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Recent content by BCobe

  1. BCobe

    Junk Yards

    Anyone know of any good junkyards around the Fairfeild area? Im trying to find Explorer seats and a shorty console... Or possible some FX4 seats and console
  2. BCobe

    Defecting from another Truck Site

    Welcome man! See your from the bay!
  3. BCobe

    Good Guys Car Show

    I went to the last one and it was an amazingly huge car show! I was shocked honsetly... I wish I could go to this one
  4. BCobe

    New Guy

    Thanks man and 5.0 Im for the QC area moline Il to be exact
  5. BCobe

    New Guy

    most recentDuring BL phaseBefore BL and grilleThats all I have for now... Enjoy!
  6. BCobe

    Alone in Illynoise?

    Im from QC Illinois but im living in CA for the time being
  7. BCobe

    New Guy

    No But I saw a desert fox chase one down and eat it! That was pretty cool
  8. BCobe

    New Guy

    Yea its nothing I throw out a whole lot... Only if somene asks what I do
  9. BCobe

    New Guy

    Thats the thing though since theres a base everyone wheres their uniform outAnd damn straight its hot out here! 120 up top 130+ on the flightline
  10. BCobe

    new ranger guy here

    Aweswome another ranger guy! Welcome!
  11. BCobe

    New Guy

    Turned 19 in july... Im in the mil so stationed at travis but orig. from illinois.. I load cargo, vehicals and people on airplanes in the AF.. Im currently deployed to Ali Al Salem Kuwait. No schooling yet but Davis seems pretty bomb! No children not married... No GF either :(
  12. BCobe

    New Guy

    Haha so Im seeing no splitting of the chapter... A meet up would be pretty B.A.!
  13. BCobe

    New Guy

    Thank you! I saw raptors post about a possible seperation between northern california and sothern california chapter wise?
  14. BCobe

    New Dude

    Way head of you guys! Thanks for the warm reception! Like I said pics to come when I get off work!
  15. BCobe

    New Guy

    Just joined the CA chapter and thought I would introduce myself... Names Bryce located in the fairfeild area got a 2002 Ranger XLT 4X4 4.0 5spd... Its the super sexy color of DWB that the girls go crazy for... She has a 3"BL with black headlights, a billet grille, truxedo bed cover and 4% tint...