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  1. oneribshy

    1 barrel air filter housing WANTED

    I had tried to put a 2 barrel carb on my 1984 ford ranger 2.3 and it would not work. Went back to the 1 barrel but the truck never had a air cleaner on it... I NEED one that will fit on it. I have NO IDEA as to the correct one for that year and engine.. ANY HELP? I was told it was the heat riser...
  2. oneribshy

    84 2.3 to a 87 jeep 4.0 straight 6

    I am wondering if its possible to replace my 84 rangers 2.3 straight 4 with a 87 jeep straight 6 4.0? Both are manual shift.
  3. oneribshy

    1984 ranger led lite conversion?

    I want to convert my 84 ranger to LED! I am now under the impression I can't just change bulbs. I want to change dome-flashers-tail-turn-dash- headlites not sure yet. HELP?:headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  4. oneribshy

    converting to LED lites

    I am wanting to convert to led lighting to my 84 ranger. I bought some new led dash lights but was told they will burn out real quick UNLESS I put in a resistor or limiter (I think its called) on the outside end of fuse wire to EACH lighting application....Dash lites-tail lites-reverse lites-...
  5. oneribshy

    manual to power steering help

    I have a 2.3 1984 ranger 4x4 I want to switch from manual to power steering. I'm 60 and just don't have the arm strength anymore. What all will I need to make a complete switch? I have to do the work myself. Is there a change over kit you can get? smilieFordlogo
  6. oneribshy

    84 ranger 4x4 interior heat problem

    I have replaced water pump, heater core, 190 thermostat, there is no flow problems... Just hardly any flow to core UNLESS I rev the engine high speed... and still just barley warm. System is full no air pockets, Thermostat does open engine stays lower than 190 at all times. Even when totally...
  7. oneribshy

    new guy

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone here, just thought the other day I have three fords! smilieFordlogo Am I crazy or a fanatic? I say, FANATIC!:wavey: