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2015 Truck of the Year
January 2015 Truck of the Month: Fellro - 0%
0 Votes
February 2015 Truck of the Month: dustybumpers - 11.11%
2 Votes
March 2015 Truck of the Month: mtflat - 16.67%
3 Votes
April2015 Truck of the Month: 1970Custom - 5.56%
1 Vote
May 2015 Truck of the Month: kiwi f150 - 5.56%
1 Vote
June 2015 Truck of the Month: crazycanuck - 0%
0 Votes
July 2015 Truck of the Month: Big Jim F150 - 11.11%
2 Votes
August 2015 Truck of the Month: NEWFIE F-150 - 5.56%
1 Vote
September 2015 Truck of the Month: red66rider - 16.67%
3 Votes
October 2015 Truck of the Month: DNFXDLI - 5.56%
1 Vote
November 2015 Truck of the Month: CowboyBilly9Mile - 22.22%
4 Votes
Total Votes: 18
You may not vote on this poll.
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» Truck of the Month

January 2018 Featured Truck

The January 2018 Featured Truck belongs to

From Krazykat:

So, in July,2017, I was t-boned by a guy running a red light and not only did it hurt me physically, it destroyed my beloved Lincoln MKT.

I started shopping for a new Lincoln. They are gorgeous. I test drove a Continental, I tried loving an MKX, and I just wasn't feeling it. I tried, but nothing.

Out of the blue, I asked the salesman about pick-ups. He said, "I have some pick-ups here. Let's go look."

We went out to the yard, walked by an F-150 Platinum which looked pretty sweet but moved on to the 2017 F-150 Limited. I had done no research nor did I even consider buying a pick-up, but when I opened the door, I instantly absorbed the new truck aroma, and I looked up at my hubby and said, "Yes!"

We went for a drive, and through the whole experience, I said, "Yes!" And sorry hubby, I was not talking about sex, but instead it was instant bond with this beautiful truck.

OMG! It is so awesome in every aspect. It is by far my most favourite vehicle I have ever driven! And it is beautiful too :-)

P.S. Since the accident, my body is mending, and there is a part of me that is grateful for the accident because it lead me to this beautiful, beautiful truck!

» Truck of the Month 2015

January 2015 Truck of the Month

The January 2015 TOTM belongs to Fellro

From Roger:

I have always been partial the the 80-86 body style, might have to do with the first truck I really got to drive much being my old man's 84 F250 diesel Supercab that was bought to replace a 79 F250 Supercab.

I bought this 86 F250 in 2003. It had already had a hard working life before I got it, as it was used by a local co-op. Not sure what all they had hooked up to it, as it had wiring and a mount inside the cab that I have yet to identify, and have other harnesses that I haven't quite figured out what they went to. I bought it because I needed a truck that I could hook up my 40' horse trailer-converted flatbed to be able to haul cars and scrap. It also needed to be able to haul good loads in the box as well. I survived off of hauling scrap for several years after I bought the truck, and it hauled over 4000 pounds in the bed, and I scaled in with the 40' trailer one time (total weight) at 24,500 pounds. I have a turbo for it that sometime I need to get put on... I have done a few mods, as in an intake tube that comes from the grille to the air cleaner, larger personally designed and built exhaust, and for my comfort, I added a custom seat that was taken from a parts truck. This truck has never let me down, although it has frustrated me a few times. It has surprised me on some scrap hauls how it wouldn't get stuck, and the thing is just a tank when it comes to getting through the snow. It has been my pride and joy from when I got it even though it isn't a real pretty truck. I would almost be afraid to have a pretty truck, as I still need them to do the job they were bought for.

February 2015 Truck of the Month

The February 2015 TOTM belongs to dustybumpers

From Charlie:

This truck first met me in 2008, when I put a plow on it for a customer.
At that time, I also put new coils and leaf springs from a 94 F 250 4 x 2 diesel truck
As time, and lack of maintenance progressed, my son bought the plow, and the truck went to a new home.
In February 2010, a truck hit my 86 F 150 in the rear so I began the search for another truck to replace it with.
The young man that had bought the 94 got drunk, and ran the truck in a ditch and totaled it, I wound up buying it.
It's an XLT , shift on the fly, 5.0, with a 4R70W transmission, and a 3.55 Limited slip so I decided to keep it
After putting it back together, the transmission decided to stop working properly so I bought a replacement from Ford.
Never was happy with the way it shifted, so I put a Bauman electronic controls shift kit in it.
Man, that thing shifts great now!

