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2015 Truck of the Year
January 2015 Truck of the Month: Fellro - 0%
0 Votes
February 2015 Truck of the Month: dustybumpers - 11.11%
2 Votes
March 2015 Truck of the Month: mtflat - 16.67%
3 Votes
April2015 Truck of the Month: 1970Custom - 5.56%
1 Vote
May 2015 Truck of the Month: kiwi f150 - 5.56%
1 Vote
June 2015 Truck of the Month: crazycanuck - 0%
0 Votes
July 2015 Truck of the Month: Big Jim F150 - 11.11%
2 Votes
August 2015 Truck of the Month: NEWFIE F-150 - 5.56%
1 Vote
September 2015 Truck of the Month: red66rider - 16.67%
3 Votes
October 2015 Truck of the Month: DNFXDLI - 5.56%
1 Vote
November 2015 Truck of the Month: CowboyBilly9Mile - 22.22%
4 Votes
Total Votes: 18
You may not vote on this poll.
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» Truck of the Month

January 2017 Truck of the Month

The January 2017 TOTM belongs to

From Doug:

I found this truck in the back lot of a Ford dealership about 6 years ago. It is a one-owner ranch truck that had been really taken care of. It has the 460 engine with a C-6 transmission. The only maintenance I have done is a new fuel switching valve, a TCV, a wheel cylinder, and a master cylinder.

The truck had 93,000 miles with regular maintenance. The only reason the truck was on the back lot was because of the gas mileage. The dealer thought he would have a hard time selling it...

I've put about 1,000 miles per year on the truck since I bought it, just using it to tow a camp trailer during the summer.

» Truck of the Month 2015

January 2015 Truck of the Month

The January 2015 TOTM belongs to Fellro

From Roger:

I have always been partial the the 80-86 body style, might have to do with the first truck I really got to drive much being my old man's 84 F250 diesel Supercab that was bought to replace a 79 F250 Supercab.

I bought this 86 F250 in 2003. It had already had a hard working life before I got it, as it was used by a local co-op. Not sure what all they had hooked up to it, as it had wiring and a mount inside the cab that I have yet to identify, and have other harnesses that I haven't quite figured out what they went to. I bought it because I needed a truck that I could hook up my 40' horse trailer-converted flatbed to be able to haul cars and scrap. It also needed to be able to haul good loads in the box as well. I survived off of hauling scrap for several years after I bought the truck, and it hauled over 4000 pounds in the bed, and I scaled in with the 40' trailer one time (total weight) at 24,500 pounds. I have a turbo for it that sometime I need to get put on... I have done a few mods, as in an intake tube that comes from the grille to the air cleaner, larger personally designed and built exhaust, and for my comfort, I added a custom seat that was taken from a parts truck. This truck has never let me down, although it has frustrated me a few times. It has surprised me on some scrap hauls how it wouldn't get stuck, and the thing is just a tank when it comes to getting through the snow. It has been my pride and joy from when I got it even though it isn't a real pretty truck. I would almost be afraid to have a pretty truck, as I still need them to do the job they were bought for.

February 2015 Truck of the Month

The February 2015 TOTM belongs to dustybumpers

From Charlie:

This truck first met me in 2008, when I put a plow on it for a customer.
At that time, I also put new coils and leaf springs from a 94 F 250 4 x 2 diesel truck
As time, and lack of maintenance progressed, my son bought the plow, and the truck went to a new home.
In February 2010, a truck hit my 86 F 150 in the rear so I began the search for another truck to replace it with.
The young man that had bought the 94 got drunk, and ran the truck in a ditch and totaled it, I wound up buying it.
It's an XLT , shift on the fly, 5.0, with a 4R70W transmission, and a 3.55 Limited slip so I decided to keep it
After putting it back together, the transmission decided to stop working properly so I bought a replacement from Ford.
Never was happy with the way it shifted, so I put a Bauman electronic controls shift kit in it.
Man, that thing shifts great now!

