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    Waving a hand to say Hello!

    smilieFordlogoWelcome to FTF! Awesome truck! SWB and the 352! Years ago I was looking at one in a farmer field (pics in my gallery) It was the LWB with the 6, baby blue in color. I couldn’t make a deal with him, and it’s still just sitting there 🙁
  2. Beach66Bum

    Saying hi

    Welcome to FTF! smilieFordlogo
  3. Beach66Bum

    Just saying hello and needin a bit of help with truck

    Welcome to FTF! smilieFordlogo Is the Holley a new carb? Have you checked the float level? Jet size?
  4. Beach66Bum

    F-100 Ranger Shortbed

    Very nice!! smilieFordlogo
  5. Beach66Bum

    Center Jump Seat

    Could try your local Pick&Pull or eBay
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    Hi my name is Donald

    Welcome to FTF smilieFordlogo
  7. Beach66Bum

    Hey bigd here. Newby on this sight.I live just outside of Greenville nc.

    Welcome to FTF smilieFordlogo Have you tried eBay?
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    Welcome to FTF smilieFordlogo
  9. Beach66Bum

    Hi all

    Welcome to FTF! What a beauty! smilieFordlogo Have you found the issue? I was chasing a stumble off idle, rebuilt the carb twice. Turned out to be a worn distributor! So electrical after all! (That old saying, 90% of the time it’s electrical :icon_mecker:)
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    Welcome to FTF smilieFordlogo
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    New Shirts, Sweatshirts, Merchandise for 2022

    Well Ford Truck Fanatics, my T-shirt finally came! Super stoked! Thank you Ludachris (Chris) for everything. Get yours too and help support our forum :) and the required pics….
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    For a true CAI it has to have a sealed box! Volant has a true cold air intake, but not sure for your year. The next best would be AirAid. It’s not in a seal box, but does have a enclosed heat shield and a gasket that seals to the underside of the hood. All those ones you see with an exposed...
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    VIN plate

    My vintage Jeep has Philip screws to hold on the VIN tag! How they came back then. I believe in ‘69/70 they became riveted on.
  15. Beach66Bum

    VIN plate

    There was a guy who made new VIN plates, but I believe he got shut down as haven’t seen or heard anything about him. Was more than a few years ago now! Laws have really cracked down on VIN tags! Guys who were restoring their vehicle and removing them for painting of the engine compartment were...