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  1. fordman76367

    Burning through starter solenoids, help!

    I recently purchased a 79 bronco with a 460 swapped in, she runs like a champ, but I've had it a week and gone thru 4 starter solenoids and replaced a brand new optima red top battery. The starter is new, alternator is new, and all wiring to/from them is new. It all appears to be wired correctly...
  2. fordman76367

    Total restoration time, input would be great.

    It's been a good long while since I've visited the site, I know, I've been slacking and I apologize. My 84' has sat for a few years and she's about to get a complete make over, I've got $15k budgeted for the build and my goal is for her to be back up again in early January. I unfortunately won't...
  3. fordman76367

    Tires on my 2wd 2012 xlt Screw

    I've got a chance to pick up a set of 295/70r17's for a swinging deal, and was curious how they will fit on a factory 2012 f150 xlt crew cab, on the factory 17" rim, currently wrapped in 255/65r17s. Thoughts, gentlemen?
  4. fordman76367

    an exellent result in boredom and some paint

    i got to looking at a fx4 my friend has and decided i really liked his badges all black and red, so i went home and popped mine off for a little custom work, i like the subtle touch it adds to the truck[/url][/IMG]
  5. fordman76367

    cel on my '12 5.0

    ive had a c.e.l. on my 2012 f150 5.0 and the code is 0430 if i remember right, auto zone scanner said it was a cat malfunction low bank 2 i think, i have a flowmaster super 44 dumped just before the rear end but the light came on before the exhaust was done. my question is 1. even thogh my...
  6. fordman76367

    black tailgate and grille badges??

    has anyone seen the ford oval badges where they are a black/chrome scheme instead of ford blue/chrome? if they dont already sell them does anyone have an idea/ tips on me painting my own?
  7. fordman76367

    sync issues

    has anyone had any issues with their sync system getting stuck saying "indexing, or indexing please wait" when it is connecting to your ipad/ ipod via usb? this has been happening lately with my ipad but it worked fine from may until a couple weeks ago. ive reset my ipad as well as a master...
  8. fordman76367

    long time no post!... 2012 pics!

    i know its been a great while since ive posted or even logged on, life is crazy im sure you all understand, had some free time on my day off and decided to add some pics of the ranchhand front, and frontier rear bumpers i dropped on my 2012 a couple months ago, thought yall would enjoy! wheels...
  9. fordman76367

    Just bought a 2012

    Well ladies and gents I just went and dropped some bones on a 2012 f150 super crew 2wd in tuxedo black xlt Texas edition, iv. Had it for a week and I looooveee it, the new5.0 is quite impressive all the way around, I'll post pics later... This thing is sexysmilieFordlogo
  10. fordman76367

    Obs 7.3 'stroke chip options

    My 97 powerstroke is bone stock exept for 4" turbo back exhaust and a DIY intake, now I'm looking for a decent chip/tune/programmer for my truck, I plan for tranny work in the near future...iv heard a lot about the edge evolution seems like some people hav had issues with it but most like it...
  11. fordman76367

    Lug spacing question

    My 97 psd lug spacing is 8x 6.5 i think.... Are rims from later model 8 lug fords interchangeable with mine? Or rims from a cummins or duramax?
  12. fordman76367

    97 7.3 psd

    Iv had my new power stroke for a month or 2 now, and I'm starting to add mods here and there, just sis my DIY intake and it's great, getting ready to hav 4" turbo back installed, buying my gauges this weekend, then a tune...I was looking at the edge evolution and the ts 6 position 4 bank...
  13. fordman76367

    looking at a new pickup

    Yes, I'm looking at a new pickup, again....I know iv got my eye on a 97 7.3 psd crewcab, and also a 01 king ranch 5.4l f150, they both seem mechanically sound and both r pretty clean the psd w only 132k miles and the king ranch w 155k, I know diesels r a little more costly to upkeep, but iv also...
  14. fordman76367

    Seems like no fuel

    So I had the crew cab fine and dany for like 3 days and now it won't coldstart , it will run fine once it's started, but it won't start after it sets for awhile, hasn't ran in two days. I hear the fuel pump for each tank, fuel filter is new.. I tried renting a fuel pressure gauge but no one has...
  15. fordman76367

    HELPP!! The crew cab is down!

