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  1. 1978 Intermittent wiper help

    Can someone direct me to the correct forum to discuss 1978 intermittent wiper troubles? I’m looking for help troubleshooting my LMC wiper delay module that has failed. Where will I find wiring diagrams showing this wiring from the switch through the harness to the original 2speed wiper motor? I...
  2. 1978 Intermittent wiper conversion

    Could someone post a link to help me test my intermittent wiper switch that I installed with the aftermarket LMC intermittent wiper control module. I’m still searching for answers to why the delay feature on these LMC modules fail. If there’s someone that can shed some light on this testing to...
  3. 1978 Intermittent wiper conversion

    Now I’m thinking about the “new” intermittent switch I added when I put the delay module in place. Until now I have only considered the modules as being faulty. Could it actually be the new switch causing my module delay feature to fail? Should I order the switch from LMC truck parts to be sure...
  4. 1978 Intermittent wiper conversion

    The reproduction part seems to duplicate the factory setup. The operation must be engineered to clone the parts that Ford built beginning around 1978. I’ve never had a factory built unit so I’m not sure what’s inside the “box” I imagine a circuit board built very much like what these new...
  5. 1978 Intermittent wiper conversion

    Thanks. When I replace the LMC part with a new one everything is great for a short time. I test it once I have it connected and wait for a chance to drive the truck in the rain. When it rains I test it again briefly before I turn it on and leave it on. I haven’t timed the operating unit to see...
  6. 1978 Intermittent wiper conversion

    Yes. It’s mounted to the circuit board in side the little black box. Similar to the OEM setup.
  7. 1978 Intermittent wiper conversion

    My conversion from the original 2 speed wipers to the upgrade intermittent wipers worked great initially. While driving in the rain the delay feature stopped working. I have checked my ground and connectors but I don’t find anything wrong there. I’ve replaced the new LMC module to get the very...
  8. Custom wheel backspacing

    18 millimeters which is around 3/4 of on inch is the way I read it the manufacturer size charts. I understand 18 inches is out of the question. I believe an eight inch wheel with 3.75 back space and a 3/4 inch offset will work on my 1978 F150 2wd. Do you agree?
  9. Custom wheel backspacing

    I’m in the planning stages of new custom wheels and tires on my bone stock 1978 F150. I’m looking at a set of 8 hole polished aluminum wheels. 15x8 or larger. The backspace on my original wheels is 3.5 on 15x6 OEM steel wheels. I’m asking for the correct backspace that would not have a...
  10. 3.5 cht replacement

    I’m about to replace my Cylinder Head Temperature sensor. What’s the best practice, or method to simplify this job. Thanks in advance for you advise.
  11. Reliable quality sound system.

    I’m wanting to replace an OEM radio with the original style that has the modern features. What is your best recommendation for quality products. I’m willing to pay as long as the product matches the price. I see a couple on some websites but would like to get honest opinions before I dive in...
  12. 1978 blower motor w/Factory AC replacement

    Hi Fellro. I managed to get my system running again today. I put my old De-icing switch back on and played with the “kick in and kick out” adjustments. It ran fine for a while but now and then the relay would fail. I could touch it and it would work. It’s not turning the clutch off and the lines...
  13. 1978 blower motor w/Factory AC replacement

    1978 blower motor w/factory ACI’m trying to find a schematic for the wiring on this F-150. It’s all factory wiring. Maybe it will be in my big manual. I’m going cross eyed looking at this phone trying to find the clutch circuits. I’ll get back to it tomorrow and figure out why it’s not...
  14. 1978 blower motor w/Factory AC replacement

    1978 blower motor w/factory airFellro Where is the hi/low pressure switches located. When I look at the wiring I see the de-icing relay controls the clutch. I’ll look back at the wiring. I didn’t see the hi/lot switches and how they are connected. Thanks.
  15. 1978 blower motor w/Factory AC replacement

