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  1. dakonthemountain

    Burt is moving to New Zeland This Friday..

    Well, the deed is done. The international inspector came today, drooled over Burt, offered to buy him if the original buyer didn't.... Cash deposit is received, shipper comes Friday with the balance in cash with a flatbed truck and takes him to the Port of Long Beach, where they are going to...
  2. dakonthemountain


    Well, Burt still hasn't sold (must say I'm not TOO sad about that!) but he IS TOTM!!! Thanks!!!Dak
  3. dakonthemountain

    You may see Burt on eBay or Craigslist...

    :( After just putting yet another fortune into him, I have to admit defeat for personal reasons and he is up for sale. I won't put the particulars of his sale here, as it is a violation of the terms of service.I felt some sort of obligation to report here before I even advertise him. You...
  4. dakonthemountain

    Torque specs on bearing cap for 460?

    Hi Guys, Just to be safe, I've copied the pages from my shop manual for the mechanic to replace my main crank seal next week, but the manual does not state the specs to tighten the main bearing cap and I want to make sure he has ALL the information to do this correctly. Does anyone have a...
  5. dakonthemountain

    New rear main (crank) seal in 77' 460

    Ok, so I have the shop manual, though not with me. It really seems pretty straight forward (2 piece seal) and not that difficult, but I've decided I don't want to mess with doing the seal myself so I've called a local mechanic. They quoted me 8 hours!!! How can this be? I don't recall...
  6. dakonthemountain

    It feels good to play with my truck!

    Good morning all, Well, yesterday I spent over 8 quality hours with Burt. I started by getting under him and Simple Greening the hell out of his under carriage, after the steering leak , which had been going on for quite some time left a greasy MESS on the undercarriage. Then I did the same...
  7. dakonthemountain

    Alignment after steereing box replacement?

    I've been told I will now need an alignment after I replaced my steering gearbox. Is this true? I guess I don't understand why, as the only things that were manipulated were on the steering shaft, etc.. I'll have it done if need be, but I just want to understand why. Thanks!DakOn edit...
  8. dakonthemountain

    Steering gearbox replacement DONE! Photos

    Well, I must say that other than the physical strength required to do this and the absolute MESS!!!! this was MUCH easier than the heater core replacement from the other thread. The tow most difficult challenges were 1. Pulling the pitman arm off. Advice: DON'T buy a cheap puller. I broke 2...
  9. dakonthemountain

    Heater Core replacement DONE! - Pictures

    I'm also posting another thread on the Red Head steering gearbox replacement with photos..First I want to thank you all for your encouragement and advice during this pain in the A!* project. I hope to NEVER have to do it again. I hesitated even attempting it but through the years on this...
  10. dakonthemountain

    heater blower motor with dealer air

    Silly me. I decided to replace the blower motor while replacing the heater core, so I purchased one from JBG. Bad move. It arrived today and since I have DEALER air as opposed to FACTORY air, and there are no components under the hood on the firewall connected to the AC, I ordered one as "No...
  11. dakonthemountain

    Pitman Arm for 1977 F250

    Hey guys, As a precaution I'm thinking when I put in the Red Head geabox that I should maybe replace the pitman arm. Is there a difference between the Ford power steering arm in a F150 and F250? All I seem to see if for a F150?... Alsy, any recommendations on what/where? The Moog is really...
  12. dakonthemountain

    HELP!! heater core and dealer AC disaster!

    God what a mess!! I didn't realize that even the dealer AC would have to come outmanual. I've got the heater vents, cables, etc. off. No problem per the manual. But how can I get the box off to get to the core!! The manual does not state this when there is dealer air involved. I only...
  13. dakonthemountain

    My new steering gear box!

    This sucker is heavy!!!Plans to install it did not happen last Friday as it had not yet arrived. It's going in this Friday. Yahoo!! BTW, Harvey at Red Head is great to work with!Can't wait to have it done and move on to the heater core, which I've decided to do completely myself, as well...
  14. dakonthemountain

    How do I replace this hose the easiest way?

    Well, maybe not the easiest way, but it's so short and I just know when the time comes it's going to be a Pain in the A$%!!! because of the nipples that are holding it. done this one without tearing the intake...
  15. dakonthemountain

    Oil pump while I'm at it?

