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  1. Beachbumcook

    Now at 342,000 Miles

    Now at 342,000 miles and chugging right along!!Had to replace all 8 injectors at 335,000, but I will never give this truck up... the rest of her still runs as designed... same transmission all these miles!!She is a beast!!!
  2. Beachbumcook

    215,000 Miles And I had To Spend Some Money!!!

    With 215,000 miles on my 2003, 6.0L Excursion, I had to spend some money on replacing the following: 1) New turbo 2) New driver's side turbo inlet pipe. 3) Install exhaust manifold gaskets and new bolts My turbo stuck in the open position, which resulted in poor performance and...
  3. Beachbumcook

    New Shocks & Steering Stabilizer (Bilstein Brand)

    I have been a fan of Bilstein brand shocks since my OEM's went out at 50,000 miles or so. 50,000 miles: I put on new front and rear Bilstein shocks anf the ride was like and day. 110,000 miles: Bilstein's warrenty department replaced the fronts for free and their C/S was great (Bilstein's...
  4. Beachbumcook

    Trasmission Issues???

    I now have 202,500 miles on my truck. I have always changed or flushed my transmission fluid every 30,000 miles or earlier and changed the internal and external filters as required. Earlier this past week, my local dealer dropped the pan and the fluid was bright red (25,000 miles on fluid)...
  5. Beachbumcook

    Time To Flush Coolant

    I flush my coolant every 50,000 miles with distilled water and new Ford premium gold coolant. I have installed (since 50,000 miles) a Dieselsite coolant filter which I change the filter once every year. I have also never had any EGR, head gasket or oil cooler problems... so I think that I am...
  6. Beachbumcook

    New Injectors - Now I have Increased Fuel Dilution in Oil!!

    As many of you know, I have always taken Blackstone Oil analysis tests of my motor for many years. I do not do it every oil change, but every 2nd or 3rd time due to not having any issues since I bought the truck brand new. Last fall, I had all 8 injectors replaced at the dealer due the fact...
  7. Beachbumcook

    Intermittant "Dead" Gas Pedal (No-Go When Pushed)

    Once every 2 months or so, I will be at a stop light (just happen to be towing my single-axle trailer in tow-haul mode)... and when the light turns green, I go to excelerate... and nothing happens!!! It has happened once in July and now again this weekend here in October!!! The truck just...
  8. Beachbumcook

    Overhead Compass and MPG Display Has Died!!

    Ok guys... with 179,000 miles on my 2003 Excursion, my first failure... not quite... but it's distracting actually.Last year, my overhead compass and MPG display started to no register properly. First the compass would stay in the calibrate mode and would not stay in the regular "compass...
  9. Beachbumcook

    New Racor 6.4L Fuel Filter Part Number - Official Bulletin

    Here is a jpg image of the "for public release" file Racor sent me of the "fuel filter update" explaining the fuel filter change for the 6.0L and 6.4L fuel filters.It explains the reasons why the new model numbers were issued.I have an internal contact at Racor that keeps me informed of all...
  10. Beachbumcook

    No start condition???

    Dear Forum Resident Technicians, My son's 2001 F250 7.3L PSD truck has an intermittent "no-start" condition. 1) Batteries were checked and each was loaded tested (both passed). 2) Uses 5W-40 Rotella-Syn motor oil and MC oil filter. 3) Uses PowerService anti-gel in every tank 4) Uses...
  11. Beachbumcook

    Ford Now States That Mercon LV can Be Used In Place Of Mercon SP!!!

    Ford now states that Mercon LV can be used to top off and/or replace Mercon SP transmission fluid in the Tourqeshift transmission...... Here is the service broadcast message: Ford Special Service Message 21114 Maybe one of our resident Ford tech's can cut and paste the full "message" for us...
  12. Beachbumcook

    Diesel Power Magazine - 6.0L PSD Issues & Fixes!!!

    Dieselpower magazine has a great write-up on the 6.0L PSD motor. It lists out known problems and those created by "tuning beyond design limits". Great link with several pages of information.
  13. Beachbumcook

    New TSB For 6.0L Motors - New Calibrations

    Can one of our residant Ford tech's please post the full TSB associated with the TSB mentioned below (was told it was released on or around 11/20/09) and what it corrects or changes. TSB 09-24-3 6.0L DIESEL CALIBRATION UPDATE Thanks, Jeff
  14. Beachbumcook

    Prepare For Winter Or Pay The Price!!!!!

    The cold weather is fast approaching and it is time to prepare. 1) Use 5W-40 synthetic oil for easier cold weather starts. 2) Make sure your batteries are charged and have them checked (disconnect one from the other) to get an accurate reading. 3) Use anti-gel additives to prevent fuel...
  15. Beachbumcook

    New Front Hub Assembly & Bearings Needed

    Well guys, it is off to the dealer Friday morning for 2 new front hub assemblies (fun to go there and watch... but it's a ***** when I have to pay). I have 159,600 miles on my truck as of today... so I feel confident I got my monies worth out of the OEM bearings/hubs!!!!!!!!! Started getting...
  16. Beachbumcook

    Oasis Look Up Please

    Hey guys.... My son wants to buy a used 2001, F250, 7.3L PSD truck and I would greatly appreciate an oaisis look-up to tell me what has been done to this truck in the past. The VIN is: 1FTNW21F51ED58895 Need it Friday AM or so if possible. Thanks, Jeff
  17. Beachbumcook

    Transmission Question/Problem - What is it???