Shortly after the transmission got finished, the engine got jealous. A rod started knocking so I pulled and rebuilt it.
I went with .040 over pistons, stock crank, F47TE roller cam from the larger trucks, and 1.7 roller tip pedestal mount rocker arms.
I also went with 96 Explorer GT-40 3 bar heads, so I can still pass emissions.
Truck has shorty headers, aftermarket cat, and Flowmaster Super 44 muffler with dual tail pipes and stainless steel tips.
The plenum is the stock 94 truck unit, but has been ported.

This truck sounds and runs awesome.
We use it strictly for flea market now, so it stays loaded all the time.
My wife loves when someone sees it squatting, and loaded, and tries to pass on the right, or at the light. She takes great pride in showing them the tail lights on a loaded truck.


March 2015 Truck of the Month

The March 2015 TOTM belongs to mtflat

From Tim:


April2015 Truck of the Month

The April 2015 TOTM belongs to 1970Custom

From Eric:

Was my grandfather's pickup and I inherited it from my grandmother after she passed. It was originally a Washington truck and that's where my grandfather picked it up back in the early nineties. Our currently has a blown up 300-6 and an Orion 3spd w/od. Replacing the 300 with a 460 and restoring it to its original glory as time allows. It's days as a work horse are through and it's going to spend the rest of its days as a weekend driver.


May 2015 Truck of the Month

The May 2015 TOTM belongs to kiwi f150

From Mark:

Thank you to the admin for doing me the honour of selecting my truck for the totm - I have had it for 5 years now and picked it up for the bargain price of $7500 (well a bargain price here anyway ) Since i've had the truck i've put a 3 inch single exhaust on it , fitted a HHO system , new tyres , six litre tuneup , redone the seat with genuine ford fabric that an upholsterer mate of mine found on a trip he did over to the States , fitted a headache rack and siderails that an engineering mate built for me plus all the other little bits and bobs that go along with owning an older truck. It's my daily driver and has been used as a wedding car (my wife had to have it for her ride at our wedding) , been used a few times for school balls and get's used as the sleigh for Santa Claus at "Christmas in the park". The old girl has just over 140k miles on it now with me having done just over 40k of those - i only do about 5k miles per year now as just local travelling and occasional road trips to collect treasure's.

June 2015 Truck of the Month

The June 2015 TOTM belongs to crazycanuck

From Matthew:

Truck of the month.... RIGHT ON !!!!! Thanks admin, you guys showcase some really good trucks and equally good stories with them. My 1986 F150 4x4 has been an awesome truck. It has 375000 kms on it. I use it for play and work. I've lifted it 6 inches, bushwhacker cutout flares, 39.5 inch super swamper Irocks, it is a daily driver but with smaller tires. Has a 11500lb superwinch, 40" led light bar, cb, rcv front axle shafts, 9" rear end 4 speed manual and 302 efi. I love this truck and use it all the time. My girl friend and I take it to the mountains 4x4ing and she loves it too


July 2015 Truck of the Month

The July 2015 TOTM belongs to Big Jim F150

From Jim:

Truck of the Month!!!! Awesome really sweet! You administrative guys at Ford Truck Fanatics really rock for showing some really sweet trucks, especially the Dent sides or Dents, which I am partial to the 73 -79 F-Series trucks . What had gotten me started with the Dents is after I had gotten my Driver's License, my father had given me a 1977 F-350 Custom Dually with a 10 foot stake body with a 351M engine with an NP435 stump puller 4_Speed manual transmission. It was quite a truck for my first truck. Well long story made short, as I was looking for another 77 Ford truck , a sweet looking 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat Trailer Special had crossed my path. I belong to Car pride, in Ithaca, New York, and a friend had this truck, that I had went nuts over whenever I had seen it, so I had ended up buying this truck from my friend Butch Akers. My best friend , Ojas Shah was very supportive in my getting the truck, and he was rather happy to hear that I had gotten it, and my mother was happy to hear that I had bought this truck, knowing that I was into classic trucks.

