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  1. 73F100Shortbed

    Converting a F250 into a 1/2 ton

    Save your money and put it toward gas. I know gas is expensive but sounds like a lot of time and money to save a few dollars. It'll take quite awhile to notice a huge difference in savings. Plus going from an f250 down to a 1/2 ton is like trading in a super model for a big girl :D
  2. 73F100Shortbed

    Thicker isn't Always Better

    Don't try explaining this to a woman. They'll always say thicker is better :rolling laugh:(This post brought to you by the fact that FTF said I hadn't posted anything in awhile)
  3. 73F100Shortbed

    Anybody used the American Autowire harness kit

    I used the Kwik Wire harness. The price is great but you have to splice all sorts of stuff in and the instructions suck, but I would use it again. You definitely need to know what you are doing as far as wiring goes though. The instructions do not tell you about the resistor wire for the icvr...
  4. 73F100Shortbed

    Starting problem on '02 F350

    You can check for power at the fuel pump connector if you can access it without removing the tank. If you have power then I'm sure you know the next step.
  5. 73F100Shortbed

    repairs to 06 Chrysler T&C yesterday

    Good job. I do hope you cleaned the old transmission pan gasket better than what is in the picture though :D
  6. 73F100Shortbed

    Your Model and Trim

    1973 Ford F100 Ranger XLT but has been mixed up with all sorts of different things over the years.
  7. 73F100Shortbed

    Wiring dilemma: Fuel gauge

    I have one tank in the rear by bumper. I rewired the entire truck. I have everything hooked up right as per the instructions. If I ground the sending unit the gauge moves to full. If I take a test light to the wire near sending unit it pulses. I know the original wiring uses the 8.5 ohm resistor...
  8. 73F100Shortbed

    Wiring dilemma: Fuel gauge

    Gauge works if I ground wire to sending unit. Pegs past full like instructions. I grounded the ground wire to battery just to verify my ground from sending unit is good. I'm guessing bad sending unit?
  9. 73F100Shortbed

    Wiring dilemma: Fuel gauge

    In your link it shows an 8.5 ohm resistor from the ignition switch wire to the icvr unless I'm reading something wrong. I'm really confused.
  10. 73F100Shortbed

    Wiring dilemma: Fuel gauge

    Thanks for the link. I assume that I'm somehow going to have to put a resistor in but I'm not quite sure how.
  11. 73F100Shortbed

    Wiring dilemma: Fuel gauge

    Ok guys my truck had an electrical fire so I had to install a new wiring harness. When I was done the fuel gauge did not work. After some testing I realized that the power wire for gauges did not go to the icvr so I moved the terminal to a spot that would put power to the icvr. The gauge went to...
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  14. 73F100Shortbed

    Just thought I would make a post in here

    What's everyone up to? I think I finally have to get ready for spring and get all my landscaping equipment in order.
  15. 73F100Shortbed

    New to a 1966 F250 Camper Special

    Welcome. Sounds like you should just drive it and enjoy it!
  16. 73F100Shortbed

    March 2013 Truck of the Month

    Congrats! Great looking truck
  17. 73F100Shortbed

    My 2000 f150 4x4

    You can shift into high just fine while moving. When you want to go into low you need to be in neutral. I would check the linkages as suggested.
  18. 73F100Shortbed

    Potential Trade 79 350 for my 79 Bronco

    I didn't even check the link and I say keep the Bronco.
  19. 73F100Shortbed

    January 2013 Truck of the Month

    Wow who's knob did you polish to get picked?J/K Congratulations!!!
  20. 73F100Shortbed

    Charging Issues

    Saw this happen oncE on an s10 blazer. Have you tried plugging gauges back in to see if the charging system works again?
  21. 73F100Shortbed

    2012 Truck Of The Year

  22. 73F100Shortbed

    5.0 Build prep...

    I'm impressed. Seems like you have a good plan and sticking with it and you found someone who looks like they know what they are doing so you can spend more time enjoying the truck.
  23. 73F100Shortbed

    2012 Truck of the Year vote

    I didn't vote for myself, but the choice is pretty simple when I use it to work every day and it looks this good :wasntme:
  24. TOTY pic

    TOTY pic

  25. 73F100Shortbed

    Hurricane Sandy

    I hope everyone was ok throughout the storm. I still have no power and running on a generator that is having issues like an oil leak and a bad carburetor but feel lucky to have it. Gas in NJ is a real issue with lines a mile long for people waiting. Hopefully soon stuff will be normal again.
  26. 73F100Shortbed

    October 2012 Truck Of The Month

  27. 73F100Shortbed

    August 2012 Truck Of The Month

    Congrats Duncan