Shortly after the transmission got finished, the engine got jealous. A rod started knocking so I pulled and rebuilt it.
I went with .040 over pistons, stock crank, F47TE roller cam from the larger trucks, and 1.7 roller tip pedestal mount rocker arms.
I also went with 96 Explorer GT-40 3 bar heads, so I can still pass emissions.
Truck has shorty headers, aftermarket cat, and Flowmaster Super 44 muffler with dual tail pipes and stainless steel tips.
The plenum is the stock 94 truck unit, but has been ported.

This truck sounds and runs awesome.
We use it strictly for flea market now, so it stays loaded all the time.
My wife loves when someone sees it squatting, and loaded, and tries to pass on the right, or at the light. She takes great pride in showing them the tail lights on a loaded truck.


March 2015 Truck of the Month

The March 2015 TOTM belongs to mtflat

From Tim:


April2015 Truck of the Month

The April 2015 TOTM belongs to 1970Custom

From Eric:

Was my grandfather's pickup and I inherited it from my grandmother after she passed. It was originally a Washington truck and that's where my grandfather picked it up back in the early nineties. Our currently has a blown up 300-6 and an Orion 3spd w/od. Replacing the 300 with a 460 and restoring it to its original glory as time allows. It's days as a work horse are through and it's going to spend the rest of its days as a weekend driver.


May 2015 Truck of the Month

The May 2015 TOTM belongs to kiwi f150

From Mark:

Thank you to the admin for doing me the honour of selecting my truck for the totm - I have had it for 5 years now and picked it up for the bargain price of $7500 (well a bargain price here anyway ) Since i've had the truck i've put a 3 inch single exhaust on it , fitted a HHO system , new tyres , six litre tuneup , redone the seat with genuine ford fabric that an upholsterer mate of mine found on a trip he did over to the States , fitted a headache rack and siderails that an engineering mate built for me plus all the other little bits and bobs that go along with owning an older truck. It's my daily driver and has been used as a wedding car (my wife had to have it for her ride at our wedding) , been used a few times for school balls and get's used as the sleigh for Santa Claus at "Christmas in the park". The old girl has just over 140k miles on it now with me having done just over 40k of those - i only do about 5k miles per year now as just local travelling and occasional road trips to collect treasure's.

June 2015 Truck of the Month

The June 2015 TOTM belongs to crazycanuck

From Matthew:

Truck of the month.... RIGHT ON !!!!! Thanks admin, you guys showcase some really good trucks and equally good stories with them. My 1986 F150 4x4 has been an awesome truck. It has 375000 kms on it. I use it for play and work. I've lifted it 6 inches, bushwhacker cutout flares, 39.5 inch super swamper Irocks, it is a daily driver but with smaller tires. Has a 11500lb superwinch, 40" led light bar, cb, rcv front axle shafts, 9" rear end 4 speed manual and 302 efi. I love this truck and use it all the time. My girl friend and I take it to the mountains 4x4ing and she loves it too


July 2015 Truck of the Month

The July 2015 TOTM belongs to Big Jim F150

From Jim:

Truck of the Month!!!! Awesome really sweet! You administrative guys at Ford Truck Fanatics really rock for showing some really sweet trucks, especially the Dent sides or Dents, which I am partial to the 73 -79 F-Series trucks . What had gotten me started with the Dents is after I had gotten my Driver's License, my father had given me a 1977 F-350 Custom Dually with a 10 foot stake body with a 351M engine with an NP435 stump puller 4_Speed manual transmission. It was quite a truck for my first truck. Well long story made short, as I was looking for another 77 Ford truck , a sweet looking 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat Trailer Special had crossed my path. I belong to Car pride, in Ithaca, New York, and a friend had this truck, that I had went nuts over whenever I had seen it, so I had ended up buying this truck from my friend Butch Akers. My best friend , Ojas Shah was very supportive in my getting the truck, and he was rather happy to hear that I had gotten it, and my mother was happy to hear that I had bought this truck, knowing that I was into classic trucks.

I have a rather sweet looking 1978 Ford F-150 Ranger Lariat Trailer Special, with a 400 Cubic inch engine with a C6 automatic transmission with a shift kit, the truck itself is a regular cab with an eight foot bed two wheel drive, and I mainly use the truck for car shows, parades, cruise in and whenever I drive this truck I get all kinds of thumbs up, horns honking, and heads turning. Now the features of this truck are a 400 Cubic inch engine with an MSD GM style HEI distributor, Edelbrock intake manifold, Holley four barrel carburetor, with ACCEL 8MM plug wires, backup alarm, dual exhausts with Cherry Bomb mufflers, Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor radial tires that are mounted on 92 - 96 chrome Ford F-150 rims. Now for the amenities. Tune are handled by a Dual XD 1220 AM FM Single Disc CD Player, with door mounted Pioneer door mounted speakers in the stock Ford mounting position in the doors, and a subwoofer with an amplifier which is mounted behind the seat, and also Chrysler infinity 6 x 9 speakers, and under dash courtesy lamps, all of which came out of a mid nineties Jeep Grand Cherokee , that another friend was parting out , all for the great price of free,

Special Thanks to Butch and Muriel Akers, Mom, Matt and Bruce Lott, and Ojas Shah.


