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  1. Mrwoodbeard1969

    Hey looking for help

    My 47 Ford f1 has a vacuum advance port on the carb which has been flattened but there is no where on the distributor that has a port for it. Any help much appreciated Asa
  2. Mrwoodbeard1969

    Holley carb

    Hi iam looking for a bit of information I have a 1947 ford f1 and iam trying to find out if this the correct carb for this truck it’s a six cylinder engine. Cheers Asa
  3. Mrwoodbeard1969

    Hi all

    Hi Can anyone help my truck judders and shakes when I accelerate from stand still but once is moving is good. Any help would be appreciated 👍
  4. Mrwoodbeard1969

    Hi all

    Will do
  5. Mrwoodbeard1969

    Hi all

    Thank you
  6. Mrwoodbeard1969

    Hi all

    Hi all iam new to all of this I’ve just purchased a 1947 Ford f1 ( jailbar) this is a new old truck to me so leaning as I go along lol. Iam on the look out for a few bits & bobs like a temperature sensor on the block