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Recent content by Ole Green

  1. Ole Green

    Toppers for short beds?

    Thought about cutting enough out of the center of a factory one to get the needed length for a short bed?
  2. Ole Green

    Dad's 79 F-250 build thread

    Paint wheel or good old 80 grit on the DA sander. Digging for rust, right?
  3. Ole Green

    DNFXDLI's 79 F150 Build Part 2

    Well........ interior trim offer still stands, need Vents, need the glove box cover, need anything else? Like what you're doing and want to help if I can.
  4. Ole Green

    DNFXDLI's 79 F150 Build Part 2

    Sorry, still learning the forum thing I think I was replying to messages from years ago. Continue with your rebuild and keep posting pictures.
  5. Ole Green

    DNFXDLI's 79 F150 Build Part 2

    Or is there another Sean?
  6. Ole Green

    DNFXDLI's 79 F150 Build Part 2

    That you Canadians were all bilingual French and real world. What vents are you asking me to send you? Is the F150 an AC unit, do you need all of them or just the outside? Wood grain or black?
  7. Ole Green

    Gen6 running partner?

    Copy that, try and do some piece of maintenance on pops truck every year that I know he would never do for himself. However had a tire separate on the left rear bent the quarter panel brackets tore up the splash guards which sucked in the quarter panel. Looks like I'll be making room in the...
  8. Ole Green

    What did you do to your Dent today v2

    Frame off restoration? That is a big endeavor! I've been a year doing nothing but chasing drip rail rust, dents here and there, prepping for paint etc. today is canopy day, got a couple factory ford canopies going to pick the better and work it up for paint before the camping season.
  9. Ole Green

    no trim pieces...

    So chrome drip rails for a super cab are as common as anything interior that is green. Love a challenge!
  10. Ole Green

    no trim pieces...

    Awesome, so to make the ones I have work I am guessing they were expanded wider initially and then some special tool to crimp them to grab the drip rail. Are my assumption is correct can I gingerly spread them wider and then figure out a way to get them to crimp?
  11. Ole Green

    78 Ford truck air conditioning Duct

    These are the sites you are using to obtain part numbers?
  12. Ole Green

    Gen6 running partner?

    That's the ones, I have two of the compass trim pieces if somebody wants them, I do not. I also have the matching boot to go from canopy to cab in the color green that I will not use if somebody needs. Both of the canopies I have are the deluxe that you are describing. Obviously you are the...
  13. Ole Green

    no trim pieces...

    Copy that. Still learning this forum lingo stuff. Not much of a computer guy. I leave the computer stuff to the kids at work. What I'm really in the hunt for is drip rail molding for a super cab, the rest of my stuff is decent.