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  1. Flathead coolant leak

    Ok was working on my 1948 F1, trying to get it together enough to attempt to start it. Installed the radiator and hoses. Well most of them, left the heater hose off by mistake so when I filled the radiator found that leak easy enough. The engine in a 1946 V8 59A. When I removed the exhaust...
  2. 1948 F-1 or F-2

    I just picked up my first 1948 what I thought was an F-1. The VIN in 87HY75621. If I have read all of the posts correctly that should be a 1948-F-2 with a 6 cylinder engine. The wheel base is 114 inches. The bed is 66" long and 50" wide, which tells me its and F-1 but the VIN tell me is an...