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  1. Don Baggett

    Dipstick not user friendly

    Oh yeah, I love this truck. I'll get out the step stool next time.
  2. Don Baggett

    Dipstick not user friendly

    Just got my new to me 2012 5.0 last week. It had a sticker on the windshield showing the oil had just been changed, but I felt compelled to pull the dipstick and take a look. I'm 6'2"' and I had to really reach hard to reach the dipstick. The good news is that it looked good when I did get it...
  3. Don Baggett

    Cummins to an Ecoboost?!

    Dropping the Cummins in the F150 would be the better deal!
  4. Don Baggett

    My New Hobby

    I recently bought a 1983 F150 4 x 4 with the 4.9 300 engine. It has the T 18 four-speed transmission, and I have put a rebuilt carburetor on it, installed a new heater core, and have done some work realigning the Power steering pulley. I have also removed the dash pad filled the speaker holes...