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  1. fuel guage

    I'm still working on the speedo but I changed the sending unit and that solved that problem. In the meantime I'm going to use a gps to tell me my speed.
  2. fuel guage

    the guages are VDO . It's crazy because now the speedometer doesn't work. It's all electronic no cable. As far as the gas guage, I was trying to avoid taking out the sending unit until I know for sure if it is the guage or not. I guess that will be the way to find out though.
  3. fuel guage

    Okay, I have my truck running really good now , just tuned it up. I do however have a small problem, the gas guage. It always reads full, I checked the sending unit by taking off the wire and grounding it and it then goes to empty. There is only one wire on it so I assume the tank is grounded to...
  4. Hello Everyone

    the number I have is 97HC178351
  5. windows

    Thanks Tim, I just got the windows yesterday and will attempt it this week. I have a model T friend who said he will give me a hand.
  6. windows

    When i bought the truck (1949 F1 ) the drivers door window had a few little cracks in it. Now it has a large one going across the whole thing. I ordered new windows, seems you have to buy them in twos. Anyway can anyone give me info on how to remove and replace the window? I have the panel off...
  7. Hello Everyone

    I haven't really taken it out for a real test because of all the rain we have been having and I need to replace the cowl gasket because it leaks there badly. I actually got the weather stripping yesterday and will install it today.Today it's supposed to be dry so I'll take it out for sure. I did...
  8. Hello Everyone

    Jasperrc, you got it right on the money. the Idler arm was from Mitsubishi as well.
  9. Hello Everyone

    updateOkay I put in a new electric wiper motor ,horn and cigarette lighter to charge my phone. Replaced the Idler arm, one motor mount , front calibers and rear brakes and new drums. After a lot of investigation the front is out of a 1985 dodge truck and the back is a chevy rearend. Combined...
  10. door lock

    I just realized I put drivers door it's the passenger door if that matters
  11. door lock

    My 49 F1 has a pluged hole on the drivers side for a door lock. I took the panel off and tried to look inside , couldn't see much. The replacement locks I see that you can buy just show a straight bar. Is there more to this , it obviously isn't like a house door lock. And just how do you install...
  12. Hello Everyone

    Looking under the truck it has a rectangluar tubing frame no cross bars except trans and engine supports. The Isuzu and chevy trucks both used the same lug bolt patterns though.
  13. Hello Everyone

    Thanks no I don't mind. now to put a new gasket in for the cowl and the new wiper motor I ordered, Ac and it's good to go ! I hope to drive it everyday and enjoy it
  14. 1949


  15. Hello Everyone

    I posted photos in the gallery of my 49. This truck supposedly came out of Tennesse, anyone ever seen it before ?
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  18. 49f11


  19. 49f1


  20. Hello Everyone

    Okay I just got a piece of the puzzle, I found rims to fit exactly from a GM colorado/canyon/Izuzu 2004-2008 6 lug offset 15x6.5j . also while cleaning the engine compartment I noticed on the steering box a metal tag completely covered in dirt that read 5826250 and the name toyo. So I am...
  21. Hello Everyone

    I took it to get new tires 15" and they said a tie rod was bad but could not do anything with out knowing what front end it is. The caliber has only one marking 2 1/8 2113-1. And that doesn't help. Since it has a 1985 chevy 305 with power steering and disc brakes I was thinking maybe an 85-86...
  22. Hello Everyone

    I am new to this so bare with me if you will . I have had many cars and trucks in my life time but never a modified 1949 F1 pick up. I just bought it from an older gentleman who knew nothing about vehicles except buy them and drive them. Anyway this truck has a 305 stroker chevy engine and...