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  1. LEB Ben

    LEB wants to cool you off

    Left Eye Blind Racing & Fabrication is proud to announce we're teaming up with Champion Radiators. We've used them in our customer builds, personal daily drivers and race trucks for several years now. Very affordable replacements, or you can bling out for a full polish. We only have select...
  2. LEB Ben

    Left Eye Blind Racing Disc Brake Kit Sale

    Come one, come all...get em while they're hot.
  3. LEB Ben

    Left Eye Blind Racing 15% off Independence Day Sale

    Isn't it hard picking just one? So don’t. Get 15% OFF ALL Orders in celebration of America's birthday with discount code: 1776. Offer ends Jul 8. Shop Now...
  4. LEB Ben

    Left Eye Blind-Mad Dog Headers & Jet Hot

    LEB is proud to team up with Mad Dog Headers and Jet Hot coatings. More headers will be added to the website daily (Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Chevy). If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call.Lifetime warrantied coating available - no questions asked recoat if you ever need it. Many...
  5. LEB Ben

    Left Eye Blind 429/460 Swap Parts

    From mounts to clutch parts to complete engines to swap 429/460 into your 73-79 Ford 4x4. Don't see what you need, give us a call.
  6. LEB Ben

    LEB Super Duty Spring swap kit for 67-79 F250/350

    This kit allows you to use super duty leaf springs in the front of your 67-79 F250/F350. Stock superduty springs give approximately 2" of lift on the 67-79 models. An advertised 2" lift spring would give 4" on the older truck, 4" would give 6", etc. Comes with necessary shackles and hardware...
  7. LEB Ben

    Quick Fuel carbs by Left Eye Blind Racing

    We are proud to announce our partnership with Quick Fuel carbs and the custom built Slayers now available on our website (these are not stock settings like most vendors you'll find). Need something bigger or want to go EFI, give us a call...
  8. LEB Ben

    Embedding Videos

    I know you can embed youtube videos...but what about Facebook videos via the url/link??? Any time I've tried in the past, all that shows up is the link. Am I missing something???
  9. LEB Ben

    Left Eye Blind PMGR "mini" starters

    An affordable solution for high torque, small case size starters to replace factory 70's style starters. Up to 4.5 times more starting torque, 50 percent weight reduction, and a much smaller case than your factory starter to reduce chance of heat soak from headers. Available for automatic and...
  10. LEB Ben

    Bolt on Clockable Dana 60 Disc Brake Conversion Kit

    Disc Brake conversion for Dana 60 rear axles. Includes (2) disc brake brackets and all necessary hardware.(2) calipers, (2) rotors, (2) brakes hoses, (2) banjo bolts, and brake pads can be included for an additional $250.00Brackets take 85 K20 front rotors, calipers, and pads.99.99 plus...
  11. LEB Ben

    466-472ci Basic Iron Head ~400hp Build

    466-472ci Basic Iron Head ~400hp BuildFrom $4,499.99Choice of bore .030, .040 or .060 Choice of internal or external balance Fully prepped factory block (hot tanked, checked for cracks, bored, honed and decked) Brass freeze plugs and oil galley plugs installed Factory...
  12. LEB Ben

    LEB heim joint steering links and trac bar

    Left Eye Blind heim joint steering links and trac bar. Made with 1.5" x .250 DOM tube and 3/4 kevlar lined heims with hardware. Perfect for SAS or custom crossover or highsteer. Also a very good stock replacement.Custom built to your measurements...
  13. LEB Ben

    Left Eye Blind 3g and Starter Sale
  14. LEB Ben

    What is this now???

    Didn't want to drop $600 on glass fenders, not a real fan of cut outs...soooo decided to play around a bit. Wheel well lifted about 1" and stretched about 1.5" on each end...
  15. LEB Ben

    Pre-78 speed control steering wheel

    After two years of searching for a pre-78 cruise wheel for retrofitted 78/9 tilt in Red...I gave up hope of finding a pristine wheel. As a matter of fact, have barely found any roached examples. So I've decided to piece a few together. Sounded good until I saw the last one on eBay went for $365...
  16. LEB Ben

    So this happened...