    My transmission has been serviced on time or ahead of schedule since day one. I only use Mercon SP and the dealer flushes and/or drains the pan each 25,000 - 30,000 interval. The last flush was done 10,000 miles or so. All is running well, but after stopping to buy a Coke, my "tow-haul"...
  18. Beachbumcook

    Son Wants To Buy '99-'03 - 7.3L PSD

    Hey guys,My son wants to buy the following:'99 - '03 7.3L PSD F250 or F350 Long Bed Crew Cab 4X4I would prefer that he buy one that has not been chipped and abused and driven like a race car as he will not be able to pay for the "possible repairs".Just thought I would post in case...
  19. Beachbumcook

    Son Wants To Buy '99-'03 7.3L PSD

    Hey guys, My son wants to buy the following: '99 - '03 7.3L PSD F250 or F350 Long Bed Crew Cab 4X4 I would prefer that he buy one that has not been chipped and abused and driven like a race car as he will not be able to pay for the "possible repairs". Just thought I would post in case...
  20. Beachbumcook

    HFCM - Changed Out Due To Fuel Pump Failure

    Earlier this month, my fuel pump failed at 156,000 miles. My local dealer replaced the entire HFCM (I thought they were seperate items or components.. but they replaced the entire HFCM housing and all. In doing so, I guess I now have an upgradeded or downgraded HFCM because I have an...
  21. Beachbumcook

    Overhead Display (Compass only) Not Working??

    I have the overhead display that shows the compass heading, mpg and miles left to empty (in my 2003 Excursion). The display works and is well lit and the mpg and miles to empty are working fine... but it is my compass that is not working correctly. 1) The compass will go into the CAL...
  22. Beachbumcook

    Defrost Only AC Operation (Vacumm Leak???)

    I need some assistance guys... 1) My AC works fine and blows air out the front vents as normal. 2) When I put my truck into 4WD (ESOF) the hubs lock in (can feel it in the steering wheel) but the AC diverts to the "defrost mode". 3) I can shift out of 4WD but the air still blows out the...
  23. Beachbumcook

    Great Dealership Service - Kansas City Area!!!

    For those of you living in the Kansas City area, Shawnee Mission Ford in Shawnee, Kansas is the place to go for service and body work. I have been going to them for the major services (I do my own oil and fuel filters changes) and have developed a relationship with my Service Writer and the...
  24. Beachbumcook

    My door Adjar Light Stays on - HELP!!!!

    My door adjar light stays on after I close all my doors and start my truck. When I get to where I am going and shut off my truck, my running board lights stay on (as though a door is still open). What switch has failed? I tried squirting all door hinges and slides with WD-40 and still no...
  25. Beachbumcook

    Powerstroke Diesel - Ford Diesel Sales Reference Manual (2009)

    Check out the link below. The link is for the 2009 - Ford Diesel Sales Reference Manual. It is in the form of a PDF file that you can either save to your hard drive (large file - beware) or just save the link as a...
  26. Beachbumcook

    Block Heater - Use Large Guage Extension Cord!!!

    With the temps being as low as they are in various parts of the country, here are a few tips when using the block heater in your 6.0L PSD. 1) All 6.0L PSD motors have the heater, but not all came with the actual power cord... or it is tucked up by the passenger side tow-hook area or up under...
  27. Beachbumcook

    Fuel Additives (You Tube Video)

    Below is a link for a Ford You-Tube video. The video promotes the Ford diesel fuel additive... but regardless of the brand, the benefits of using an additive is proven. Personally, I use Powerservice and "double-dose" at every fill-up. Maybe this...
  28. Beachbumcook

    Fuel Quality and/or Proper Labeling???

    Quick question..... By law (federal or state) does a gas station have to lable their diesel pump if their diesel fuel is bio-diesel or a blend (any percentage)? I know that there is no requirement to post the cetane level as they do for octane on gas pumps, but what about if the fuel one is...
  29. Beachbumcook

    Powerservice (Fuel Additive) Website

    As many of you know, I am a firm believer in the use of fuel additives in diesel motors and have had great luck with my 2003 6.0L PSD Excursion... now with 139,000 trouble-free miles!!! Check out the link below on the Powerservice website.... I am famous... and have a free baseball cap to show...
  30. Beachbumcook

    Oil Change - Scheduled Interval (What to do)??

    Here is my problem..... (he, he)...As you all know, I change my Rotella-Syn oil and filter every 5,000 miles without fail. However, I am going a trip with the family from KC to San Diego on SUnday for 1 week and midway back home I will be due for an oil change!!!It's too soon to change...