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    Happy Birthday LEB Ben

    20 years of football is catching up with me. That's why I always said if I had boys, I'd make sure they were interested in golf or chess.
  2. LEB Ben

    Happy Birthday LEB Ben

    Woot woot...thanks guys. Driver's License says 35, my joints say 70, but my spirit says 18.
  3. LEB Ben

    VIN decoding contradiction, 78 F350 Supercab 7.5L 460

    That's C's in American/Canadian trucks anyway. Common misconception being that the M WAS the standard v8 for 77-79 trucks and several parts interchange with the C.
  4. LEB Ben

    VIN decoding contradiction, 78 F350 Supercab 7.5L 460

    The truck is 40+ years old at this point, so who swapped what and when is anybody's guess. As far as from the factory, 460's flat out didn't go in to light duty 4x4's until 83. Also worth noting, no 350's were 4x4's until 79 from the factory either. It would be interesting to see what the...
  5. LEB Ben

    Original ‘79 tires?

    They don't call it armstrong steering for nothing. But give Coker Tire a look, I know they have some retro skinnies that look like OEM tires
  6. LEB Ben

    Starter DB Electrical ?

    I've used the DB over the years...they also sell on ebay. Never for an SD though, but I'd say 50% of the time, they work every time.
  7. LEB Ben

    Future of FTF

    Also...not sure how possible it is here, but as this thread shows, forums are dying as a result of FB. Not sure if any of you are familiar with Keith Dickson of Fordification fame, but he seems to do a decent job bridging the gap in his groups by hosting content he only posts on his web...
  8. LEB Ben

    Future of FTF

    Howdy Doc...have to ask, is your username in reference to heavy equipment maintenance or military medic orrrr????
  9. LEB Ben

    Future of FTF

    Geez...hate to see a thread like this. Coincidentally, looks like my last log in was November 2018...whoops.
  10. LEB Ben

    460 rebuild

    Quick Fuel Slayer 750cfm vac sec...$400 Weiand Stealth Intake...$300 Cam Kit...$450 (gonna want a cam around 2teens/2teens @ .050) Headers...$300 Assorted gaskets/fluids/hoses...$250That gets you to $1700...Now if you can't do the valvetrain work yourself for the new cam, that's another...
  11. LEB Ben

    73-79 Ford Truck parts...all OBO

    Sorry bossman...what didn’t sell since 2014 has either been scrapped or turned in to garage art.
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    Happy Birthday BKW

    Happy Birthday, Bill. 13 years of e-knowing you and you're still a fixture on these pages.
  14. LEB Ben

    Instrument Cluster Back

    The wiper knob and heater knobs actually have a lock spring, if they slide on and off, they're broken. Otherwise, you'll need a 90* pick to depress the springs. The head light switch does have a push button release on the TOP of the actual head light switch behind the dash, a real pain in the...
  15. LEB Ben

    This doesn't look good!

    I'm not sure to be honest with you, but I'd imagine so.