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    Global Reveal of the 2016 Ford Ranger

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    .gov Auction...1992 Ford Bronco Custom

    1992 Ford Bronco CustomAuction Ends: 3/17/15 5:00 PM ET
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    Trans Woes 4R100 7.3

    I was once told to consider the 4R100 behind the 7.3 as 'the fuseable link' in the drivetrain.... :rolleyes:
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    Software updated

    I posted 2 youtube videos that wound up blank
  5. Blue Goose

    Happy Birthday slmann

    Happy Birthday, Scott!
  6. Blue Goose

    the Eff one fiddy after 5k miles

    Walmart price per quart ($4.37ea.):Sam's Club price per case of 12 quarts ($2.18ea):
  7. Blue Goose

    the Eff one fiddy after 5k miles

    According to 'Lester', Conoco Phillips is the oil company from which Motorcraft sources their oils. So, I get my semi synthetic 5w20 TropArtic Conoco Phillips from Sams Club much cheaper than the Motorcraft from Walmart...
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    2015 F150

    Sooooo, removing the cab for a cab off done with a can opener? :)
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    215,000 Miles And I had To Spend Some Money!!!

    I'm at 93k on my '05. The only failure with mine was the FICM and that was under warranty. It's never had as much as the EGR valve serviced and runs great.
  10. Blue Goose

    November 2014 Truck Of The Month

    Thanks guys, and you too, Carl.... So far we're really liking it. I took it today to get it's MO. safety and emissions inspection. The inspector commented that the brakes looked like new..... :)
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    The Story of Our '08 Explorer

    Yep, it's mine. I got it off of a job site.
  12. Blue Goose

    The Story of Our '08 Explorer

    It was a pleasant surprise, Frank. I wasn't peddling the thing either. I was contantly trying to be the 'allowable' 5mph over the speedlimit and found myself many times 10 or a bit more over.
  13. Blue Goose

    The Story of Our '08 Explorer

    [confused] New airplane?? :rolleyes: