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Recent content by d-kuzmen

  1. d-kuzmen

    Wife’s new ride

    So far so good less than 100 miles on it still. It’s Gonna take the wife a bit to figure out all the bells and whistles
  2. d-kuzmen

    Wife’s new ride

    Ordered in January, built in February finally showed up Thursday (May) 2022 Explorer ST. Will take delivery this week. Had the front windows tinted already.
  3. d-kuzmen

    Towing a 1983 F250 with automatic transmission

    If the truck is 4 wheel drive you could just throw the transfer case in neutral.
  4. d-kuzmen

    89 mass air conversion.

    If it were me I would just get the correct harnesses from junkyard doner trucks and do it that way. That way it’s just about plug and play.
  5. d-kuzmen

    Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    If you have a fuel pressure gauge I recommend testing the fuel pressure make sure the pressure isn’t to high. Usually that combination fixed the issue. I suppose it could be possible the new regulator failed.
  6. d-kuzmen

    2015 F350 Turn signal speaker

    Unfortunately the speaker is built into the instrument cluster. You would have to pull it and split it open. As far as tapping into the wiring for added indicators your best bet would be at the body control module. Everything in these modern vehicles runs off a network one computer talks to...
  7. d-kuzmen

    Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    There are 5 dealers in the us that show they still have in stock. Crappy pic but the phone numbers are there. You could give them a call see how much to ship to you.
  8. d-kuzmen

    Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    I would probably first check with my local dealer and see if they or any dealer still has the kit you can purchase. You will also want to replace the pressure regulator on the fuel rail as I think that was the main culprit.
  9. d-kuzmen

    Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    It goes. The line coming out of the fuel pump. Stops pressured fuel from entering the tank.
  10. d-kuzmen

    Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    Not sure if the part number on the box is for the kit or not.
  11. d-kuzmen

    Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    Back in the day Ford had us putting check valves on the fuel lines to prevent this. It was a recall.not sure if the parts are still available.
  12. d-kuzmen

    Helping Grandson

    Since the pickup in the distributor is new, and the ignition control module is new, I would be looking at the pcm. The spout circuit runs into it as well as a ground circuit from the pickup if I remember correctly
  13. d-kuzmen

    Transmission Failure, P0720 Code Need Help

    Sounds like you lost the forward clutch. Gonna have to come apart.
  14. d-kuzmen

    2018 F250 6.7 - wrench light came on and will only drive in 5th & 6th gear

    With The shift circuit high code you may have a wiring issue but more likely the shift solinoid has failed internally.
  15. d-kuzmen

    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning goes into pre-production

    I can imagine. Getting 300 miles +/- on a full charge. Having to find someplace to charge then waiting 8 to 24 hours for a full charge depending on the charging equipment.