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    HELLO I'm Pa Pitt

    Welcome to FTF
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    new member

    Welcome to FTF
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    Hello all from Tennessee!

    Welcome to FTF
  4. smokey

    Wife’s new ride

    Nice ride
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    Welcome to FTF
  6. smokey

    New Here

    Welcome to FTF. Nice truck
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    Newbie Intro

    Welcome to FTF
  8. smokey

    Ways to help bring in more members and attract new activity

    I've just been swamped with work and getting my Dads farm back In operation from years of neglect when his health declined. Have miles of fencing, machinery repairs and remodeling the house. I can only get on normally late when I should be sleping.
  9. smokey

    Important forum management update

    I'll still be here also. Just been a crazy busy time for me. Closing up my Dad's estate trying to get anything done with the lockdown was horrendous. That should have taken about 6 months took a year and a half. Post office losing important papers and getting copied remade only for the...
  10. smokey

    Server Move/Forum Software Upgrade

    Drove out to visit my Daughter in Utah. Stopped at Yellowstone on the way out. Hitting the Grand canyon on the way home and what ever catches my eye. I travel on a whim and make no set in stone plans I go where the winds take me. Less stress and no dead lines make for a nice vacation. It nice...
  11. smokey

    Server Move/Forum Software Upgrade

    Thanks this upgrade was long over due. I read up on this software and from what I read this is a excellent forum software. If you need help o may be able to help once I return in about a week from vacation.
  12. smokey

    Happy Birthday taxreliever

    1 member is celebrating birthday on 08-08-2021: -taxreliever (born in 1973, Age: 48) Happy Birthday!
  13. smokey

    Happy Birthday kiwi f150

    Really really belated Birthday wishes