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  1. surewhynot

    69 F250

    Just picked up a new toy. 69 F250, 300 six, 4 sp. Engine is a 77. Runs nice and smooth. New radiator, carb, fuel pump and clutch. I was hoping for disc brakes up front but it has drums.
  2. surewhynot

    Plastic eye on hydraulic clutch rod

    97 F250 HD, 2wd, 5.8, 5 sp The rod that goes from the clutch master cylinder to the clutch pedal is steel, but the eye at the end where it hooks to the pedal is plastic. Twice I've had the eye break on me. Just curious if this is a common problem or is it just my luck. The second time it...
  3. surewhynot

    Guess who

    Guess who's back online????? 'smiliepig3'
  4. surewhynot

    Truck sputters at higher speeds

    My work truck. 97 F250 (old body style) 5.8, 5 speed.Coming back from a 140 mile trek earlier today, I started having a problem with my truck. I was running along about 80 and it started sputtering like it was shutting off, or running out of gas. I backed down to 70 and it straightened up for...
  5. surewhynot

    Painted the work truck. 56k warning

    Well, my work truck has been in need of some fresh paint ever since I bought it. The nasty green that was on it was faded and flat. I figured while things were slow, I might as well go ahead and get it taken care of, so I used up some leftover paint and shot it. My business cards and all of my...
  6. surewhynot


    Go Washington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :rolling laugh: :rolling laugh: :rolling laugh:
  7. surewhynot

    Mud Bog, Sept 4-6

    Myakka Mudfest will be Sept 4-6. I'll be there for the weekend. This time, due to insurance regulations, they aren't allowing tents, so if you don't have a camper and you plan on staying the weekend, you have to crash out in your truck.Proximity on google maps-...
  8. surewhynot

    Another mud bog

    June 20th and 21rst. In Myakka, which is on sr 70, about 20 miles east of bradenton. I'll be there with the scout or the silver truck or maybe both. you can't make that one, I'll be going to redneck yacht club again...
  9. surewhynot

    Dentside Ford Trucks Info

    Useful Ford Dentside Links:Here you will find links to the old stickies and if you have any more threads that should be here, let me know and I'll add them. Thanks!Dentside parts, wanted or for saleHow much is that dentside worth?Pictures of your dentsideDentside tips, tricks and...
  10. surewhynot

    Redneck Yacht Club

    Mudhole in Punta Gorda. I'll be there this weekend. Anybody else think you can make it? I'll buy the beers!
  11. surewhynot

    Guess what

    Only 400 more to go. :D
  12. surewhynot

    Got a message from Cheeto

    I just got a message from Cheeto. His Dad is in bad shape and could use a few prayers. That is all I know right now, but as I find out more, I will post it up. He asked me to keep yall informed.
  13. surewhynot

    97 F250 HD lug pattern

    On my 97 F250 HD, it is 8 lug, but does anybody know if it is the metric bolt pattern or the standard one?
  14. surewhynot

    Pics of the guts of a 400

    Ryan asked me to put up some pics as I tore down my 400, so here goes.Looky what I found, aren't these things supposed to be straight? :pThe rest of them are.A beheading is always funBottoms up!Main cap with worn bearing-Rod capShe's nekkid!Parts...
  15. surewhynot

    Looking to buy

    Looking to buy an inexpensive 4 wheeler. It doesn't have to be pretty or fast, just something to putt my fat rear around on. Lemme know what you guys find.
  16. surewhynot

    Myakka Mud Bog

    Myakka mud bogg weekend of March 21. I'll be there. I'm gonna camp out so I don't have to limit the consumption of adult beverages, lol. Can any of you guys make it? It's on SR 70 just outside of Myakka. It's about 10 miles or so east of I 75.