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  1. jr32560

    October chat thread

    well looks like it's been a while since I've been on here let's see who's around :wasntme:
  2. jr32560

    april chat thread

    happy April fools day all
  3. jr32560

    not holding fuel pressure

    87 F150 been sitting a few years new frame rail pump new rear pump was running now not loosing fuel pressure goes to 40 and drops off fast swapped the fuel reserve for another does the same thing "used one that is" clamped the return line and jumpered the wire to fuel pumps raised to 100 psi...
  4. jr32560

    del-mar July chat thread

    hey figured I get it started:wasntme:
  5. jr32560

    who we got in Maryland?

    hey we got any Marylanders on here? lets get together and B/S:wavey:
  6. jr32560

    need help!!

    okay guys your my only help now-I've got an 1988 f150 5.8 good motor and trans-160k-frame rusted and cracked- bought a 1987 f150 5.0 great body and frame -and a 1994 f150 5.0-e4od trans -trans is burned up-but it's got nice rims and a nice lift kit-going for a frankentruck-will the lift off the...
  7. jr32560

    I'm here

    hey made it over from ford truck enthusiasts-hope I can be some help on here-and get some help-glad to be here!!!smiliegitrdone