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  1. mrxlh

    SCT Xcal 2 for 6.0

    Only used on 1 Vin, unlocked and still supported, $175 shipped.
  2. mrxlh

    Got the dually serviced.

    Got the diffs, t-case and transmission serviced in the dually. Grand total was $996.93 I had the internal filter changed. One thing I was not aware of was the fact that Ford deleted the external inline filter on the 08 Job 2 and later trucks. Glad I had them drop the pan and change the filter.
  3. mrxlh

    3rd radiator.........

    Noticed the "puddle" under the driverside bumper. White stain half way up the tank. First 2 were changed under warranty, I am not out of mileage, but I am out of time on the warranty. Mishimoto is the route I want to go. Any site supporters sell them? Anything else I need to do when I change it...
  4. mrxlh

    Brake control issue?

    In the last few weeks I started getting a "Trailer Wiring Fault" on the display. Not a big deal, if I shut the truck off and start it back up, it goes away. Yesterday just for kicks, I hit reset, and the fault went away.
  5. mrxlh

    Battery isolator?

    I am looking at adding a second battery to my Ranger and want to eliminate the no start from a dead battery from running accessories. I am dealing with a 575 [email protected] rpm charging system. I am thinking preliminarily on just running a marine 1,2,both switch, as well as adding an onboard 5volt...
  6. mrxlh

    New Trailer Tires

    Well after a blowout on the way to Sturgis (less than an hour into the trip, grrrrr) on the camper, (lucky enough just superficial damage to the tailer) I finally get the camper back 2 weeks ago from the shop. I was set on replacing the ST tires with LT tires, brand/size was the only decision...
  7. mrxlh

    12v Relay for Motorcycle trailer wiring.

    DC guys, correct me if I am wrongIndependent turn from brake and running system (Harley). I am trying to power the trailer lighting from the battery and not the actual turn/brake/running wires in the harness.I would need 2 SPST relays and 1 SPDT relay.85 would be signal from turn, 86...
  8. mrxlh

    Latest in CNG LNG technology.

    Apache Corp announced today that they are investing converting their fracking fleet to CNG/LNG. Halliburton and Schlumberger both came back with zero cost bids. Read more about it here...
  9. mrxlh

    Up Next...Clutch Replacement....

    Drove the ranger to the lease last week and the clutch is slipping. Time for a new clutch. While I am in there, I am going to replace the slave cylinder and throwout bearing. It is a 2wd 2.3L 2003 model. I will take pics and do a tech write up when I do it.
  10. mrxlh

    coolant leak

    03 ranger developed a coolant leak. Left (driver side) of the engine, a plastic looking tee connector just above the starter solonoid. 2.3L 4 banger is the engine in question. In looking at the ford parts catalog online, there is a hose listed as no longer being available, dealer to improvise...
  11. mrxlh

    New to me

    2002 Ranger. 2.3l 5spd swb. 11600 on the odometer. Couple of questions for you ranger guys. 1. How much extra crap do you have to buy and or replace to change a valve cover gasket, other than the gasket itself? 2. Are the door catches adjustable? Both driver and passenger doors rattle a...
  12. mrxlh

    Look out post whores............

    3k posts, ya'all better watch out, I'm sneaking up on you.
  13. mrxlh

    New CSP for the 6.4

    Might be old, but got the letter in the mail today. Program 11B23 which includes reprogramming of the PCM. Examples of perameters that will be upgraded for "damage control" are water in fuel reduced power mode, engine coolant temp monitoring, over-full engine oil level, and proper circulation in...
  14. mrxlh

    New accseeory for truck

    Got a new cap for the truck during the trip to Canada. Its a lakeland, ordered it about a month before our trip adn had it installed in Green Bay on the way to Canada. It saved me about $350 rather than ordering one and having it shipped here. Made packing our gear a breeze, should have gotten...
  15. mrxlh


    2000 posts in 3 years, don't look now, all you 5 figure post count's I am gaining on ya!!:rofl:
  16. mrxlh

    03-07 6.0l Xcal 2

    Lying around collecting dust since I got my 08 6.4. It has 3 tunes on it from Spartan. Make me an offer, I am feeling Christmasy.
  17. mrxlh

    Short term energy solution

    I have been thinking about all the technology out there as far as energy independence from the middle east is concerned. The only one that excites me is CNG. (compressed natural gas) Ethanol and Bio Diesel need subsudies to compete head to head with their petroleum counterparts. Hydrogen fuel...
  18. mrxlh

    6.7 PSD question

    Question for the diesel techs here. Since you guys are probably starting to get info and school dates and such. Is the urea injection going to enable the 6.7 to be B99 bio diesel compliant without the use of a DPF, and still meet the newer emissions standards? Was just wondering out loud if Ford...
  19. mrxlh

    Mileage update

    After the latest flash recall, I went camping with my toyhauler in Arkansas. I averaged 7.9mpg there and managed to squeek 8.6mpg on the return trip. I think that I have figured out something on the 6.4. On th eway back I was really watching the boost gauge. The sweet spot is not speed or rpm...
  20. mrxlh

    Finally....the 4 digit club.

    Whew, it only took 2 years and 3 months.
  21. mrxlh

    Anyone Camping at Crater of Diamonds........

    this weekend? We are heading up there Friday afternoon and staying til Monday.
  22. mrxlh

    How many 6.4 owners....

    do we have on this site? Mileage? Use? Good? Bad? I love mine. 18K on it. Radiator replaced this week under warranty. Love the truck. Love the way it tows, fuel mileage could be better. My neighbor and good friend has a comprable 08 Chevy Dmax, I have driven his, no compairson on the ride and...
  23. mrxlh

    Geography 101

    See what happens when you let Rattlecan divide the states into chapters. AR and LA in the midwest chapter? WOW. Thought they were always S.E.
  24. mrxlh

    Uper or Loper

    Originally from WI, figured ya'll needed a little help in here. What is the term referring to, and which one are you. Hint, Only from 1 state in the chapter.
  25. mrxlh

    Due to lack of.......................

    Problems with the 6.4, no one seems to post much. Any updates vince? I am still loving mine.
  26. mrxlh

    6.4 bed mounted fuel tank question

    Hey guys, yeah, I know I know been a while, been busy driving my new truck, 12,300 miles since the end of June. New question though, I know the 6.0 didn't have any issues with gravity feeding from bed mounted aux tanks, but what about the 6.4? From 29 in my 05 to 38 in the 08, sad part is, I...
  27. mrxlh

    Regen Question

    Truck displayed "cleaning exhaust filter" at 985 miles and again today at 1100 miles and change. Normal? Mileage is about what everyone else is getting with the 4.10 gears 12mpg. No big deal on the mileage, as that was not a consideration when buying the truck.
  28. mrxlh


    Sorry I have not been very active lately, I realize the sight is only as good as what is put in. Between my casual alcholism and 16 hour days, 6 hours sleep is not enough. Especially with major failures hitting just about every other week. Not much of an excuse, I know, so I'll try harder next...
  29. mrxlh

    New Truck

    Well, finally got a new truck. 08 F350 CC LWB Dually 4X4 Lariet, White. 180 miles so far and love it. Only thing is now, wife said no new truck for 6 years, and she said she really means it this time. LOL:guns:
  30. mrxlh

    Trans. Options on 6.4

    Ok other than the pita of driving the handshaker models in town, (bear in mind, I know there are alot more torqshifts on the road) any issues with the manuals on the 6.0 and 6.4 trucks? Starting to look like a much more viable option for towing plus the use of a gearvendor, rather than swapping...