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  1. how to remove the doors

    ... so I want to remove my doors.. I Want to take them into town .. for some repairs to the regulators & Vent glasses .. The glass shop is just too cheap on this repair. SO I figured I need to get them to town fast before he changed his mind.. I went to drive that little pen out of the...
  2. OK New Guy here Pa Pitt

    OK Guys I expect I'll be in the section of the forum most of my time. But I have several different Fords so I'll be asking question in 3 different places I sure .. ... But i'm wanting to start a new project ... I've got a 1951 Ford F3 Ford FlatBed ... Since I'm a farmer I run lots of...
  3. HELLO I'm Pa Pitt

    SO MY GOODNESS this site has been hard to get onto. SORRY ABOUT STARTING off with a NEGATIVE. But I'm on now . I expect most of my post will be in the section for 1950ish ford trucks, But I sure do have several more Ford Items . ...... I;m a Old 72+ year old farmer. Hence why I like diesel...