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  1. Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    Ok so I put the check valves in and it seemed to work but didn’t completely fix the problem. Then I put a new pressure regulator in and it stopped transferring the fuel back and forth for about a day or so and now it does it again. Is there anything else that I could do to fix it or is that it?
  2. Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    Ok. Do you know a place where I can get high quality check valves? I don’t want to get one and it break a month after I buy it. If you were putting these on your truck is there a certain brand you would use? Thanks for all your help.
  3. Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    We didn’t see anything like that on the lines. Where on the line does it go and does it prevent fuel from returning all together? I did not previously know about this, thanks for the information.
  4. Problem with fuel tank switch over valve.

    I got this truck a little over a year ago and we did a bed-off restoration. We dropped the fuel tanks and everything on the frame and painted the frame. We also put headers on the engine because the original manifold was cracked. In order to do this we had to delete all of the emissions...
  5. 1988 F-250

    Street Truck 1988 F-250

  6. 1988 F-250

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