front and rear axle...
  27. Smog pump bypass?

    Hadn't considered that option. I might look into it. Thanks for the tip.
  28. Smog pump bypass?

    Nice... We have LPG injection kits available on this side of the pond but they are stupidly expensive. I'd love to have one in my Bronco though.
  29. Help with what I have, AOD or E4OD?

    AOD was dropped completely from the Bronco model in 1991 when the E4OD became the only automatic. Don't take my word for it though, just ask Ford.
  30. What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Any pre-wried connector with bare wire on the other end is a "pigtail".