August 2015 Truck of the Month

The August 2015 TOTM belongs to NEWFIE F-150

From Zach:

I just got this truck a couple weeks ago to replace a beautiful truck I lost that I have a lot of great memories with, and I want to make this truck look the way I wanted that truck to look. I love this truck, but we don't have much history together at all nor is she even close to where I want her. someday, I'll have as much to say as I would have before I lost her predecessor. - I honestly don't know what else to say.


September 2015 Truck of the Month

The September 2015 TOTM belongs to red66rider

From Jeff:

Truck is a 1966 F100

Engine: straight six
Drivetrain: 3 on the tree
Color: red
Suspension: stock

Not much to say about the truck right now other than I purchased it a few months back to be my new project. After letting go of my previous project a few years ago, I figured it was time to hunt for something new. My previous ride was a Chevy S10 and have always been a Chevy guy but I wanted to step outside my comfort zone. I did a lot of searching on the web and going to shows and one truck I didn't see around was the F100, so figured that's going to be my next ride. After searching on the web I was able to locate my truck on ebay from a guy a few hours away. After waiting out the bidding war, the truck finally belonged to me. Since receiving the truck I haven't really touched it other than washing it, changing the oil bath filter to a k&n filter, replaced the grille letters and located a C6 transmission for it.
I have plans for it such as swapping out the drivetrain, fixing up the interior, dressing up the straight 6, adding new rims/tires, and eventually adding a complete air ride system on the truck which will require a link setup in the rear and a front end swap to a Vic or 'Stang. Overall i plan on just building a weekend cruiser to take to shows and enjoy around town with the wife. First though I must get it swapped to an auto before any of the other stuff on the list gets attacked. Slow build it will be but will be a fun journey and learning experience.


October 2015 Truck of the Month

The October 2015 TOTM belongs to DNFXDLI

From Duncan:

I bought this truck new in 2005. It is an F350 Lariat with the FX4 option. It has the trailer towing package along with the 6.0 diesel.
Color is Toreador red and the interior is parchment leather.
Presently has 80k miles on it. EGR delete was done along with an H&S XRT pro tuner set to the tow tune.
Truck gets a consistent 16mpg which I am real happy with.
A Diamondback tonneau cover was installed to carry my ATV.
This has been a real solid truck for me and I suspect I will be keeping it for years to come.


November 2015 Truck of the Month

The October 2015 TOTM belongs to CowboyBilly9Mile

From Bill:

I'd spent about a year casually looking for a new Ranger to replace my current one owner Ranger. Did the usual, visiting Ford dealers and trolled online, and finally, while shopping Ebay one night about 11 years ago, I came across this 2004 Ranger FX4 Level II in Sonic Blue Pearl and bid. Competition was sleeping at the wheel, and I won. Delivery required a cross country flight, with pickup on the east coast and a one-way, ~3,500 mile drive back west. It had 1K on the clock when I got it; today it's up to 113K. It's never left me stranded and other than lousy "lubed for life" suspension parts, there has been just routine maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Drivetrain is the usual 4X setup, 4.0L SOHC + 5R55E tranny, 4.10 axles and a Torsen carrier in back. This model came with Bilsteins and BFG KO's; I've replaced them with the same when needed. Other than going to synthetic in the engine and transfer case, it's bone stock in the drivetrain department. Most of the upgrads are in the inside, and include adding heaters to the OEM bucket seats, auto dn/up windows, ALL LED lights outside and inside, sans the cluster, Alpine speakers and double DIN deck with Pandora and just about anything else you would want including the backup cam, Autodim mirror, Automatic headlights w/delay off, Double lighted visors with Homelink. Outside lighting includes 06+ tail light assembles and SilverStar Ultras. Akebono ceramic pads up front and Wagner ThermoQuiet shoes in back made a BIG difference over stock brake linings. Future plans include interior upgrades in currently in work, mostly in the amenity department and those being electrical. Looks like this Ranger is going to be around much longer than I planned; maybe that's not all so bad.

» Truck of the Month 2012

Congrats to Bob for winning our 2012 Truck of the Year Poll!

