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  1. Clunking noise coming from Transfer Case?

    Thanks for the advice. Have isolated the noise between my driveline and rear diff with the help of the old lady today. Will dig deeper tomorrow.Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. Clunking noise coming from Transfer Case?

    2008 6.4L with 191kHave what seems to be a clunk coming from my t-case that I notice in 2 situations.Situation 1: At stop shifting from park or reverse to driveSituation 2: Driving at speeds of 40+ when gas pedal is released then clunk happens when reengaging the gas pedal. Also...
  3. Questioning Purchasing 6.4L

    HI all,I am looking at purchasing a 2008 6.4L from my father-in-law. I am hesitant after looking into issues with the EGR System, HPFS failures, Rocker Arms, ect.The truck currently has 185k on it. Only reason I'm entertaining buying a truck with this mileage is because he is the origional...