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  1. Hello from PA

    Did a major rehab on the 4x4 f1 now that i put 110000 on it. I replaced and repaired a bunch of tin and did a performance build on the 200. It was my fall project.This summer i re-sided the house and rebuilt the motor and tranny in my 56 vicky.I also got the 68 bronco blasted and primed...
  2. Hello from PA

    I recently got very ill (meningitis) and realized I spend too much time working on stuff and not enough time enjoying stuff so I decided to sale off a few of my projects and simplify a bit.I got rid of this.... and a few other engines and whatnot...I have been trying to get rid of my old...
  3. Hello from PA

    Ha ha. I already got 2 kids a 4 year old and a 3 month old.That being said I am close on the eb but don't want to rush it so I sold the 50 coupe and sedan and bought this.I got it fixed up a bit and put on the road as the new family ride.It is a little rough around the edges...
  4. Hello from PA

    I still gottat grind down some welds, then blast and prime it before getting ready to paint but it is getting closer.....the early hemi in front of is isn't for the EB.....I already put a rebuilt 302 in the EB......the hemi is most likely for my 31 model a pickup.
  5. Hello from PA

    Thanks!! Yeah we made due with just one car seat and the wife but I can't fit 2 car seats. And can't really leave on of the daughters at home!Yup very busy guy.... I will try to update the bronco progress tomorowTonight With help from my dad and my friend Toby, we burned the midnight...
  6. Hello from PA

    I put 2 full days into rust repair in it (mainly patches in the front fenders) and repainted the fenders and grill. I decided to go all green but am not sure I like it better or not I may go back to black fenders in the future once I get around to using some bondo to smooth them out.We...
  7. I beat on the f-1 this past week.

    200 I-6 EB 3 speed and dana 20 44 fornt and 9" rear with 4.56 gears and shimmed l/s front and rearI could possibly trade for the right EB.
  8. I beat on the f-1 this past week.

    Here is the only video I currently had sent to me...Some of the guys took more so I am may get some more.
  9. I beat on the f-1 this past week.

    Thanks guys, I am in the mountains of PA.I checked the diffs and there is a little bit of water contamination but it isn't too bad. I do a lot of long trips so I figure most of it will evaporate once I heat the diffs up... if it doesn't I will change the fluids sometime when it isn't so...
  10. I beat on the f-1 this past week.

    unfortunately no one snapped any pics when we were up crawling in the rock garden.the truck held up well to crawling.
  11. Hello from PA

    I am making headway on my next f-1 project that I am building for a friend....It isn't may taste but is what he likes.... 500HP 4 cyl diesel and airbags.
  12. Hello from PA

    thanks guys
  13. Hello from PA

    I got the new shaft from simkos today and got it on (had to change the yoke on the t-case also). now it works out great.... no vibs at all and with the 4.56 gears and the little 200 I can now get the truck to over 85 MPH......thought it is a little scarey running it at those speeds!!!
  14. Hello from PA

    I got tired of the highway gears so I bought a new set of 4.56's at carlise this fall and picked up a limited slip for the front.Yesterday I got it all buttoned back up and today I rebuilt my rear leaf packs... I had a few broke leafs.It HAS a lot more traction now that it has tight L/S in...
  15. Hello from PA

    well After running another could hundred miles I can day that the dynamat DOES make a difference bot HEAT and SOUND
  16. Hello from PA

    today painted the firewall so it looks a bit better now.I never though I would use the stuff in a hot rod BUT A friend of mine gave me a partial box of dynamat also so I took my headliner down and pasted up a bunch.....I figured what the heck it is free.I put the headliner back up and...
  17. Hello from PA

    thanks guys.I racked up a bunch more miles on it and finally got most of the wet sanding sludge out of the inside and under the hood.I am not really a car show kinda guy but I may swing it by a cruise or 2 this summer.I built it as a driver... it just turned out a bit nicer than I...
  18. Hello from PA

    GOT IT DONE TODAY!!!!I drove it a lot and burned off a lot of it is back up at home next to it's brother......kind-of a beauty and the beast pic....It turned out WAY better then expected.. I guess all my endless days of blocking and wetsanding payed off.
  19. Hello from PA

    thanks!!!Today we got the bed, the hood, the tailgate, cowl vent, the running boards, and the bumper painted.I also painted the rims and put on new caps.Tomorrow gotta paint the grill and put the truck all back together.....I may be driving it again tomorrow night!!!
  20. Hello from PA

    I got some of the trim and whatnot bolted back on it today and the glass back in it.I also have the bed ready for the final wetsanding after blocking it more and putting more primer on it today.The only real bummer is I found one spot on the passenger side fender where the paint...
  21. Hello from PA

    I'm getting there!!!!
  22. Hello from PA

    WOW... I am sore...I am not used to bodywork!!!!I wet sanded the cab and hood and they are just about ready for paint....probably Friday.Also worked all day on blocking the rear fenders... the p-side is primed and ready for me to start wetsanding on it tomorow.....I ate a lot of putty...
  23. Hello from PA

    Thanks..The gaps are good on it but only after a lot of heat and bending of the hinges.the body lines aren't exactly where I would like them but I can live with them since trying to adjust those moves everything else back out of gotta love how "easily" adjustable these hinges...
  24. what is the gear ratio that i need

    Back when I had a 302 c4 in my truck I ran the stock 3.92 rear axle ratio and found it to be a good ratio.Once I built and installed the built 393W and built c4 in the truck I found the 3.92 impossible to get traction...then I broke that rear and went to a 3.73 9"...again no traction and...
  25. Hello from PA

    Well the last 2 days we worked our butts off and part of the truck is in primer....and lastly here it is with the guide coat to let the primer really harden up then wet sanding time....I am still planning on gloss black but it really surprised me the amount...
  26. Hello from PA

    well more progress on the 52....I also made some stock looking bumpers for the rover.unfortunatly... I got side tracked on ripping apart the front yard to replace a busted water line!!!
  27. Hello from PA

    Thanks tim... I would ship ya a case BUT shipping would probably be pretty steep!My 3 year old can't understand why I "broke" her favorite truck.....
  28. Hello from PA

    I can't go more than 2 days without someone wanting to buy one of my cars... which is flattering.I turned down some crazy high offers for my black 52 and my 4x4 52.....selling an f-1 off would be like selling off a kid!!!!Tonight I started welding the door post, striker post and cowl side...
  29. Hello from PA

    I know you are kidding BUT I am not sure I could let anything go unless I HAD TO.....My problem is that I can only afford JUNK that no one else would ever want and spend so much time re-building that I get emotionally tied to each vehicle that I could never let it go.I trust each of my...
  30. Hello from PA

    I have been making good headway on the bronco now that it is back up my place.I have most of the metalwork done on the drivers side.The drivers side new has NOS rocker, NOS door post, NOS striker post, NEW quarter, NEW cowl side, NEW, inner fender pannel, NEW fender PLUS NEW floor pan and a...