I have a rather sweet looking 1978 Ford F-150 Ranger Lariat Trailer Special, with a 400 Cubic inch engine with a C6 automatic transmission with a shift kit, the truck itself is a regular cab with an eight foot bed two wheel drive, and I mainly use the truck for car shows, parades, cruise in and whenever I drive this truck I get all kinds of thumbs up, horns honking, and heads turning. Now the features of this truck are a 400 Cubic inch engine with an MSD GM style HEI distributor, Edelbrock intake manifold, Holley four barrel carburetor, with ACCEL 8MM plug wires, backup alarm, dual exhausts with Cherry Bomb mufflers, Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor radial tires that are mounted on 92 - 96 chrome Ford F-150 rims. Now for the amenities. Tune are handled by a Dual XD 1220 AM FM Single Disc CD Player, with door mounted Pioneer door mounted speakers in the stock Ford mounting position in the doors, and a subwoofer with an amplifier which is mounted behind the seat, and also Chrysler infinity 6 x 9 speakers, and under dash courtesy lamps, all of which came out of a mid nineties Jeep Grand Cherokee , that another friend was parting out , all for the great price of free,

Special Thanks to Butch and Muriel Akers, Mom, Matt and Bruce Lott, and Ojas Shah.


August 2015 Truck of the Month

The August 2015 TOTM belongs to NEWFIE F-150

From Zach:

I just got this truck a couple weeks ago to replace a beautiful truck I lost that I have a lot of great memories with, and I want to make this truck look the way I wanted that truck to look. I love this truck, but we don't have much history together at all nor is she even close to where I want her. someday, I'll have as much to say as I would have before I lost her predecessor. - I honestly don't know what else to say.


September 2015 Truck of the Month

The September 2015 TOTM belongs to red66rider

From Jeff:

Truck is a 1966 F100

Engine: straight six
Drivetrain: 3 on the tree
Color: red
Suspension: stock

Not much to say about the truck right now other than I purchased it a few months back to be my new project. After letting go of my previous project a few years ago, I figured it was time to hunt for something new. My previous ride was a Chevy S10 and have always been a Chevy guy but I wanted to step outside my comfort zone. I did a lot of searching on the web and going to shows and one truck I didn't see around was the F100, so figured that's going to be my next ride. After searching on the web I was able to locate my truck on ebay from a guy a few hours away. After waiting out the bidding war, the truck finally belonged to me. Since receiving the truck I haven't really touched it other than washing it, changing the oil bath filter to a k&n filter, replaced the grille letters and located a C6 transmission for it.
I have plans for it such as swapping out the drivetrain, fixing up the interior, dressing up the straight 6, adding new rims/tires, and eventually adding a complete air ride system on the truck which will require a link setup in the rear and a front end swap to a Vic or 'Stang. Overall i plan on just building a weekend cruiser to take to shows and enjoy around town with the wife. First though I must get it swapped to an auto before any of the other stuff on the list gets attacked. Slow build it will be but will be a fun journey and learning experience.


October 2015 Truck of the Month

The October 2015 TOTM belongs to DNFXDLI

From Duncan:

I bought this truck new in 2005. It is an F350 Lariat with the FX4 option. It has the trailer towing package along with the 6.0 diesel.
Color is Toreador red and the interior is parchment leather.
Presently has 80k miles on it. EGR delete was done along with an H&S XRT pro tuner set to the tow tune.
Truck gets a consistent 16mpg which I am real happy with.
A Diamondback tonneau cover was installed to carry my ATV.
This has been a real solid truck for me and I suspect I will be keeping it for years to come.


November 2015 Truck of the Month

The October 2015 TOTM belongs to CowboyBilly9Mile

From Bill:

