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  1. ALAN

    Fuel mileage E85

    Thanks for clearing that up...reason I asked a guy brought a 2010 mixed e 85 with regular gas which was at half tank and he tryed telling me he got 22 mpg....Mine is flex fuel also so before I added e85 wanted to see what milage would be...I'm sticking with regular..
  2. ALAN

    Fuel mileage E85

    I have a 2008 f 150 just got not to long ago it is a flex fuel. ..Can someone tell me what mileage I can get with it compared to regular...I have 5.4 window sticker says 19 highway 13 in town..Am I gonna get better or worse with E 85
  3. ALAN

    window trim on a 2004 fx4

    hey allThe black trim that goes around my windows is faded/dull I have tryed armor all and mothers back to black but didnt do anything ...Anyone have some ideas on what to do or put on it?
  4. ALAN

    My first F series...

    Welcome to the site.
  5. ALAN

    Hi all

    Thanks for the welcome..I really like this truck...very clean truck for the year guy took really good care of it done regular service etc on it...Guy ordered it way he wanted it etc...he got it from dealer it had 5 miles on it and know it has 148,000
  6. ALAN

    Hi all

    Thanks guys...Here is the truck I just got its a 2004 fx4 5.4 3v with 148,000 miles on it and very clean very well taking care of...ended up getting this 2004 for 5,000...I had this 2001 f150 lariat with 138,000 miles on I used for trade in guy allowed me 5,500 and the 2004 he had on lot he...
  7. ALAN

    Hi all

    Hi everyone I have been on here for sometime know have just been a lurker...Just did get me a different truck got a 2004 fx4
  8. ALAN

    Roll Call

    im alan just joined and from fort dodge iowa