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  1. Beach66Bum

    South Island white Christmas 😮

    Sure looking like a white Christmas for the south end of Vancouver Island ❄️😃☃️
  2. Beach66Bum

    2002 F150 XLT Supercab

    This thread is for the general discussion of the truck 2002 F150 XLT Supercab. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Beach66Bum

    Recall Cruise control harness

    Ford had a massive recall for the cruise control in the Gen.10’s. Potential fire from the deactivation switch that is screwed into the master cylinder. The original switch could have a seal failure resulting in brake fluid leaking out and down the electrical harness and causing a short.Ford’s...
  4. Beach66Bum

    Got a new Gen.10

    One owner, no accidents! Exactly the same as my metallic green Gen.10, except this is a 2-wheel drive. Just doing all my detailing magic :)Has the XTR appearance package, a Canadian thing ;) So have the wood accent pieces I like so much! Also has the H9 rear axle, 3.55’s with limited slip, ya!
  5. Beach66Bum

    Canada is still here

    Now where’s my beer…canadiansmiliecanadiansmilie
  6. Beach66Bum

    Overhead Compass/Temp display not working

    A very common problem with the Gen.10’s is the overhead display to stop working. Before you go and buy a new unit from the Ford dealership, remove the unit and look at the printed circuit board. The most common thing that prevents the unit from working are the 510’s (as seen in pic) that come...
  7. Beach66Bum

    Boxing Day...

    Any neat stuff bought? I haven’t done any Boxing Day buying for a long long time. I did have a couple of beers though :beer:
  8. Beach66Bum

    Power mirror switch

    2001 f150 XLT I was wondering if the switch for the power mirrors is suppose to light up, like the power windows and door locks do. Everything lights up except this switch.
  9. Beach66Bum

    Snowfall for the record book

    Wow! It has been something else for Vancouver Island this February. This white stuff just keeps coming down! We are not use to or equipped to handle this! We’ve had over 2 feet, which may not seem like much for many places, but has wrecked havoc for us. The airport and ferry terminal were even...
  10. Beach66Bum

    The Royals are visiting...

    Well, here I am sitting inside having a few beers (Heineken's) staying far away from all the craziness going on outside today with the Royal couple visiting. We live by the airport and there is a lot of activity in the air right now. And police everywhere. Think I'll go close the gate at the...
  11. Beach66Bum

    2016 Ford and Friends picnic

    It's that time of year again for this awesome car show! Weather looks like it could be anything, but hope it stays dry. I will post some pic's for you guys :) smilieFordlogo
  12. Beach66Bum

    !Happy Canada Day!

    To all the Canadian members, Happy Canada Day! :beer:canadiansmilie:beer:
  13. Beach66Bum

    Spark plug time

    I really need to change the plugs on the 4.6 Triton. From my online research of this job, it is a chore (and a half!) And it's an expensive job to get the dealership to do from what people have posted. Any advice is much appreciated!! Or should I do myself a favour and just bring it in...
  14. Beach66Bum

    Fires in Fort McMurray

    Absolutely terrible!!!! 85,000 hectares burned to the ground. 88,000 people displaced. They have to keep moving to the south, this forest fire is relentless. Thoughts and prayers for all who are affected.
  15. Beach66Bum

    Great Wall of "Canada"

    What's Donald up to now! :rolleyes:
  16. Beach66Bum

    We just had an Earth Quake!

    The whole house swayed! Was a 4.9 just 9 miles away from us! Crazy!! The last one that I remember that shook like that was in the 70's. ( South Vancouver Island. We live in Sidney.)
  17. Beach66Bum

    Green Christmas

    Well, just saw on the morning news, 85% of Canadians will be having a green Christmas. (It's sunshine and high of 35*F here on the South end of the Island)
  18. Beach66Bum

    New LED 3rd brake light

    After 14 years, 4 led's burnt out so it was time to replace the unit. American Technology Components, ordered online for the new one.Old unit, liked the 24 small led'sNew unit, has 6 large led's. Led's are polarity sensitive, make sure you have the positive and negative correct or in most...
  19. Beach66Bum

    !happy canada day!

    Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian FTF :) Weather is beautiful for the parade here. Enjoy your day with friends and family.cheers,
  20. Beach66Bum

    New Rubber

    Went and got some new tires yesterday :DThe size is 285 70R 17 (basically a 33" tire) BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2's big difference!
  21. Beach66Bum

    Tooth paste not just for teeth...

    Wow! Actually worked really well, and as a added bonus, smells minty fresh, lol!Sealed the lens with Meguair's 2.0 tech wax.
  22. Beach66Bum

    Target leaving Canada, closing all stores

    It was a short stay for the retail chain here, just shy of 2 years. Target is closing all 133 stores here in Canada, affecting a whooping 17,500 jobs! Target stated that they can not continue to lose money, and said it wouldn't be till 2012 to see profits.
  23. Beach66Bum

    Stormy Weather coming!

    Forecast for many parts of Canada has taken a turn for the worst. While many have been experiencing a more mild trend lately, come December 24 the weather channel are saying hold on tight for a big change. There are currently 3 storms coming back to back, just in time for Christmas. Seems the...
  24. Beach66Bum

    Nice truck came by today

    Selling off the parts from my old truck and this one showed up :) Owner (James) bought the clear dome lens and cargo light for his truck, and the under hood work light for a friends truck. I threw in an antenna and some little things too. He has upgraded all the lighting to led, cool! and looks...
  25. Beach66Bum

    New Parts for the 150 :)

    Since I have a new truck, I couldn't use my old parts thread for the 250. So far I have replaced, because of wear or non-oem partsAntenna both rear tail lights both license plate lights door panel lenses auto shift lever head light bulbs (Piaa) fog light bulbs (Piaa) floor mats 3rd brake...
  26. Beach66Bum

    November 1st...snow???

    Well, it's official. Some parts of Canada have gotten snow :eek:
  27. Beach66Bum

    Happy Thanks Giving

    Happy Thanks Giving :)Turkey is on Monday. ( finally not a ham!)
  28. Beach66Bum

    Old Orange is Sold

    Well today was a bit different. Watching someone else drive off in my old F250 was weird. No one has ever driven it but me since I have owned it. It's going to Saltspring Island right by Vancouver Island. Lots and lots of memories in the truck. Will be missed! Happy that I will always see it...