    Snagged this 06 60 for $250 for the Bronco...looking for a 2010+ 37spl 10.5, preferably with optional locker. But with a strategic move with LEB, gonna try to make an as user friendly bolt in kit as possible for pre-80 trucks.
  17. LEB Ben

    Top secret fender project

    Met up with some innernet peeps today at the Charlotte Car show. Got the last couple pieces I need to collaborate on a project with LEB. Depending on how they turn out, might be willing to do more.Snagged some patch panels from Tom at Flashback F100'sAnd the fenders that will be operated on...
  18. LEB Ben

    Photo upload woes

    Alright...I figure I've been around long enough I should have this figured out by now, but I don't. Pertaining to photo uploads:1) When uploading from my phone, for the last couple of years, I can only upload one photo to the gallery at a time, even though there are 6 slots. I used to be able...
  19. LEB Ben

    Ben is a Zombie

    Figured since I've been poking in the last couple days, I might as well make a post. Being 4 hours away from my rigs has opened up another sick and twisted addic...err...passion, in collecting 73-79 Ford literature.'s some of the collection I have on the phone, facts manuals...
  20. LEB Ben

    2007 Edge trans/cruise issues...Vince

    2007 Ford Edge with a 150k on it. Symptoms:1) After 30-45 minutes of driving, shifting gets extremely sloppy. 2) When cold, rpm stay 750-1000 higher than should be when cruising, unless you manually knock it down 1-2mph. 3) After extended trips, cruise control no longer holds speed, and...
  21. LEB Ben

    What cause dis...

    Was doing a tire rotation on the MKZ (2008) today...and all 4 tires were beyond worn on the I know I'm a big guy, but never had all 4 where through like this. The tires have 35-40k on them and I got 70k out of the last set. No noticeable movement/loose parts. When the tires were put...
  22. LEB Ben

    Is there a fix...Vince???

    So Bailee's Edge (2007) started shifting funny earlier this week, added 2 quarts of mercon 5...and was back in business. Realized I was about 15-20k beyond service interval, so chalked it up to burn off and old fluid. Drained it today and filled and inspected. And I think it's seeping at the...
  23. LEB Ben

    73-79 Ford truck literature

    Looking for 73-79 Ford truck literature. Primarily tougher to find pieces like the 76 bicentennial options group brochure, truck pocket price lists, truck pocket facts, color & trim albums, etc., but will consider common pieces. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  24. LEB Ben

    Options and Accessories selectors

    Picked these up a couple weeks back. Pretty cool detail in it. I'd really appreciate it if 77-79 truck facts manuals and price lists would pop up so I stop buying stuff I didn't realize I needed.
  25. LEB Ben

    Thunder is Alive

    This one was extremely sentimental for me. Maybe even shed a tear the first time she fired...maybe. I was 10 years old when I picked out the options with my dad for this truck. I was there when it came off the truck. I was the one that bought it when he fell on hard times. It started knocking 5...
  26. LEB Ben

    Red is almost done

    After putting 6 miles on her in the last 2 years and none in the last 14 months, she's almost DD ready again. Red head steering is on. Burned through the old nasty gas. Rebuilt the carb 3 times running through said nasty gas. Brakes, seals, bearings, etc. Have some fine tuning to do this...
  27. LEB Ben

    Project Cheap Bastard: LEB 70 460

    Also dubbed Abraham (Lincoln). I finally pulled the 460 out of the 70'll be going the Bronco. 'Holy Grail' D0ve headed 365hp factory rated 460. Wanted to do a pre-op dyno run, to see how accurate that actually was, but wasn't running well enough to do it, but a post-op run will...
  28. LEB Ben

    Thunder's Heart Transplant

    After becoming completely immovable and knocking like a sonuvagun...Thunder was put out to pasture. I was able to snag this 10,000 mile 460 that's been under plastic for over a decade. Came out of a wrecked 96 350 4x4. Traded a rear power slider window and a couple hundred for it. Rolls over...
  29. LEB Ben

    73-79 Manuals

    Hey guys...just picked up the 73, 74, 75 and 76 Light trucks facts books. Anyone else have these? Just wanna check to see if any pages are missing. I'll be comparing with the creator of the fordification site when they come in, but figured the more the merrier. Been trying to add the facts books...
  30. LEB Ben

    Lincoln MKZ issues by Ben

    I couldn't let Tim have all the fun.Vibration in 08 MKZ, appears to be temp and rpm sensitive. I can feel/see it in the steering wheel and sometimes felt in the gas pedal. Warm engine, warm day, non-existent. Cold car, cold day...pretty bad. Cold/warm or warm/cold...hit or miss or minor. Seems...