    So my truck is currently dead in the water and won't start, every great once in awhile it'll fire up for a little while but won't start back up again. At first, we found a problem w the ign. Coil (it shorted and went out). Then last night after it dying twice on my way home, we assumed it to be...
  16. fordman76367

    Entertaining thoughts in my head about dress up for the cc

    Okay, so I'm thinking of cosmetics for the 96 crew cab, any suggestions on what I should get? ( grill, lights, etc.)
  17. fordman76367

    Random question but I figured y'all would know

    In the state of Texas would I need a cdl to pull a 30ft gooseneck behind my f350 crew cab?
  18. fordman76367

    4.2 to 4.6 swap

    my buddy just bought a 97 f150 flareside reg. cab with the little bitty 4.2l and he wants to drop in a 4.6, i figure the swap will be a piece of cake so long as he gets a 4.6 computer and it matches up to the original tranny. any particular issues we could run into with this bodystyle that would...
  19. fordman76367

    460 mod search

    well, i have determined, after awhile of searching for quick mods for my 96 f350 , and soing most of them... theres not much for quick power adding unless you are opening up the beast chips, or programmers or modules that seem legit, however..i am getting ready to do an e fan swap, i...
  20. fordman76367


    does anyone know the front alignment specs for a 4x4 2010 f150 supercrew? kinda urgent and out service manual wont bring it up
  21. fordman76367

    door latch

    long time no see ya'll sorry i aint been postin much recently iv been caught up busy with some things. ive got a small question about a driver door latch on my 96 f360 crewcab, it broke a couple days ago and i cant open it from the inside i gotta reach outside, its not the cable causing the...
  22. fordman76367

    4.6 exhaust

    okay ladies and gents, iv just made arrangements to purchase a new 1998 ford f150 4x4 reg cab with the 4.6 and im thinking now about exhaust, im sure alot of people a gree with me when i say i cant stand driving a quiet truck. im now faced qith a decission, wich route should i take for a...
  23. fordman76367

    looking at a new truck

    ok so i spotted this truck on auto trader i was wondering about any issues or recalls this model has and if the price is fair, id...
  24. fordman76367

    my 4.9l is cursed

    ill be danged if i ever buy n e thing w less than 8 cylinders again i tell ya what. my 4.9 has givven me nothing but trouble, i cant take it for long distances or count on it to get me anywhere because its left me stranded on multiple occaisions. ive checked for blown head gasket, and thats...
  25. fordman76367

    should i put a turbo on it?

    im looking into getting a 1992 f350 xlt crewcab dually with the 7.3idi and i know the idi's dont have a turbo n i was wondering wether or not i should put one on it. ive heard people tell me to get one and others that tell me its better to leave it n/a. whats yalls opinion on the subject? and if...
  26. fordman76367

    so the ext cab has failed me...once again....

    okay so today as i was leaving from meeting a guy about buying his truck, i went to start my truck like anyother time , and it would crank and crank and crank bt it wouldnt fire and go so i got out and started checking everything and come to find out i had like only a drop of il on my dipstick...
  27. fordman76367

    never really liked ford rangers...until this one

    well ladies and gentlemen i was doing my usuall craigslist browsin yesterday and an across a 2001 ranger that caught my eye and so i gave him a call, and threw my 94 f150 out as an offer on it, he hesitantly said no and i figured that was...
  28. fordman76367

    new job

    well my fellow ford lovers i just landed a job at sheppard air force base in the a.a.f.e.s. automotive center and start now ill be able to work on cars AND give back to the military
  29. fordman76367

    well my starter is shot..

    the supercab had been kinda reluctant to crank over since i got it and i planned on buyin a new starter anyhow once i had the money, but today it just gave out. i went to grab my little brother for the summer today and when i got back home i tried to start the supercab to move it so i could load...
  30. fordman76367

    chip/ programmer 4.9 is killin me..the only time i cant get that thing to break traction on them 31'' tires is in the gravel w my foot in it...shes no hot rod...but i knew itd be that way when i bought the truck, som im gonna hafta solve this problem...yall know of any decent chips or programmers to...