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  1. 98f150base

    Nice little bronco!

    Had this little jewel roll into the shop today. Doing a ring and pinion swap for the rear diff. Nice shape runs good and sounds great!!Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 98f150base

    E4OD issues

    My 92 has started having issues with hard shifts and engine bogging down at idle when stopped. I’m not very familiar with the E4OD trans and am in no way an expert when it comes to transmissions. I wish I knew more about them. But hopefully someone on the site will be able to shed some light on...
  3. 98f150base

    Got a 92 f150!

    My father in law was tired of seeing his truck sitting in his yard so he offered it to me. Went to his house with a trailer and hauled it back. It runs but has a random high idle so I'm thinking idle air control valve for that. It also has a motor mount broken and a cracked exhaust manifold...
  4. 98f150base

    Working on the 50 ford again!!

    Since the upholstery is being replaced soon I started taking out the leaky heater core that was mounted in the Magic air box. Now that it is out I think it's time to clean the box up and repaint it. Also found a whole bin full of parts so I don't have to order as many things as I thought...
  5. 98f150base

    Cracked overdrive servo cap??

    My dad has a 01 edge that started pouring trans fluid out Saturday from the pass side of the trans. It's a 2wd with a 3.0. I looked into the leak and found that in gear you can see a crack on the cap for the overdrive servo (closest one to the front of the trans). My question is should I just...
  6. 98f150base

    Intermittent Wiper Switch Conversion

    So I learned something new today at work and thought I would pass the info along. I was working in a 88 f150 that had the intermittent wipers and would randomly just quit working. So I was going to put a non intermittent switch in. At first my boss explained witch wires he thought needed to be...
  7. 98f150base

    Doing head gaskets on the 50!

    Since the head gaskets were leaking out of the rear corners an it got a little warm the last time I had the car out I figured it was time to tackle the head gasket job.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. 98f150base

    Thinking about selling the 98....

    I have come to the conclusion that I have waisted too much time and money on the truck over the last 2 1/2ish years. Now the trans is starting to flare from 2-3 gear up or down shifting when it's warm. I called the trans shop that rebuilt the trans but I'm waiting for the owner who I know fairly...
  9. 98f150base

    Night at the drive-in!!

    Took the 98 out to the drive-in theater tonight having a blast so far!!!
  10. 98f150base

    Street Rod Nationals Louisville KY

    Coming up the first weekend in August the biggest show on the east coast. 13,000 plus cars its awesome!! If you haven't been try to go once it takes a whole weekend to see everything. Put on by the National Street Rod Association.
  11. 98f150base

    Think i need a new instrument cluster

    Drive into work this morning and the speedo was inop all other gauges work and odometer work. Looked up the VSS operation and it drives the speedo and odometer.... I also have an edge box on it and it reads vehicle speed. No codes are stored I Used the box to see how fast I was going. So I might...
  12. 98f150base

    Did my first set of cam phasers!!

    Completed my first set of cam phasers on a 05 f150 5.4 3v at work today. Got it done slowly at around 7 hours but I know what to do next time to shave the time down. It's a lot like the old 2v mod motors just a little updated. The only thing I don't like is having to force the valve cover in...
  13. 98f150base

    5.0 HO info?

    I have read a lot of info about H.O and non H.O so?? What is the the difference from a mustang H.O and an 1997-up explorer 5.0? Also what about truck 5.0? I know heads intakes and cams are a little different and very year to year. Only reason I am asking is I am thinking about buying a 5.0 HO...
  14. 98f150base

    My 83 vic!!

    Since its was such a nice day I figured I would get my vic out of the garage for a few min it's been sitting all winter inside.
  15. 98f150base

    LED instrument lights???

    I'm looking into buying a cluster for my truck that has a tach because mine does not. I was going to spend a little time before I put the new cluster in making it look nice. I want up up grade the lights and have seen LED bulbs on eBay for 194 applications but my question is how many are the...
  16. 98f150base

    Pulled my first car with the new engine!!!

    Pulled my wife's Honda with my truck yesterday and it ran surprisingly well considering I have not gotten my custom tune yet!! Taking off I realize that the 3.55 gears will eventually have to go for something around 4 or 4.10 if I want to pull anything that heavy or heavier in the future. She...
  17. 98f150base

    Obd2 iphone apps

    My boss just received a wifi obd2 transmitter today and he let use for the weekend I bought the dashcommand app from iTunes and so far I like!! It's shows data and can read and clear codes. Used it all the way home on my truck with data logging recording I'm looking into how you retrieve that...
  18. 98f150base

    Thinking about new mufflers

    I would to hear so input on what muffler others have run on gen 10 f series with 4.6 or 5.4s. I have now true duals with 12inch long dynomax race bullet mufflers and its getting annoying to me . I liked them at first but they are so loud it drowns out my two 12inch mtx subs that I have it might...
  19. 98f150base

    Leveling kit vs body lift??

    I'm looking at new rims and tires in the spring I would like to put 33 12.50 on 20s on the truck. Would 2.5" leveling kit be enough??? eBay has a complete kit with shocks for 250 including shipping. But how hard is a body lift?? Never done one before it looks more involved than the leveling...
  20. 98f150base

    Shades rod run 2012!!!

    The shades rod run in pigeon forge TN is coming up soon it's the 7th through the 9th of this month. I Was wandering if anyone was going this year I have been the last four years. I'm going to try and get some nice pics while I'm there this year and maybe some video. My neighbor takes his 49 F-1...
  21. 98f150base

    Running sluggish when warmed up?

    I have just recently got my truck running after it sat few months while I had the engine rebuilt . runs good but when I gets to operating temp it's really sluggish. First let me start with the rebuild. It's a 94 town car w vin Romeo block that I had done the pi head swap to after buying from a...
  22. 98f150base

    What color of gray is used on the steel wheels?

    Was looking into painting my steel wheels on my 98 f150. Does anyone know the original grey color name or code? I really want to keep them the same color I think it looks good.
  23. 98f150base

    Should I rebuild my 4.6 myself???

    This is my first post so here goes!! Bought a 98 f150 4x4 with the w vin Romeo 4.6 for $850. Engine was out owner bought it with a blown engine thinking he would fix it one day and then I buy it. Sold it to me with an engine to go in it so I got it running and drive it about a month before the...
  24. 98f150base

    New to FTF

    Hi my name is travis. i guess i will start by telling you a few things about me, i work as s technician at a local shop where i live and i enjoy working and playing with my truck and my 1983 ltd crown victoria i also own. I'm a big ford fan!! I spent three years at the vocational school at my...