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  1. A_G

    Roll in Bedliners

    Anybody ever done one?Got a preference?Took the dirtbike out today for the first time since i removed my camper shell and the the drop in sucks.As soon as the back tire started going down the ramp the front wheel just slid down the bed.Other than that they are notorious for trapping...
  2. A_G

    does anybody here have a cng or lng vehicle?

    i maintain a whole fleet of them and i see its benefits far outway the cons in a fleet setting.but i was curious to how its working out on a personal level.anthony
  3. A_G

    new to me

    98 expy 5.4
  4. A_G

    3yrs ive been here

    3 Yrs ive been here and yall still put up with my very suprised..i still cuss...ya thats not gonna stop sorry...But hey ive been here for 3000 posts and i havent been banned once...thats a miracle
  5. A_G

    carb rebuild?

    so im trying here because alot of people visit the dent area.But i got the itch to work on my bump again, stole the battery out of my gen 9 got some points, and freshened it up a bit. It acts like it wants to start, some puttering so close to starting.I put a new rebuilt carb on 3 years ago...
  6. A_G

    two things 91 f250

    how do you flip the rear seat up like in a 92-96 2 where the hell are the back speakers, and how do you get to them to replace them
  7. A_G

    91 f250 7.3 2wd thoughts, opinions?

    ok to make a long story short im doing a big job for a lady i know, its about a 2k the same time shes trying to sell her 91 f250 7.3 (non turbo) 110k miles. ive been using the thing on her ranch for years, its a nice tight truck. just a few issues.Ive been talking to her about trading...
  8. A_G

    relays, lights, fuses and wiring

    okay so i got my headache rack mounted up and i found the lights i want.ive got 4 dick cepek baja 100w lights on order.So with that said. Ill be adding two more later on to mount in reverse so ill wire those up seperatly with that time comesSo what relay should i use.i figure ground...
  9. A_G

    headache rack all mounted up

    got it all mounted up. i need to adjust it a bit and throw some bolts in the back.Got some lights on order. should look great.picture time
  10. A_G

    my goody

    the pick n pull. 15 bucks, pulled it off a truck just like mine. gonna set the tool box right on the runners. Mount up some forward facing lights...and rear facing lights.But i still got to get it mounted
  11. A_G

    custom f150?

    My buddy has a 92 f150 4x4 302 But straight from the factor it has a different frame. The f250 frame danas front and rear stock.different sway bars.says lariat on vin code, but there is no insignias anywhere on the truck. regular xlt interior.He bought it off the orignal owner with 10k...
  12. A_G

    died randomly

    Okay this is second hand but. Im not sure if its a quark or a problem witht he mod engines or what.Dad said he was coming home and the engine just died, the radio just died. So he played with the wires on th ebattery (small red one was loos) and it just fired right up.So with it firing right...
  13. A_G

    for more opinions

    i dont have a dent, i have a bump but i figured id post it here to get more views, since what i haft to say broads across to the dents as wellFE V8s, modifications, i got 352 i want to put some aftermarket parts on it after the rebuild, besides intake and carb. I need some other ideas.I...
  14. A_G

    should i? yall think, worth it?
  15. A_G

    zf5, m5r2, t18, or np435

    I know the T-18 and np435 are both 3 speed with a granny gear. But that last gear is very high. Those that have them, what rpms are you pulling at 65?ZF5 is suspodedly very stout, what model years did they arrive in, did they come mated with a 302/351 series?M5R2, would it be reliable, to...
  16. A_G

    Broke rear, lower shock mount

    so because all the moisture we have had recently. The bottom fell out of road (its like a mud bog the whole way)Becase of this ruts have formed, and there not always straight and they bounce you front side to to side.I think this is what caused my passenger side rear axle lower shock mount...
  17. A_G

    i keep breaking f-ing door handles

    i keep breaking the interior door handles, ive bought two so far. It seems the door doesnt want to un latch and i pull on them to hard, and they freaking snap.So how do you replace door pins,Mine are sagging. causing the latch to catch
  18. A_G

    96 Ignition, No shutting off,key just spins

    Hey it looks like my key tumbler assemble just grenaded it self.I got in it and everything turned over fine. Got to the hosue and the key just spun back to its off possition. But all accesorys where still on and engine was still running.There was no resistance at all in the turning.So i...
  19. A_G

    maf, ever replaced one?

    SO my lovely mass air sensor is going out. err it probably already **** out. Yall should try driving on a busted sensor its awesome.Anyways, when you go down to the parts house the part the pull up comes up with the aluminum housing and what not included. But is it included, or do i gotta...
  20. A_G


    Alright. so heres where im at. Ive been chasin bugs and what not.over the past few months to a year. i could be cruising down the road about 55.. when some times it will sputter like its misfiring real bad, noticable vibration, here it from the exhuast. pedal feels dead. Ill gun it and once it...
  21. A_G

    DTC port wiring

    ive been having a sputtering problem for a couple weeks now. sputters intermittenly, i hate that damn word. But anyways. i wanted to run my codes. and i have no power to the diagnostic port. . fuses are good. so i must have a open somewhere. i anybody got a wiring diagram?
  22. A_G

    for skan (concerning buckets)

    you said you were looking at bronco buckets.Well i had to pull the center cosnole while iwas cleaning, Or cleaning up the truck. Throught it in the dishwasher, but i took some pics etc for ya, dont know if it will help. INcluding some of the part numbrs..please excuse my dirty interior...
  23. A_G

    my truck made me PROUD

    so me and dan went up billings yesterday and cruised. Got on it a few times up that way just ****in around.on the way back about 40 miles from sheridan. i was running low on gas so we stop in this little pow-tonk town called lodge grass Montana. where 85 octane was 2.18 a gallon. ****
  24. A_G

    wierd no start issue

    ive had this problem before. ive fixed it before and dont know how.Basically starter clicks when i try to start. jumped it across solenoid, and its the starter clicking. when i was home over christmas it did the same thing, starter was good everything was good. Removed the starter sanded down...
  25. A_G

    alright an expert fill me in!

    i know quite a bit about bumpsides. But last time i checked the trim packages stayed the same through the dentsides to.So wtf is a "super camper special"?super overload rear springssuper heavy duty front springs (2wd)super auxilarry gas tank or super bigger gas tanksuper better...
  26. A_G

    Ok heres my plan for ol silver

    although im getting a new truck, heres my plans, im starting on it now. slowly but surely.Find a 4 bolt main 302 or 351. Build a mild performance engine, pump gas perferbly 85-87 octane.Throw a zf 5 speed behind that.Restore the interior, Remove rear bench seat, find a racing seat and...
  27. A_G

    Road noise

    hey im trying to get rid of some of my road noise problems and i wanna seal my cab with that dynamat crap. OR something cheaper/ better.This next days off (starting monday) i wanna remove my seats, center console and rear seat, pull out the carpet and insulate my cab. Clean my carpet, stuff...
  28. A_G

    looks like im getting a new truck.

    One of the guys i work with is selling both of his 79s. One stock with a 351m. the other one. the one i want of course 79 f150 4 spd 400 bored over, flat top pistons etc etc 6 inch lift 40s dana 70 rear dana 60 front. divorce tcase
  29. A_G

    HOw the heck do i become a chapter member

    oh yea im settled in gillette, got interent and cable finally only been over two weeks.Anthony
  30. A_G

    im getting a big bronco as well.

    It looks just like 95F350XL's bronco. Same color everything except. its a 5.8l with a c6.And the price you ask....FREEGonna go do the title work tomorow and get my key.The bad Needs a gasket somewhere, its got a bad oil leak. The tranny is a little late to shift (so im told) Rusty fender...