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  1. d-kuzmen

    Wife’s new ride

    Ordered in January, built in February finally showed up Thursday (May) 2022 Explorer ST. Will take delivery this week. Had the front windows tinted already.
  2. d-kuzmen

    Infamous Phaser Rattle

    This one has some obvious phaser issues. Personally never seen the springs missing:
  3. d-kuzmen

    How not to replace you wheel bearing.

    Someone snapped the end of the axle off and decided welding it would be sufficient.
  4. d-kuzmen

    1966 F100

    This thread is for the truck profile titled "1966 F100". Click the Watch button to get updates and comment on it below.
  5. d-kuzmen

    66 radiator support mount question

    Does anyone know the thickness of the rubber between the frame and radiator support? Want to make my own mounts.
  6. d-kuzmen

    1966 Engine Mounts

    Does anyone know if the frame mounts are the same between the 6 and 8 cylinder engines? I pulled my 6 cylinder out and droped the 8 in but want to be 100% sure before I finish this project up.
  7. d-kuzmen

    87-96 8' Bed Side

    I have a NOS right side 8' bedside it has had the holes punched in it to spot weld it on but other than that it's new in the box and looks good no dents no rust. Im told it will fit 87-96. I will not ship this due to the size. $800 O.B.O
  8. d-kuzmen

    66 F100 Bed measurment

    Im reinstalling the bed sides on my 66 f100 styleside bed (chopping longbed down to shortbed) I had taken measuerments before I cut the sides off but they have disappeared. Hopeing someone could measure from inside to inside at the rear pockets I just need to makesure the tail gate opening is...
  9. d-kuzmen

    66 F100 Air ride

    Anyone ever install air suspension into a 66 F100? I haven't seen any kits available due to the I beam suspension, unless I want to put a mustang II cross member in it. Not looking to spend a ton and want to be able to drop it on the ground.
  10. d-kuzmen

    66 F100 Bed Parts

    Does anyone know if someone is making repair panels for the 61-66 beds? I just picked up a 66 F100 shortbed styleside and the bed is pretty shot so far I haven't been able to find anything.
  11. d-kuzmen

    Vct Noise 3v Engines Built Between 3/2008-6/2008

    Some 2008 And 2009 My Vehicles Equipped With 4.6l 3v Or 5.4l 3v Engine, With Engine Build Date Between 3/2008 To 6/2008, May Exhibit An Audible Knock At Idle Primarily From The Top Passenger Side Of The Engine Only At Full Operating Temperature. The Noise Will Not Be Present At Startup, During...
  12. d-kuzmen

    Contaminated Power Steering Fluid - Appearance - Strawberry Milk Shake

    FORD: 2008 F-Super DutyISSUE: Some 2008 F-Super Duty vehicles may exhibit a high steering effort or noise condition. This may be from the power steering fluid becoming contaminated with water and/or windshield washer fluid. Typically, fluid appears to be strawberry in color and has been...
  13. d-kuzmen

    1997-2009 Multiple Vehicle - 4.6l - Engine Ticking And/or Rattle Noise

    Some 1997-2008 E150/f150, 1997-2008 Crown Vic./grand Marquis/town Car, 1997-2009 Mustang Gt, 1997-1998 T-bird/cougar And 2002-2008 Explorer/mountaineer With 4.6l Engine May Experience An Engine Ticking Or Rattle Noise That Sounds Like A Stuck Tappet (hla). This May Be Due To The Deterioration Of...
  14. d-kuzmen

    Question For You Programers

    I have a superchips programmer for Trucks and SUV's the only problem is I went to use it and it's VIN locked, is there any way around this without sending it to superchips to be unlocked (for $100) ??
  15. d-kuzmen

    3 Valve Engine Spark Plug Removal

    Don't know if anyones seen this, but if your changing plugs in a 3 valve engine you need to do it this way to avoid breaking the plugs off.SERVICE PROCEDURETo remove spark plugs without damage, it is necessary to adhere exactly to this procedure before removal is attempted.CAUTION: DO...
  16. d-kuzmen

    Oil Change Intervals

    Don't know if anyones seen this yet but here it is. How do you like that 2500 mile oil changes..... That gets expensive.DIESEL ENGINES USING CJ-4 OIL AND LOW SULFUR DIESEL FUEL - NEEDS MORE FREQUENT OIL CHANGE INTERVAL ON ALL MODEL YEAR DIESELS, OIL CHANGE INTERVALS NEED TO BE REDUCED BY...
  17. d-kuzmen

    FE Motors

    First post!! Don't know about the rest of you but I like Ford FE engines, never had any problems with them and they usually run forever.
  18. d-kuzmen

    Classic car forum

    Was wondering about a classic car forum for Ford or non-Ford classics or hotrods and such.
  19. d-kuzmen

    Used Auto Trans Fluid

    Any of you 7.3 guys ever try running used ATF? I've read about some people who mix the ATF and Diesel fuel and run around like that. Just wondering how well it runs on it. Must smoke quite a bit.
  20. d-kuzmen

    FE in a Mustang?

    Anyone ever see an FE engine in a Mustang? (79 or newer) I have a FE outback without a home, and know where I can get a cheap 4 cyl convertable. I'd guess if a 460 will fit a FE with a C6 will work.