    Since I'm going to be replacing the rear main seal and have to drop the oil pan to do it, even though I have no issues with my oil pressure would you recommend replacing the pump while I have the pan out? I know this sounds like a rhetorical question, but $ comes into play here.. so if I do...
  16. dakonthemountain

    I just cant' part with him...

    Ok, so for various reasons I recently determined that I *had* to sell Burt. Then I cataloged all the paperwork, receipts, etc. and orgainized them by year from the time I got him over 10 years ago and realized that at this point in many ways I have more like a 5 year old truck than a 34 year...
  17. dakonthemountain

    Time to change my PS gearbox

    Hey guys,Well, gauges fixed. Now time to change out the PS gearbox that is leaking all over my detailed engine bay :( I've done a "little" online research to find one and this is the best price I've found...
  18. dakonthemountain

    Ammeter = repost

    I think this all got lost in my "sending unit testing" thread, so now this is an electrical question:I want to test the ammeter. I know that it's a shunt type from my shop manual and under the testing section it states to "check the battery to circuit breaker wire connections" For the life...
  19. dakonthemountain

    Sending unit testing

    Hey guys, I'm FINALLY getting to some of Burt's needs... Unfortunately, I've left my shop manual for electronics up at the mountain house.....:headbang: I know where the sending unit is for the temp gauge on the manifold, but I don't know how to test it?... I've got testers, ohm meters...
  20. dakonthemountain

    I'm still here..

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I posted. Lots of family stuff going on...:( Burt is back in the garage at the city house but I've got work to do on him before the camping season starts again. Still haven't replaced/diagnosed the problem with the temp gauge or the amp meter. He also...
  21. dakonthemountain

    Wacky Speedo!

    No, not that kind!! EEwww!! smilieteaseMy speedometer went wacky today. I drove Burt to work and the speedo is all over the place and not consistently so. It sometimes shows 75mph when I KNOW I'm only going around 35-40mph. Then it will fall in line correctly for a while and then go off...
  22. dakonthemountain

    Voltage Limiter on guage cluster?

    Hey guys, I'm up on the mountain and the manuals for Burt are at the city house... so I have a question. My temp AND charging gauges both just stopped working at the same time. The gauge housing is only a few years old, so I know it's not that, but I seem to remember reading here at one...
  23. dakonthemountain

    Ranger429's Bronco is TOTM

    Congratulations! That's a sweet Bronc! I still can't decide on a 4X4 bronco or another dent w/4x4.. Guess the right vehicle will speak to me at the time! :) Dak
  24. dakonthemountain

    Ready to Camp!

    Hey Guys, Well, FINALLY after a couple years, Burt is ready to pull the travel trailer to the beach! Can't wait! I've got to finish the brake wiring on the trailer on Friday and then we are off! Here's a pic of Burt ready to go! Dak
  25. dakonthemountain

    The 4X4 Dentside I want to find

    Hey Guys, I've mentioned before that last fall I sold my 95 GMC Jimmy 4X4. Well one reason is that what I really want is another Ford. I've looked around a lot and what I want, of course, is hard to find. Here is what I want:A 73,74,or 75 (no smog check required in CA) Short Bed...
  26. dakonthemountain

    Burt's newly redone digs!

    Well, as I said in the last video, I felt it would be crazy to paint Burt for upwards of $6,000 and just leave him in the driveway that way up at the mountain house. Soooooooo, instead I moved him to the Burbank City house. Put in an electric garage door, remodeled the interior with drywall...
  27. dakonthemountain

    Burt's video... FINALLY!!!!

    Hey guys, At Christmas I finally got a Flip HD video camera for myself and promised to take a video of Burt's exhaust. Well, 4 months later I finally did it, as well as a little around the rest of him. I've only used the video camera 3-4 times though and I think I got too close to the pipes...
  28. dakonthemountain

    Junk Yard Score!!

    Hey all, Went to the pick a part in San Bernardino with a friend to help him take a transmission out of an old BMW and pull a couple rear axles for another pickup I have (90 GMC short bed step side.... I know!!.... it was free !) While I was there I cruised around and found 4 dentsides. Most...
  29. dakonthemountain

    Buck's truck is Truck of the Month!

    Congratulations Buck! I've said it many times before... but again, BEAUTIFUL TRUCK! :D Dak
  30. dakonthemountain

    77 460 Temp guage sending unit location

    It is on the back of the intake manifold behind the carb with one wire to it from the harness, yes? My Ford shop manual only says "...mounted in the cylinder head or in the manifold,...." Thanks! Dak