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  1. Transmission upgrade

    Thanks for the info. I do pull a 12' box trailer pretty often for my work so my other thought was to use this truck for when I pull the trailer and my 94 for when I am driving around without it.
  2. Transmission upgrade

    When you say donor vehicle are you talking about another similar truck that ran the newer transmission to take components off of?
  3. Transmission upgrade

    I have an 1987 F-150 that I am planning to put a remanufactured 300 motor in. I have owned this truck for many years and the transmission ( a C6 I believe) was giving me some trouble before the engine finally wore out. I am considering replacing the transmission at the same time I put the new...
  4. Transmission slow to shift into drive

    Thanks for the ideas and info. I have had the same thought about it being a reminder to not be in a hurry. I am always a little concerned about if today is the day it will decide not to shift at all but so far it hasn't let me down yet.
  5. Transmission slow to shift into drive

    Yes the fluid level is fine. I changed the transmission fluid shortly after I bought the truck about 4 years ago. I talked to a local transmission guy a few months ago and he said start by changing the fluid but my mechanic said that if the fluid was the problem it would be slow to shift into...
  6. Transmission slow to shift into drive

    I have a 94 F-150 with a straight 6 cylinder engine and an automatic transmission that has around 200k miles on it. For a couple of years now it has had a random problem with being slow to shift into drive sometimes. It will always shift into reverse right away but sometimes it can take a minute...