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Recent content by johny89

  1. Vacuum leak diagnosis suggestions

    i have a black sensor mounted on the firewall which i can't unplug or the engine stalls. (i think its the maf or map sensor.) spraying carb cleaner is more dangerous then the propane trick tough: the cleaner is more dense when sprayed but get bigger surface (burnable surface) then the propane...
  2. inline fuel pump

    it looks like the whole strainer is soaked in fuel so my guess was the pump itself is leaking. will take it of soon and have a look at it, was looking to order a pump since i needed to order some parts for the engine i'm working on, i'm swapping an engine with hole in a piston with another...
  3. inline fuel pump

    So i'm doing some repairs on my truck, and my inline high pressure pump leaks. I was looking at rockauto but can't find out the right pump.... Anyone has an idea what pump i should order? (4.9 inline6 engine) thanks
  4. workshop manual

    thanks, i will have a look at those while i wait for the chilton paper to arrive (prefer to have a paper copy of something)
  5. workshop manual

    Or anyone that can send a scan of the pages for the tightening sequence of: Valve cover, intake, exhaust manifold, push rod cover, oil pan...
  6. workshop manual

    hello,i somehow lost my haynes manual, and my laptop crashed so i lost my scan aswell.i will order a new/used paper version on amazon, but i want to start changing my engines gasket+ head gasket and it takes at least a week to get the book to europe. anyplace i can find a readable (online) or...
  7. air cleaner box

    so i was looking to get my f150 4.9 a more original look, i had a donor car sitting in the yard, and thought to use its air cleaner box to replace the round open air mixer (lpg). now it seems the lid has gotten broken (and bad repairs) along its way. Is there anywhere i can find these lids? post...
  8. Tires

    What about wear on these tires? How long Will they last?
  9. Tires

    those BFG's are close to what i'm looking for, how do they handle rain, mud, snow, gravel and normal roads? (don't care about noise.) the bridgestone are closer to the yokohamas (the look of them)thanks already, more pics and tires are welcome
  10. Tires

    So probably one of the many asking this question but i couldn't find it directly trough search option. I will need to fit new tires this summer/fall, i now run 32/11/*15 yokohoma geolander but for starters they suck in rain, and just don't have the look. Truck is leveled with heavy duty f250...
  11. 4.9 wont start right away when sitting for more then a few hours

    might be leaking injectors (flooding the engine) then when you try the second time fuel was blown away, turn on ignition switch but don't try to run the engine, then turn off and check spark plugs. or maybe its the ecu relay having a small build up on the internal contacts (not sure just...
  12. i figured out the BEST sound for the 4.9

    setups like these are great indeed, have a 4.9 standing here with same type of setup but the last 15inches are pipe double of the bore of the pipe coming from the cat... is damn loud aswell (can't make a video cuz car only runs when its pulled to start (parts car with no starter anymore) and it...
  13. 2 inch lift

    thanks for the help already, haven't decided yet how to do it any dimensions on the fender to ground spacing: original height (with good springs), 2inch lift, 4inch lift maybe 6inch lift. I would like to do it right the first time. regardss
  14. 2 inch lift

    im looking on a 2inch lift kit, and want to know if i need more parts then there are in the kit suggested? why i want a lift kit: i want the truck to sit higher then original and the springs are all worn...
  15. electrical madness

    here's an update:fuse stops blowing (don't know why: i was checking all connections and suddenly it wasn't blowing anymore) but yel black wire has no power anymore (radio) and to make things right the alternator is giving more power and the lights on dash and outside the car are brighter then...