I'd spent about a year casually looking for a new Ranger to replace my current one owner Ranger. Did the usual, visiting Ford dealers and trolled online, and finally, while shopping Ebay one night about 11 years ago, I came across this 2004 Ranger FX4 Level II in Sonic Blue Pearl and bid. Competition was sleeping at the wheel, and I won. Delivery required a cross country flight, with pickup on the east coast and a one-way, ~3,500 mile drive back west. It had 1K on the clock when I got it; today it's up to 113K. It's never left me stranded and other than lousy "lubed for life" suspension parts, there has been just routine maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Drivetrain is the usual 4X setup, 4.0L SOHC + 5R55E tranny, 4.10 axles and a Torsen carrier in back. This model came with Bilsteins and BFG KO's; I've replaced them with the same when needed. Other than going to synthetic in the engine and transfer case, it's bone stock in the drivetrain department. Most of the upgrads are in the inside, and include adding heaters to the OEM bucket seats, auto dn/up windows, ALL LED lights outside and inside, sans the cluster, Alpine speakers and double DIN deck with Pandora and just about anything else you would want including the backup cam, Autodim mirror, Automatic headlights w/delay off, Double lighted visors with Homelink. Outside lighting includes 06+ tail light assembles and SilverStar Ultras. Akebono ceramic pads up front and Wagner ThermoQuiet shoes in back made a BIG difference over stock brake linings. Future plans include interior upgrades in currently in work, mostly in the amenity department and those being electrical. Looks like this Ranger is going to be around much longer than I planned; maybe that's not all so bad.

» Truck of the Month 2011

Congrats to Doug for winning our 2011 Truck of the Year Poll!

June 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to fatherdoug
From Doug:

This was a 25th wedding anniversary present from my wife in 2003. The 1978 F-150 Ranger Lariat had been traded in as a one-owner vehicle from a retired dentist. He had given it to his son, but the son didn't want the truck.(Good for me, but bad for him!). The truck had gone through a restoration in 1996.

To this point, all the drivetrain has been replaced. The motor is a stock 400 with 3.50 gears and a C-6 transmission. Next up(someday) is the body.

None of the work I've done on the truck would have been possible without all the help I have received from fellow FTF'rs. Thank You and it is truly an honor.

November 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to 95F350XL
From Chris:
I got the Bronco 3 years ago for Free from my buddy, he needed work done on his 60 VW Bug and didnt want to pay. I got this for my work. It was in sad shape and engine was just running. Found the problem, fixed it and started the resto. I had restored the F350 and didnt want to plow with it, put the plow on the Bronk. I then used some of the plow money to fix up the Bronk. New sheet metal, lots of cutting and welding and it was ready for the body shop. It was originally red and white, but with the Red truck red and white, I couldnt do the same paint on this too. Black and Silver was the ticket with the red interior. This is what I ended up with. I would like to thank all that made it possible to be TOTM

October 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to dakonthemountain
From David:

Burt is a 1977 F250 Ranger. He has the bullet proof 460v8, an Edelbrock 600cfm 4bbl carb, C6 automatic with aux. transmission and oil coolers and thermostatically switched aux. radiator cooling fan, heavy duty oversized factory radiator, dealer AC, and a factory high output heater. My gallery shows and lists many of the other things I’ve done through my sweat, tears money and help of a few others to improve the old guy and keep him safe and reliable. I even keep him in an air conditioned and heated garage! I purchased Burt, (who was “born” at the Oxnard, California Ford factory in May of 1977) from the original owner 11 year ago and I’ve got all the records from the day he was new, including the original invoice (a bit over $7k out the door) along with receipts and records for over $10,000 worth of upgrades and improvements that I’ve done over the years. Because I’m a diehard RVr, and wanted to carry a heavy cabover camper, I upgraded his rear end to a one ton Dana70HD, with 3:54s and a 1 ˝” axel, overload springs and in the cab adjustable air shocks. This increased his GVWR from 6,800 to 8,500lbs and gave me the larger 3”x12” rear drum brakes. Burt was only used to pull a small fishing boat for the first 72k miles before I got him. He now has a little over 99k and I’ve only used him for fun during the years, and never as a work horse, though he is one!  The way he got his name is that back in 1988 when I purchased my first Ford truck (a 74 F350 supercab) I couldn’t decide whether to name it Bessie, after my grandma, or Burt, after my grandpa. They were both stout, hardworking and dependable folks from the farm and I wanted to remember them on a daily basis. I settled on Bessie, reserving grandpa’s name for the future. Thus Burt’s name now. He’s been a great truck and has given many years of fun, enjoyment and allowed me to meet a great bunch of folks on FTF!!

Thanks for honoring my truck and the memory of Grandpa!

