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Recent content by dakonthemountain

  1. dakonthemountain

    Burt is moving to New Zeland This Friday..

    :)Ok, Kiwi,..... Burt is moving to Stokes Valley, Wellington. :( (so far away....:(David
  2. dakonthemountain

    Burt is moving to New Zeland This Friday..

    The address is at home, I'll check it and post tonite. Thanks for keeping an eye on Burt if you do see him... :-) DakP.S. I apologize about the bad spelling of your beautiful country! New Zealand....
  3. dakonthemountain

    Burt is moving to New Zeland This Friday..

    Hey thanks guys, I'm feelin' the love! (Burt is too!) I appreciate your kind words and I'll be around. It's just that it's not quite as much fun to talk about something you don't have anymore.. I fully intend to get another one some day though. You're a great bunch of guys and I'll...
  4. dakonthemountain

    Burt is moving to New Zeland This Friday..

    Well, the deed is done. The international inspector came today, drooled over Burt, offered to buy him if the original buyer didn't.... Cash deposit is received, shipper comes Friday with the balance in cash with a flatbed truck and takes him to the Port of Long Beach, where they are going to...
  5. dakonthemountain

    Battery draw...

    Yup! No rest for the wicked! :wasntme: Yas gotsta pay yer dues while you are young! sounds like schedules I used to keep. This used to help me ... -----> smileydrinkcoffee don't drink much anymore during the week though... Keep on truckin! smilieFordlogoDak
  6. dakonthemountain


    Well, he may be bad... but that roller paint on the dually is cool! and it's Burt's color! So at least I'd know he keep his beautiful brown! :-)Dak
  7. dakonthemountain

    Factory 4x4 w/390

    I believe I had that truck on my watch list on eBay for a while?.... If not, then one almost identical to it. if so then congratulations on your new toy!!Dak
  8. dakonthemountain

    The Dent "Parts" We Find

    FOLLOW UP. The new one was perfect, pliable and fits great!Dak
  9. dakonthemountain

    Fuel Pump

    smilieIagree However it is normal to see air space in the filter... at least in all the filters I have every had, including in perfect running newer vehicles..Dak
  10. dakonthemountain

    Dealer installed Aux Fuel Tank/Door

    Those are dealer installed. My 74F350 SC had those PLUS the one with the filler in the wheel well... which I never thought was a very good idea! The filler cap always had road grime and mud all over it!Dak
  11. dakonthemountain

    how to keep heart when leaks keeps leaking

    Isn't it possible to have the surface re-surfaced, or planed smooth again to take out the nicks? I would think it would have to be all the way around the contact surface, and I would hope that the seal would be pliable to take up the slack?... Just thinking out load here. Good luck!Dak
  12. dakonthemountain


    Creative?! HA! boy have I heard that before! ... sorry I don't need a new hound dog, your first, second or third born, or the first crop of corn in the trade.... :rofl2: :)I had one guy email me and ask if I would accept partial payment in gold and/or silver. Ok, but what...
  13. dakonthemountain


    Thanks Ben! I'll keep that in mind... :)Dak
  14. dakonthemountain


    Well, Burt still hasn't sold (must say I'm not TOO sad about that!) but he IS TOTM!!! Thanks!!!Dak
  15. dakonthemountain

    Battery draw...

    That's true Dennis, but not COMPLETLY the point of, for all intents and purposes, "dead".. doing that will drastically reduce their useful life.Dak