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  1. Sparky83

    Fuel pump relay and inertia switch wires melted

    I dont know about the 88. But i know on my 04 stang it goes from relay to what they call a fuel pump control module. Then to the inertia switch and then to the pump. The control module regulates the voltage to the pump to vary the speed and pressure. But your case definitely sounds like...
  2. Sparky83

    Rough idle, harder start, several codes...

    P0475 - back pressure control module malfunctionP0500 - Failed vehicle speed sensor. Open or short in the wiring harness.P1832 - another transmission code concerning the pressure control moduleP1876 - transmission control moduleB1203 - fuel sender shorted to batteryB1318 - battery low...
  3. Sparky83

    Hi my name is Donald

  4. Sparky83


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  5. Sparky83

    Hi all

    Welcome to the site.
  6. Sparky83

    New to forum and workin on my truck!

    Almost sounds like a ground issue. The old printed boards used to lose the ground and never read over half a tank. But your 13 would have soldered boards.
  7. Sparky83

    New to forum and workin on my truck!

    Welcome to the site. Sorry about your woes with the truck. My guess would be somethings been pinched. I know fords had some issues with fuel level readers being off. Mines had that issue a few times. Itll say its at 1/4-1/2 tank when its actually full. Usually fixes itself after 30 mins of...
  8. Sparky83

    HELLO I'm Pa Pitt

    Welcome to the site!! Im going to guess from your user name your from Pittsburgh??
  9. Sparky83

    Jim from Oregon

    Welcome to the site trapper
  10. Sparky83


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  11. Sparky83

    Check Engine 2002 f-250 super duty

    Since you already bought the cleaner. Would go ahead and use it. Sometimes it works. If not can still replace it
  12. Sparky83

    hello from Wisconsin

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  13. Sparky83

    Greetings From The Bay Area

    Howdy. Welcome to the site
  14. Sparky83

    1978 Intermittent wiper conversion

    That part i cant answer. It was just what i could find online for the same sounding condition. But they were factory installed units. So dont know how the conversion units act. I know when my dad tried to do the same with the corsica we had at the time it wouldnt work at all.
  15. Sparky83

    1978 Intermittent wiper conversion

    Everything i could find for it said the relay tends to be the problem when just the intermittent stops working. The only other mention is a failed circuit board in the wiper motors or bad contacts at the wiper motor.Circuit board on the motors was mentioned with newer vehicles so dunno if...
  16. Sparky83

    1978 Intermittent wiper conversion

    Did the intermittent conversion contain a relay??
  17. Sparky83

    hey hey

    Welcome to the site.
  18. Sparky83


    Welcome to the site. Got any pics??
  19. Sparky83

    Infamous Phaser Rattle

    Friend of mine just had to change the guides on his. The one was completely missing/disintegrated. Found some pieces of it sitting on the ledge of the oil pan that remains when the timing cover was removed.
  20. Sparky83

    Hello all from Tennessee!

    Welcome to the site
  21. Sparky83

    VIN plate

    Yeah my uncle ran into that one time with one he restored. He had gotten pulled over cop noticed the rivets werent the right ones for the vin tag. Vehicle was impounded till he could prove he was the real owner and why the rivets were changed. State patrol had to pull the windshield to redo the...
  22. Sparky83


    All i know is some forums said to contact state patrol as theres special rivits that are needed for proper installation
  23. Sparky83

    Towing a 1983 F250 with automatic transmission

    And if the bolt heads are weakend you may need a small saw to cut off the heads and retainers. Just be careful not to cut the ujoint caps if your planning to reuse the ujoint. The retainers and bolts are like $10-20 to replace. If you gotta cut them the fun parts getting the rest of the bolt...
  24. Sparky83

    Fuel issues

    There were some models the selector valve was hidden behind the tank itself. You would pretty much have to drop the tanks to find it. From what i read it was mainly the gassers that had them hidden there. The diesels had the larger ones under the driver side floor boards.
  25. Sparky83

    7.3 IDI Educate me

    Nice info there. Appreciate it.
  26. Sparky83

    New Here

    Nice looking truck there