September 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to kiwi f150
From Mark:

My Truck is an 1987 F150 XLT Lariat with the 5.0 and AOD trans and i brought her from a bloke in Dunedin that had owned her in California for his import business - i had been keen on getting one of these trucks for nearly 20 years and when this came up for sale at the bargain price of $7500.00 my wonderful wife suggested we go down to have a look at it - i think she was just as keen as i was because when we got married earlier on this year she used it as her wedding car.
So far i have fitted four new tyres , new shocks all round , six litre timing kit , made and fitted a headache rack with heavy side rails so as to be able to tie things down on the deck and i plan on removing the engine this summer to replace gaskets and frost plugs - while i am at it i will fit a dual exhaust system and i would love to paint it if i could just find the colour scheme that the wife and i can agree on.

August 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to SFssft1911
From Shawn:

I bought the truck new in April 2009 at Mall of GA Ford. I immediately nick-named him Ole' Blue out of respect for a blue 1976 F250 I used at work loading up bails of hay for a horse feed store I worked at in my teens. He's got about 25,000 miles and no door dings. He gets dusted off daily and rewaxed every two weeks. Mods are a Truxport tonneau cover, Line-X spray in bedliner, traded out the factory black tow hooks for some chrome ones, installed a Dee-Zee tailgate damper, did the Gotts mod, had a 6" Pro Comp Stage II lift installed, along with 35x12.50R20 Pro Comp Xtreme A/T tires and 20x9 XD-Series Hoss special edition Bronze colored wheels, he's also got a 14" Magnaflow SI/DO exhaust with 18" stainless tips exiting at a 45 degree angle. He has seen his fair share of off-road trails and mud pits but you can't tell. He finished in 2nd place at the 4th Annual All Fords Supershow in the 1960 and newer Ford powered truck division hosted by LaFayette Ford in Fayetteville, NC. Factory options include power moonroof, power sliding rear window, tailgate step, power adjustable pedals, flow-through center console with floor shifter, Sony 700W sound system, and Microsoft sync voice activated technology.

July 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to Possum
From Cody:

Bio: I bought this '78 F150 (AKA Ol' Yeller) back in Oct. '10. It has a 351M, C6 tranny and DANA 44 front - 9" Ford rear. It has a mild cam, custom stereo system and grille installed by the previous owner. Other than changing the oil and spark plugs/plug wires, the truck is pretty much the same as the day I got it. The 351M runs strong and has plenty of low-end torque. The 4WD works great and I've yet to get stuck in it.
Future upgrades for it is a Borg Warner T18 tranny, 35" super swamper TSLs, winch/winch bumper, Rancho shocks, rollover bar, steering stabilizer, side view mirrors, rebuilt 2bbl motorcraft carb and 5th wheel hitch. I have plans on making this a dependable hunting/trail riding rig.

Thanks FTF for nominating my truck for TOTM!

June 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to fatherdoug
From Doug:

This was a 25th wedding anniversary present from my wife in 2003. The 1978 F-150 Ranger Lariat had been traded in as a one-owner vehicle from a retired dentist. He had given it to his son, but the son didn't want the truck.(Good for me, but bad for him!). The truck had gone through a restoration in 1996.

To this point, all the drivetrain has been replaced. The motor is a stock 400 with 3.50 gears and a C-6 transmission. Next up(someday) is the body.

None of the work I've done on the truck would have been possible without all the help I have received from fellow FTF'rs. Thank You and it is truly an honor.

May 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to taxreliever
From Ken:

1970 Ford F250 custom built for the fire department in Jay, Maine, a small town of about 5000 people about 15 miles away from me. This truck was built for forest fires. It was supposed to be able to go into the woods to put out small enough fires so they wouldn’t turn into large ones. It was equipped with a 1000 gallon water tank in the back of the bed. The 52k miles on the clock are original. It was customized for the FD as a huge winch was installed on the large metal frame on the front and an additional battery was installed to accommodate all the sirens and lights. This baby was garaged for 38 years until it was sold to the assistant fire chief for $2k in 2008, then resold the next day for $6k to a fellow who gave it to his son who then traded it to a local dealer because the kid couldn’t afford to feed this 360! I purchased it from the local dealer who was a friend of mine and knew I’d be interested in it since I had the town famous 1977 Dentside. We haggled for a while and I ended up adopting this bad boy!

