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Recent content by Beach66Bum

  1. Beach66Bum

    New Ford Bronco Sasquatch has Manual Transmission Option

    Going to need a special school to teach how to drive a stick again 😁
  2. Beach66Bum

    Might have found me a bumpside!

    She's a beauty!! Wow! eBay is great for finding parts, even NOS!
  3. Beach66Bum

    My poor truck

  4. Beach66Bum

    My poor truck

    Ack! Hope it's an easy fix Shawn!
  5. Beach66Bum

    1990 bed bolts

    I had to use a grinder. First used the thin blade wheel to cut most of the head off, then the thicker wheel to grind the remaining bolt head off.
  6. Beach66Bum

    1967 F100 Radio faceplate

    Have you tried on eBay?
  7. Beach66Bum

    The Beast

    Beautiful colour!
  8. Beach66Bum

    Might have found me a bumpside!

    Oh ya! Then picture time for us on FTF! smilieFordlogo
  9. Beach66Bum

    New project superduty

    :eek::bow: What a change Mark! Wow! And hey, let’s talk about that colour;) Our vehicle inspections are strict too (which is good for road safety (y)) But you only have to have your vehicle checked if it’s flagged by the CVSE or a rebuild.
  10. Beach66Bum

    Ford to offer a Coyote V8-powered Bronco

    Ack, I should have said someone out there somewhere :giggle:
  11. Beach66Bum

    Grandpa's old 75 highboy! Now mine!

    Although a bit pricey, eBay is a great place to find parts. Even a lot of NOS still out there.
  12. Beach66Bum

    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome to FTF smilieFordlogo