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  1. mrxlh

    Happy Birthday taxreliever

    Happy Birthday Ken!!
  2. mrxlh

    My new van v3

    Great update, Thank God you were not prompted to post following an oil change at the Dealership!!
  3. mrxlh

    Happy Birthday mrxlh

    Thanks Guys, other than the internet going out til 5 this evening, it was a great day!!!
  4. mrxlh

    SCT Xcal 2 for 6.0

    Only used on 1 Vin, unlocked and still supported, $175 shipped.
  5. mrxlh

    6.4 rebuildable?

    Not true, there are several companies making sleeve kits, cams, pistons and rods. There is even a company making new heads. If your block is ok, you can build one for around the 8-10K range with all new upgraded components. (less depending on what all is bad) Or buy a crate engine with the same...
  6. mrxlh

    January 2017 Truck of the Month

    Congrats Doug, good looking rig.
  7. mrxlh

    July 2016 truck of the month

    Great looking truck, congrats!!!
  8. mrxlh

    May Truck of the Month

    Congrats. Cool story.
  9. mrxlh

    My new van v3

    Mine's good to 600, if it's any higher than that I'll use the multiplier!!:)
  10. mrxlh

    OFFICIAL: FTF Members Map

    He's on a date tonight....
  11. mrxlh

    My new van v3

    Wow Ian, that cut was deep and wide!!
  12. mrxlh

    Hit the 200k mark

    Congrats, I was pretty excited when mine turned 100K the other day.
  13. mrxlh

    Happy Birthday tjcustomranger

    Happy Birthday TJ.
  14. mrxlh

    Schaeffer's oil

    The biggest question is why? With several synthetics that have more than proven themselves over the years, what will it do over the others? Amsoil, Royal Purple, Redline, and of course Mobil 1 just to name a few, would be my choice unless there is something specific in Schaeffer's that the 6.4...
  15. mrxlh

    March truck of the month

  16. mrxlh

    16,412 miles on single oil change

    What is his total cost to date running synthetic, filters, and oil analysis?
  17. mrxlh

    rotella vs. Amsoil diesel oils.. -9* pour test

    Why didn't the test compare it to Rotella Synthetic?
  18. mrxlh

    Oil life indicator

    If an oil sample was cheaper than $25 or you were changing more than 6 quarts, it would probably make sense to oil sample. The biggest thing is that GP III oils are now considered synthetic, many brands conventional oils use GP III base stocks, with a shade less add pack. This is the primary...
  19. mrxlh

    Oil life indicator

    Simply it takes the guesswork out of the criteria in your owners manual as to which service category you fall under. Most vehicles have a 7500 mile interval for the easier miles as stated earlier in this thread.
  20. mrxlh

    Happy Birthday DNFXDLI

    Happy Birthday Duncan, you sure are spry for 106!!
  21. mrxlh

    T M I 434

    First it has to go back to the machine shop to be re-bored and re-line bored, light polishing wouldn't remove the rust pitting.......smilietease
  22. mrxlh

    Happy Birthday UTfball68

    Happy Birthday Ben!!
  23. mrxlh

    Happy Birthday smokey

    Happy Birthday Randy!!
  24. mrxlh

    Hows she holden up?

    Mine is getting to that point as well.
  25. mrxlh

    Hows she holden up?

    100k on mine, only issue I ever had was the radiator 3 times. 2 were warranty, the first was believed to be from the sticking t-stat and the redesigned t-stat housing. The second and third were from flex I guess. I installed a Mishimoto in it the last time and got Vince's fix for the separation...
  26. mrxlh

    February truck of the Month

    You being back in a Ford again might win you TOTY! Congrats!
  27. mrxlh

    My new van v3

    Well it didn't go to "V4" 😂 As expected. Love the color, glad you finally got out of the Chevy, you were starting to type like Frank................smilieFordlogo
  28. mrxlh

    My new van v3

    Ok, so what you wanna bet some illegal Canadien Immigrats jack it from the outfitter ................
  29. mrxlh

    My new van v3

    Anyone wanna bet this goes to V4?
  30. mrxlh

    hows your 6.4 holding up?

    98xxx on mine and still loving it. Even more so with diesel being $1.97 here 😜. Zero mods and zero regrets, except on the radiator, if I could have paid the difference for a welded one the first time it was changed, I would have been happier.