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  1. Default Navigation Map Setting?

    In my 2020 F150 Limited, every time I start it up and start driving, the navigation map starts zoomed all the way in and in the orientation mode of the direction of travel. I've found that I really like the 3D mode and auto-zoom, so that it zooms out the faster you are going but have to change...
  2. Any Luck Updating Sync 3 Maps?

    Has anyone been able to do the Sync 3 map update on a 2020 F150? I got the notification a few weeks ago that there was an update to the maps on my 2020 F150 Limited. I downloaded the update and the license file, formatted and loaded them on a 32gb USB drive. I then got in the truck, started it...
  3. Audio Pad On Steering Wheel Messed Up!

    The audio controls on the right side of my steering wheel are all messed up (2010 F-150 Lariat SCrew). If I hit Volume Up, the radio goes to the next channel. Hitting Volume Down, the volume actually goes up, etc. This first happened a few years ago. At the time, I just pulled fuse #13 in...