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  1. m78

    Talk about a Bentley, Wow.
  2. m78

    Return of the Lincoln.
  3. m78

    sway bar end links

    On my 04 E350, the front sway bar , ends , go through a hole with rubber bushings in the I beams and just end not connecting to anything. The rubber bushings are worn out so I bought new "moog" bushings but they are slightly larger than the holes in the I beam and look like a good candidate for...
  4. m78

    Un known option

    I saw a Ford Flex today with a wood grain wrap . I thought those went out with the 70's.
  5. m78

    Ford GT
  6. m78

    riding gloves.

    I've got a pair of Tour Master "Hipora" waterproof riding gloves, in size medium, that I was going to put on CL. They are as good as new. Does anybody here, have a use for them ? Lets say $30 plus shipping .
  7. m78

    New Firestones

    My buddy talked me into putting Firestone Transforce HT tires on my E-350, instead of the putting Bridgestones back on it , which did excellent. He said that he's been putting them on a lot of fleet trucks and everybody likes them. Anybody else use them ?
  8. m78

    Found this cool book

    Its got every 1978 truck,and Bronco, wiring diagram in it. I bought it from a guy that rescued it from a dealer dumpster years ago.
  9. m78

    Seat bolts

    Anybody know what size torx it takes to remove the seat mounting bolts ? My T55 just spins around inside it.
  10. m78

    Sure is pretty.

    The guy wants $55k. 57k original miles.1971Sorry Duncan , its just so awesome.:)
  11. m78

    Cool 63 econoline
  12. m78

    Nice 65 4x4 on CL
  13. m78

    Hone o drive is back

    These over drive units are being manufactured again. It looks like the only ones made are for the Ford 9" rear end. They're also $3400.00 I'd love to have one on my dent to change the 4:10 to a higher ratio while on the road. Or is that lower?
  14. m78

    keyless Entry

    Again the thieves are on the cutting edge.l7OadDz3Ums
  15. m78

    camper special in a commercial.

    Right about 26 seconds in.OMln6TuLB68
  16. m78

    unsold car graveyards
  17. m78

    Lrad ?

    I'm not believing this.
  18. m78

    Nice looking 65 Comet
  19. m78

    new use for Ford Ranger engines.
  20. m78

    2015 Bronco
  21. m78

    Aluminum F150
  22. m78

    Blue XLT door panels.

    Dennis Carpenter has in stock their (painted) blue passenger side door panels with the chrome accent. I called to ask about the drivers side and I basically was told that I have to just keep watching for them to post them. They run certain ones at one time to keep them from getting mixed up.
  23. m78

    carl edwards and a 1901 ford

  24. m78

    A little Econoline picture whoring.

  25. m78


  26. m78

    Tree grew under a falcon.

    Must be down under.
  27. m78

    Escort Wagon.

    I don't remember ever seeing one of these.
  28. m78

    1978 tow truck

    wouldn't this be cool to have. $6000 seems like a decent price .
  29. m78


    sweetI saw this at a new marina store grand opening.
  30. m78

    Humming sound

    I've had an annoying humming sound coming from the engine compartment of my E350 for some time now. Its intermittent and I usually here it when idling at stop lights. Tap the gas pedal and it goes away for a while. Today I started looking and found it was coming from the air breather, so I took...