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  1. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    Being honest and a smartass are totally different. You were being honest. Well see Monday...
  2. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    I only paid $400 for the truck as a whole not running and unaware of the cancer. I bought it for the HD F250, clean frame,c6 trans and diesel engine. Trans has no reverse and engine won't start.
  3. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    Sounds easy but I know it won't be. Where are all the bolts holding the front clip on? If I can't get a core support, I'm gonna try to get by and leave the clip on. Depending on what yard I go with, I'm not pulling the new cab. Just wondering if $400 for a bare, rust free, direct swap cab that I...
  4. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    OK. What do I do and where should I start? Lol.
  5. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    Really wish there was a tutorial somewhere how to do it instead of the "bum rush it" method and guess...
  6. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    Just gotta get approval from "the boss", lol.
  7. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    That's what I said!
  8. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    Found one if I wanna spend 400 and drive 200 miles one way to get it.
  9. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    I would love to get a rust free painted cab swaped in, electronically sound and the engine to actually run. Cranks fine but no start.
  10. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    HAHA! I did this on the floor before I put them on the truck. Never do it in the engine bay. They work great but need to route them the proper way and find the right terminals. I'll try and get a pic tomorrow.
  11. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    Not if you do it right. I kept the flame strictly on the lead and never let it touch the copper if I could help it. And move the fire all over the lead, not in one spot. When it starts to bubble, its getting there.
  12. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    No you understood right. I did melt them off. A propane torch on high and 3 minutes and they start to bubble, 5 minutes they're very soft and at that point, hit the cable on cement and ka boom. They break apart. Leather gloves and eye pro are a must since it can pop at you and the heat of the...
  13. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    Didn't need to cut them. Just a little heat and they came off. A yard 200 miles away has one that they claim has just roof surface rust and the other said it's rust free. Both are sending pictures Monday. The roof rust is being blamed on the gray paint used. I dunno.
  14. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    Went to a boneyard yesterday looking for a cab.....Ouch.Cleanest and best one:Two other possibilities:Couldn't close the door on this one:And the bent rocker panel prevented me from closing any of them. Either way, All the driver doors were gone. Just passenger.I was there as...
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  25. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    The VIN is only in 3 places on the cab. Dash, Door sticker, and partial on a steel tag in the engine bay attached by a SCREW! Simply unscrew the tag, pull off the door sticker, and put old dash in new cab, paint tag to match new cab and screw on, apply old sticker to new cab. No one would know...
  26. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    What am doing is just taking everything out of my old cab and putting it in the new one. Now how I do the VIN is hush hush but there is a VERY obvious way around it but no one can seem to figure it out. When i'm done, it'll be like it never happened. But if you're willing to let go of one of the...
  27. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    I'm in SE Houston,TX. The mounting ears are shot on mine from when the batteries burst or caught fire and just DESTROYED my battery trays and core support. I wasn't there when it happened but I wish I was. Finding replacement core supports is kinda hard with no fab skills because I have a diesel...
  28. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    With no GPs, I threw a cheap wal-mart battery on it just to see. It damn near spun out of the engine bay! Found a couple new cabs to replace this one with. Just, Don't know how or where to start. Going this Friday to look at them. They're priced from $130 up to $500. My core support is also gone...
  29. 1987 F250 cab swap. How?

    Spins fine actually.
  30. 2004 F350 Chassis rusting?!

    Oh I believe it. I got a '87 F250 with a shot cab from that "zig zag" pattern. You oughta see the pics. Its crazy.