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  1. 1969 F100

    At present I am stripping a donor truck and waiting for parts.
  2. 1967 F100 Radio faceplate

    There were no posts when I asked. I did find one on Craigslist and even got the radio, knobs and speaker, all for $75.00. But thanks for looking.
  3. 1969 F100

    Street Truck 1969 F100

  4. 1969 F100

    This thread is for the truck profile titled "1969 F100". Click the Watch button to get updates and comment on it below.
  5. 1967 F100 Radio faceplate

    Looking for a 1967 F100 radio face-plate. I'd be willing to buy the complete radio if it comes with the face-plate. 1967 is unique in that this radio had no push-buttons.