    I was successful using this write up. I now have a new blower mounted from the engine compartment and a new heater core. I reconditioned the best I could. Another problem I now have is the de-icing relay is not cycling the compressor off. My dash vent temperature is down to 30 degrees. For some...
  16. 1978 blower motor w/Factory AC replacement

    Thanks Fellro. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. I’ll let you know how it goes. I better get a heater core and be ready to replace it too along with the blower. It’ll be a few days before I tackle this.
  17. 1978 blower motor w/Factory AC replacement

    I found an old post that had a link to the article but it no longer works. I would really like to see the article because it sounds like someone took a great deal of time to put it together. Any help out there on this would be great.
  18. 1978 blower motor w/Factory AC replacement

    I’m trying to find a previous article on how to replace my blower motor on a 1978 F-150 with factory AC. I have read there’s an article that explains how to replace the blower from the passenger interior and not have to disconnect my evaporator coil. Can you help me find the article. I’m sorry...
  19. Ford F150 One Piece Driveshaft Slip Bump- FIX!

    The slip bump was in my rear section of my 2 piece drive shaft. The TSB basically lubes the slip yoke on the 2 piece shaft. Thank you for the tip Makuloco2000. It's quiet now except when I shift from drive to reverse there is a metallic clank. The tech. said the slip yoke at the trans.tail...
  20. 2012 F150 clunking

    Ford has a TSB (technical service bulletin) on this "slip bump" condition. It is very common in these trucks. I had the service done this morning. I don't feel the bump now. We will keep you posted on this. Basically the slip yoke is greased and the boot around the yoke gets a new seal. Cost is...
  21. 2012 F150 clunking

    I provided some details regarding this noise. The u joints check out ok. My inspection found some slop in the two piece drive shaft where its splined extension connects to the transmission tail shaft. I can rotate the output extension more than I think is normal. Also there is some play in the...
  22. 2012 F150 clunking

    Have I said something of line here. I'm new to this forum and not sure how long it takes to get a response. A little guidance here would help. Thanks
  23. Ford F150 One Piece Driveshaft Slip Bump- FIX!

    my 2012 F150 has a clunk. I checked the 2 piece shaft and it looks ok. The tail shaft has play and moves enough to make this clunk by hand. Is this a problem. I'm alarmed at this much play. My wife drives this truck. and finally got my attention. Thanks for your help
  24. 2012 F150 clunking

    Good afternoon. I have been working on my shop since March. Now I'm taking a break today. My truck is making a clunking noise when I start from a stand still. I inspected the drive shaft and the play is at the trans. tail shaft and a little in the rear gear. When I shift from reverse to drive I...
  25. brake pressure valve centering

    Ok. I have the trailer brake hooked up and plumbed on the pickup. I'll have to check into adding the brakes to the boat. It's an 18 ft. Ranger with a 150 hp Mercury BlackMax. Single axle trailer w/o brakes. Not sure what it would take to add the brakes to the boat but it sounds like a good...
  26. brake pressure valve centering

    I looked for the upgrade. How can I find it? Sorry m78. I'm a little new at this. :)
  27. brake pressure valve centering

    ok I'm curious about the upgrade. At this point I'm all ears. LOL:)
  28. brake pressure valve centering

    I'm the original owner. Everything is original on this truck as far as brake set up.There's only two components I haven't replaced. The booster and distribution block. I have 17 lbs of vacume at idle. There's a big difference in the way the pedal feels when I start the engine. It goes from very...
  29. brake pressure valve centering

    The fluid runs clear and freely each time I've bled the brakes. I don't see air any more using the tube in the bottle of fluid method. It's a mystery to me. I'll be happy to try anything to improve the brakes. It's really a nice truck. Not just because it's mine. It's been very reliable except...
  30. brake pressure valve centering

    I have checked that rod setting and it's correct according to the measurement in the manual. I actually adjusted that and caused the brakes to drag. I went back to the initial setting. Thanks. :)