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  1. Wiring harness above transmission

    hello, driveshaft bolts broke taken out my HFCM and cracking my transfer case. I have a wire loom hanging that came from top of transmission. I can see part of it stilll connected into the speed sensors but I cant figure out where the other broken end goes. Theres still a harness running along...
  2. No Wipers and Taillights

    So I swapped the wiper motor out and it works. I couldnt figure out how to bench test it. I tried what I did with the bad one but it wouldnt move either. So I guess the answer is to test the harness.Gonna look at the headlight switch and see what I come up with for taillights.
  3. No Wipers and Taillights

    Fuses all are good. I took off the wiper motor and tried to put 12v to it and I got a click on small middle terminals but nothing on outside bigger 4. Except when I crossed them and wire started to melt.The harness has 12v across the 2 big outside terminals and 5v on another. Sounds like bad...
  4. No Wipers and Taillights

    So could I just ground the wiper motor? And see if it powers? I was going to disconnect motor and run 12v to it.Didnt really look into bad motor because of the tail light issue. I figured there connected to the multifunction switch, GEM, BCM.
  5. No Wipers and Taillights

    Not sure where to probe to check. I could try the wiper motor switch but I doubt theres power there. I tried at the tail light housing in the rear.I was looking for the body control module but cant find it. I even called the dealer to ask where it was located. They vaguely said behind the...
  6. No Wipers and Taillights

    No wipers and tail lights. The turn signal, hazards and brake lights work. The warning lights wont turn on.I replaced the multifunction switch and went through the fuses and relays. The only bad fuse was the tow battery charge. Now I'm not sure where to look?2005 f350 6.0 diesel
  7. p0174

    I have a CEL on a 2001 5.4 F250. Comes back as lean condition on bank 2. I cleaned the Maf sensor and air filter was good. I just replaced the PVC valve. Think the other side of the line is good. Its a pita to even get my hand back there but feels dry.I tried to check for leaks by spraying...
  8. 01 250 Instrument cluster dead

    I didnt have any lights on the instrument panel. The fuses were good and the bulbs were good. After looking at everything over and over again. I hard wired the lights to a fuse. When I put it all back together. I get lights now but none of the gauges work?Any ideas?
  9. 93 with 188k

    Ill know more when I see it. The hurricane ruined my plans earlier in the week.
  10. 93 with 188k

    Its a 250... I always check the frame and rust/rot.I was just concerned with the leak and how much It would cost to fix. My buddy does have a engine lift if needed. I heard its a few day job though so it will probably take him a week or more.I think I can get him down a few hundred more...
  11. 93 with 188k

    I havent checked it out but if the rust is bad its a no go. I had a 88 f350 mason dump that I had to retire because of rot.The age scares me a little. I seen a lot of people who buy these old idis and fix them up.I know the current owner wasnt plowing with it. He couldnt identify the plow...
  12. 93 with 188k

    Was thinking of buying this for under 2k. It has the plow mounts, I have the plow.The problems is theres a oil leak. Not sure where. It could be the pan. The windshield is broke and the brakes need to be bled.You think its worth putting money into?
  13. No Power going up hills

    they only do scans on 96 and up. On top of that they cant even tell me which part number to order when I know the part. They wouldnt be able to tell me if it was the pick up coil or distributor either.
  14. No Power going up hills

    Did the MAP, theres improvement with power and going up hills. I still have the engine shake and what sounds like misfires at 30mph +. I'm assuming that's related to the distributor.
  15. No Power going up hills

    I just did it twice and came back with the same codes 24,67,81 for KOEO ,14,19 for CM.24 ACT. Would MAP sensor fix this? Or is it something separate?67 NSS. The reason I havent bought this yet is because its special order and I dont know if I have electric shift or not?81 MAP. This looks...
  16. No Power going up hills

    I got different numbers every time I did it. I have to have someone write while I count.Heres some of them 23,24,25,32,56,66,67,68,81,82.So Air management came up, tps, map, act, and evp.Not sure what TOT is but its trans related and came up in 4 different codes.The Neutral Safety...
  17. No Power going up hills

    A paper clip? Where am I suppose to get one of those? lol.. Ill try it out.
  18. No Power going up hills

    The truck has hesitation accelerating. If I go up a hill it will slow down to almost a stop. On the highway the rpms will jump up and down around 40 mph and will buck slightly or surge. It seems as if its downshifting. The truck has no low end power.Things I did, new plugs and wires, cap and...
  19. turn key and nothing

    The first time it wouldnt start AAA checked the volts and amps. It was good then a few days later I replaced the solenoid. Then a day or two later replaced the ignition. After that it sat a week and I drove it to go get gas and thats when it started to die on me.The auto parts store did the...
  20. turn key and nothing

    So you think the new battery will solve it all?
  21. turn key and nothing

    Cleaned the terminals, ground looks fine.Battery didnt hold the charge. So I'm buying a new one.I dont know if the alternator or a short killed the battery but when I first had this problem the battery was fully charged. I dont know what the battery read when I put in the new solenoid but...
  22. turn key and nothing

    well today I turned the key and the fuel pump and dash lights came on. Hooked a multimeter up to the battery and had 9.3 volts. So that explains part of it. When this first happened, I called AAA for a jump and the battery came back good. So I dont think I;m dealing with a battery problem.Now...
  23. turn key and nothing

    So my truck stopped starting one day. The battery was good. I tried banging on the starter. I was able to jump the solenoid and get it to start. I bought a new solenoid but had the same issue. So I put in a ignition switch. Same problem. The truck wont start in park or neutral.Yesterday I got...
  24. Truck wont start.

    Just check it with a multimeter for 12 v?I tried starting it in neutral, park and wiggling it. The neutral safety switch does look beat.
  25. Truck wont start.

    So my truck wouldnt start. I was able to cross the solenoid to get it running. I went and bought a new solenoid but it doesnt start with that one either. Same problem new solenoid. Any ideas?88 f350 460 4x4 at
  26. Antifreeze leak

    Im not even sure if it has ac. Its a 88f350 dually. The heater core hose makes sense. I couldnt figure it out because the hoses go behind the engine and werent connected to the radiator. At first I thought it was leaking from the block cause when I looked the first time I only seen hydraulic...
  27. Antifreeze leak

    I have the 460 and notice a leak by the front passenger tire. When I popped a hood, I could fluid on top of the block by the windshield. There is two hoses next to it but I cant tell if they carry fluid or not by the naked eye. Do you know if one of these or both carry coolant?
  28. How much tranny fluid for c6

    Yeah it was just the pan but the pan and cooler lines were leaking before the repair. The stick was showing a quart off after I put in 6. I bought another but havent added it to see if its good yet. I was just curious why it was off after 6 but I guess it mightve been the leak.
  29. How much tranny fluid for c6

    Thats the one I ordered. I put 6 quarts in and its still low. Not sure whether to buy another gallon or a couple quarts. It might only need one or two but its $6 a quart and $15 a gallon.
  30. How much tranny fluid for c6

    My pan is leaking and I'm going to pull it. I have to order the pan because nobody carries it. Going to replace the filter too. I just need to know how much fluid to buy? Also its a dump truck that I use for plowing should I get the deeper pan? If so how much more fluid would I need?