November 2012 Truck of the Month

The November 2012 TOTM belongs to BuzzGun79
From Bob:

First of all, I must thank the FTF Administration and its members for selecting my rig as TOTM. I am deeply humbled and Honored. I could not have done it without all the Technical support from all of you..
"The Journeyman Lineman" is a 1979 Ford F250 4x4 with a serious attitude. She sports a 460/C-6 Combo, 750 cfm Holley,Weiand Stealth Intake, Hooker Headers, HEI ignition, HD Cooling, p/s,p/b, 6 " Skyjacker suspension lift,3" Body, B&M Truck Mega shifter, Sun Tach and gauges. She also has steel braided brake lines, Tubular Carr bumpers, Custom Fleece patriotic Headliner. She has the Dana 44, 60 combo with 3:54 gears, rolling on Chrome/painted wagon wheels with 38" Super Swampers. I bought the rig back in 09 as a numbers matching unrestored western Rig. A very solid, Bondo Free rolling unit with a modest paint job, no motor or trans, and many missing items. In short, I Have spent the last 4yrs working to aquire parts along with assembly of the unit. All mechanical items & components have been replaced with new rebuilt or quality used items. I have geared the truck to an industrial theme giving tribute to the American industrial Union worker along with my late father who worked for Ford. The truck was built to drive to car shows and cruise inns on sunny days. It is a big hit with Kids of all ages, the little ones especially. I will let mom or dad take a pic of them in the truck at local shows, they just love it, and I love my truck as well! Thank You all again for this Honor! I am proud to be a FTF Member!

October 2012 Truck of the Month

From Aruba comes the October FTF TOTM belonging to F 150Cobra.
From Jurgen:

I bought this old truck back in 2009 From and old guy the truck was sitting there for 4 years.. the cab and chassis and suspension was in good condition but the bed was rusted beyond repair. it had a inline 6 5speed manual... but i had other plans. i got a new Re manufactured engine from Ford that was a 306 i put a mild cam in it and intake and a Holley double pumper with headers.. offcourse the 5speed wouldn't hold for long so after 1 month it broke. i replaced it with a mild C4 with stall.. and upgraded the differential to 4.10 gears with Detroit True trac after all that decided to paint it Ford True blue.. and there she is... been good to me all these years i will not sell it only upgrade
you can see the whole build thread here on this site!

Thanks for letting me show it off !!

September 2012 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to tinman52
From Scott:

I bought this old truck back in 1990 from a farmers field for $75.00. It took me many years and much work to get it finished. I did most of the work myself, including the paint and interior.
Under the hood is a mostly stock flathead V8 hooked to a 5 speed trans and a 9 inch rear out back. The paint is Ford Bahama Blue with flames of my own design. Interior is basic black vinyl....
This truck was built to be driven and I drive it a lot.
Thanks for letting me show it off!


August 2012 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to DNFXDLI
From Duncan:

This is our 2005 F750 Supercab that we had Marmon-Herrington convert to a 4x4. We use it for our electrical business as our "shop on wheels".
It was a factory order...XLT (no Lariat available)
Leather, everything power, 6 disc premium sound, Cat C7 330/860, Allison RDS 3000 close ratio automatic.
Axles are Raba 14k# front, planetary driven with 3.46:1 hub reduction, air locking diff on military wrap springs
Rear is Dana 23k# with mechanical locker.
Tansfer case is an Austrian built MVG750 full time air shift with 2:1 low shift on the fly.
Frame is factory doubled, rated GCWR is 80,000#, truck weighs in around 28k#
It has a 2500# liftgate and a 16' slide out ramp.
We have installed 3 Espar, engine and cargo. Cargo also has a Coleman Roughneck 13.5kbtu A/C unit complete with 6 kbtu heat strip.
Cargo area has eight 8-D Lifeline AGM batteries tied to 2 2800VA Outback Power true sine wave inverters..also optioned with 270amp Leece-Neville Alternator,
Hendrickson 23k# air ride rear and 3 starting batteries.
Thanks for choosing our truck as TOTM!

July 2012 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to taxreliever
From Ken:

First, I'm humbled and honored to have this months TOTM. FTF has been a huge blessing as I've learned so much about taking care of and maintaining my rig on here, not to mention gaining insight and help on other issues in life, while also establishing friendships along the way.

I bought this rig on ebay a little over 2 years ago and I'm still friends with the PO today. We would normally be leery about purchasing this way, but the process actually took a few months of communication, emails, several phone calls, videos sent, etc. I sent him a paypal (insured) deposit of $500 after winning the auction, and a few weeks later, my wife and I flew out to Spokane, Washington, where the PO was completely accommodating to picking us up at the airport and even offering us to stay at his house if we weren't ready to drive off. After handing him a cashier's check and doing the bill of sale and title paperwork, we drove off as he teared up a little and waved. The 10 day cross country trip in this baby was in-arguably my most fondest of memories of time spent with my wife to date and we agree to this day, the trip was worth the cost of the truck itself.

