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  1. clutch

    2019 3.3l

    hey folks been while, jus checkin' n lookin around for info... finally got rid of my two old pickups and got one new one, 2019 F150 XL 4x4 with the non turbo 3.3L V-6. only a hair over 1k miles so breakin it in slo like, but thinkin about her first oil change, I watched some youtube but they...
  2. clutch

    stuck windo

    tried to search the prob to no avail a lil outta practice with the site n plus tryn to this on my phone anyway pass windo stuck in down pos. any ideas? motor? checked fuse other stuff works jus cant get pass. windo up 🤦🏻‍♂️ any info would be appreciated i’m in a kind of remote area of MI lovely...
  3. clutch

    rear end

    '93 F350, w5spd, u joints replaced last summer, i can hear clunking when rolling in nuetral, rear end on it's way out? i replaced the gear oil last month with fresh 80 weight n Lucas Oil Stabilizer. any recommendations on a good LSD?
  4. clutch

    '04 Explorer 4wd

    hello, I'm looking at a 2004 Explorer, not too familiar with these, but I think it is a good looking vehicle, this particular one is fairly clean. 115,000 mi, guy is asking $6k, I'm thinking $5k, has rebuilt tranny. any free advice? smilieFordlogo
  5. clutch

    trade in my Ranger?

    evenin' gents, bit of a dilemma, soliciting advice: my commute is going from 6 miles to 36 miles in a couple months, gonna cost roughly 240 bucks a month, been thinking of trading my beloved Ranger in on a Subaru, not really sure it would actually save me any money in the long run, running the...
  6. clutch

    cold start

    hi everybody! Been awhile... Truck has been running good, except for last week when I had to get the OEM fuel pump replaced.Had an issue the last two nights when I'm leaving work and the truck has been sitting for 8+ hrs in freezing weather, I have to cycle the glow plugs several times (2-3...
  7. clutch

    need info

    just doing the annual fall oil change on the old girl, a little bunch of metal flakes on the oil drain plugs no big deal right? should've tried to snap a pic.
  8. clutch

    2.3L lifetime airfilter

    Hey all, got a friend with an '03 Focus, nice little car, 2.3L. Apparently you can't change the airfilter on them, can anyone fill me in on this?
  9. clutch

    sweet rig

    I need to stop looking, my stable is full but this thing is sweet! Something weird about it too, but it would be a fun commuter truck, lol.
  10. clutch

    '91 F250 (for sale)

    greetings, ran across this ad, nice older truck, and a cool story...
  11. clutch

    Bad starter

    Looks I have a bad starter, got off the truck, neighbor tested it, nothing. Next step get it to the parts store, neighbor advised avoid Napa, and go to Carquest. Reman vs new 50 dollar price diff, any one have an opinion here?
  12. clutch

    removing tailgate hardware

    hey folks, just did a quick search, and did not find the specific info I'm looking for: need to remove the tailgate and all the hardware on my '93 full-size, (got a line on a new-used topper, has the ambulance style door, so no more tailgate, and fyi, the tailgate is part of trade, sorry...
  13. clutch

    '93 Explorer info

    so I made the mistake of looking at vehicles online last night, and of course I found something I like, but don't need. Was saving up for a new Forester, 'cuz I like manuals, but this is pretty sweet...
  14. clutch

    testing glow plugs

    suppose I could do a search, but's been awhile and this is so much more personal, so my question, when testing the glow plugs, attach the test light to the positive terminal?
  15. clutch

    Ford C-Max Energi

    seen these on the interwebs, and I'm intrigued... Anyone had any experiences with 'em?
  16. clutch

    winter weight oil?

    Greetings, just had a dusting of snow the other night, and my diesel is (over)due for some fresh oil. Been running Valvoline 15w-40 in it but was thinking it might be wise (or not!), to put a lighter weight oil in the 'ol girl for the winter. Any recommendations?
  17. clutch

    Warm start issue

    greetings, just as the title says, after the truck has been driven and she's warmed up to "operating temp", and I shut 'er down for say 30 minutes or so, and then try to fire 'er back up, she don't wanna turn over. takes several cycles, and by that I mean letting the glow plugs cycle and then...
  18. clutch

    hmm Exlporer
  19. clutch


    how hard would it be to stuff this in the Ranger: lol
  20. clutch

    WTB: Ranger Spare tire

    looking a for a Continental Contitrac SUV P235/70/R16 in new condition, with black steel rim, to match the one currently residing under my truck...
  21. clutch

    Ranger replacement?

    Haven't heard much since they killed off their long running product line, and haven't heard any talk of the "world Ranger/T6" in awhile... Figured I'd post and see what kind of arguments I can start, lol. No, seriously, I've been thinking of replacing my trusty old 2wd for something AWD...
  22. clutch

    awesome CL find!

    so I'm looking for a blade for my 350, ran across this: wasn't sure if I should put in the classifieds section or what, but it was too cool to not share, wonder if it's sold yet? had a huge dump of snow this weekend... If I had more room at...
  23. clutch

    signs and syptoms of Alt. failure?

    when I start my truck, the voltage seems to fluctuate noticeably, you can see all the lights dim, off and on, pardon me for being a bit dense, but is this normal? A coworker said it could be a sign of the alternator going out...
  24. clutch

    glow plugs

    hey, so manged to successfully change the plugs in my Ranger recently, and now I contemplating doing my glow plugs... is this a comparable task? I have heard they can be tricky. Also, any particular brand anyone suggest? TIA
  25. clutch

    Blowin white smoke

    Howdy y'all been awhile anywho got a 6.4 at work noticed she was leaking coolant then blowing white smoke when I drove er... It's an 09 or 10 with only 40000 miles got the manual apologies for the grammar I'm on my mobile. Anyway hope to get to the mech soon just looking info thanks Ps...
  26. clutch

    low-cost AWD's?

    been thinking about replacing my 2wd Ranger someday with something that gets better fuel mileage and is hopefully AWD. Looking for something newer and under $20k. Subaru Forester would be my 1st choice, also looked at Jeep Patriot, and of course Ford Escape, but want something with a manual...
  27. clutch

    truck of the month nomination?

    no not for myself, lol, but I did a search, and did not see how to nominate someone...?
  28. clutch

    '93 F250

    hope this okay to pass along, I'm really not in a position to buy another vehicle, but looks ok, in the Truckee/Squaw Valley area, CA. If ya'll can't read it, it's a "93 F250 extra cab, white with topper (camer shell,fiberglass), blue interior if I recall (nice!), bucket seats with console...
  29. clutch

    passin' along:
  30. clutch

    fuel filter info

    swapped out my fuel filter for the 1st time this week, after the dummy light came on... had to do it in the dark, was a bit of an ordeal, but I got it, unfortunately, I think I may have cracked the plastic screw-on bottom piece, where the sensor plugs in (thinking it may have just been loose to...