This was an 8 year frame off restoration by a father/son engineer tandem. Nothing was spared as they put $5k into the 500hp 400 engine and $7k into it's paint job. All original panels, no bondo...the PO is still in touch with the original owner (so I'm the third owner). ALL trim is original (PO said that was the most difficult part of the build). Tranny (rebuilt), transfer case, and axles are all original.

6" lift, 15" chrome wheels with 36" super swampers, new bench seats, cd with 2 10" chromed subs behind the seats, automatic, NOS ac (was awesome driving back with), 4wd, competition roll cage, alarm system, custom headliner, custom lighted FORD tailgate/tailights, vinyl tonneau cover with aluminum frame, electric mirrors.

June 2012 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to m78
From Mark:

I bought this Bronco II in June of 1995. It had 98k miles on it but looked like it was 6 months old. Since I've owned it, I've put 39k of mainly highway trip miles on it. It's been garaged since new by the previous owner and myself, and has been a remarkably low maintenance vehicle with a 24 mpg average on the road.

Its pretty cool having my Bronco II selected for TOTM when the usual selected are mainly full sized trucks ! FTF rocks.

May 2012 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to 73F100Shortbed
From Sean:

I got the truck for free before it was going to go to the scrap yard after sitting in a driveway for a few months. It had no transmission when I got it. I was told I would never get it running for under $1,500. $75for a transmission and an hour of work I was driving it. I never expected it to be selected for TOTM with all of the other nice trucks on this site. I've put a lot of work into the truck just to be a daily driver and hopefully one day I will restore it, but it is just so much fun to keep on driving it. I'm proud to be a member of FTF and proud to be selected for TOTM. Thank you, everyone!

April 2012 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to 460Trucker
From Mike:

This is my 1997 F-250 Heavy Duty. I acquired this back in July of 2011. When I bought it, the truck only had 67,000 original miles. It was used to tow boats by the previous owner and that was about it (never plowed with!) It is now my daily driver. It has the mighty 460 CI Engine under the hood and a single out Flowmaster exhaust system with a 70 series muffler. Since purchase, I have added the following items: Windshield visor, 1980's Cobra 21 CB Radio, 33" Kelly Safari TSR Tires, blacked out grille. Thank you to FTF for all of the information and assistance they have provided, and for declaring my truck April's TOTM! I am happy to be a part of this great forum!

March 2012 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to amkatt1
From Roy:

I was passing this truck on my way to work and it really caught my eye. (might have been the color) I couldn't believe the shape it was in for being almost 30 years old. It's a 1983 F250 extra cab long box 2 wheel drive ex-airport service vehicle with a T-18 4 speed (granny gear 1st) with 4.10 LSD and a 351 Windsor engine. Since it was a base truck only, I found a XLT Lariat at the wreckers to swap over the options to my truck. I bought the truck for $1800.00 and put in another $3000.00 in new tires, exhaust, brakes, complete tune-up, all the option parts, and a stereo. Having way to much fun, and this was suppose to be the farm truck !! This is an awesome site that I'm proud to be a part of.

February 2012 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to 5.0Flareside
From Chris:

I want to say i'm so glad to be TOTM... even though it came in a unique way. The truck is a 92 F150 Flareside with a 5.0 and a AOD. I bought the truck for $1000 bucks. It had a burnt up AOD in it. the day after i got it i dropped it off at the transmission shop for a complete rebuild. I haven't had the truck long but its going to be a very solid truck for me for a while. Only real plans for it is a exhaust finished in the Gen 2 Lightning location. Rear tires to be about 10.5" wide. Possibly Clear Headlights and Tinted Taillights.

Thanks, and once again im extremely proud to finally be truck of the month. I love this site and am glad to be a member here.

Thanks, Chris, 5.0Flareside

January 2012 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to 95F350XL
From Chris:

So I sold the 95 F350 and bought this beast. 99 F250SD XLT V10 6.8L 4x4 X-cab Long bed. Its had 236k on it when I picked it up over the summer. Its rust free for the east coast. The body is beat up, and it needed a bunch of work. Just like all my rides, the resto starts the day I get it. Started to order parts and search Craigslist for things I need. Lifted the front, Big wheels and tires, and just about everything else I could change I did. Truck has been awesome to me and everyone loves it. Ford is the King!

I would also like to add, thanks for picking me 3 times for TOTM, Im AWESOME!!!!!

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