April 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to dixie_boyles
From Scott:

This is my 2006 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 Supercab 2-door in Torch Red. It is the result of my fiance saying "oooh, i like that truck." LOL. I bought the truck with 26k miles back in September 08'. Dealer wanted $17k for it, I gave $14.5k, so not a bad deal!

My mods include:

* 31x10.50 BFG A/T KOs
* 15x8 Pacer 164 Polished Aluminum wheels
* 06 FX4 Level II Stainless Tow Hooks
* 35% tint front and 15% tint back
* Low Profile Diamond Plate toolbox
* mustang domelight
* pioneer 6x8 speakers
* spray-in bedliner
* Wagner Thermoquiet Brakes all the way around

This truck has been with me everywhere from the Outer Banks to the Mountains!

March 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to Bax
From Roger:

some info on my daughters truck. It is a 1968 U15 (wagon) bronco. I bought this truck for my youngest daughter. It all started with I deal I made with my oldest daughter. get good grades in High school get a car. my first daughter got a 65 mustang. School came hard for her and she struggled but made it. My youngest daughter asked me for the same deal. She has never had problems in school and i knew I had been had. So she surprises me with "I want a bronco". Very cool is what I was thinking. So we found a bronco and took it all apart. Every bolt has been off of this truck. Took me 2 years to get it back on the road but she had it for her senior year. The truck build got out of hand at some point. It's my fault I just went a little overboard. Stock would of done just fine but that not how it worked out. The engine was built by Tim Meyer ins. It is a 400 with Aussie heads, big cam and fuel injection. C6 transmission and a 205 transfer case are holding up well to the torque of the 400. Front axle is a dana 44 disk brakes and ARB locker with 4.88 gears, cromo axles. The rear is a 9'' with a strange gear case and 31 spline ARB. Disk brakes and 4.88 gear. Tom wood's driveshafts and a hydro boost brake system 37'' tires with a spring lift of 3 1/2'' and a body lift of 3'' The truck has a 6 point full cage made by mike Kurkus ( extreme custom fab ) the cage is tied into the frame. Truck has A/C ,power steering, tilt wheel, custom dash, and stereo system. I did all the body work but chickened out when it came to final paint. I had a friend of mine shoot it. Scott at corrupted concepts, he is a bike builder but loves broncos so he dressed this one up a bit with some graphics. I had no idea what he was doing until he called me to come check it out. To say the least my daughter and i were blown away when we saw it. She loves her truck.

February 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to countryboytn
From Tyler:

I'm honored to be chosen for TOTM and here is a little history about my truck: It was bought new in '78 by my dad and has quiet the family history. I still have all the paperwork from when it was bought. It has been in at least one accident, and has been stolen once and used as a getaway vehicle in a bank robbery. We sold it back in '02 to a family friend, and bought it back in early '10 for me to drive. It's got the 400 motor in it, and is my part time DD/full-time offroader. I'v made a few changes to it since i'v had it, and a bunch more are in the works. It's my pride and joy, and I plan on owning it as long as I live, and continually improving it.

January 2011 Truck of the Month

This Month's TOTM belongs to f150_fx4
From Blaise:

I bought this truck back in Feburary of 2008. I always wanted a truck like this but never thought it would happen. 4 months after I bought the truck I decided to get some rims and tires. I chose 33/12.50/17 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ on Classic II's. A few months later I decided to add a 3" Leveling Kit and add a leaf and also purchased a SCT X3 programmer with custom tunes. I also added a dual exhaust with 3" stainless steel tips, Stainless Steel bull bar, 2 6" 130 watt procomp off road lights, tow mirrors. I cant imagine not having this truck.

» Truck of the Month 2016

January 2016 Truck of the Month

The January 2016TOTM belongs to Lordurock

From Lordurock:

Truck: 1977 f-150 4x4 Short Bed
Engine: Mild Dove 429
Transmission: np435 with np205
Axles: Stock 9” and 44
Suspension: Stock

I bought this truck from a co worker as quick project, payed her the few pennies you wanted and hauled her home. I had hoped to rebuild the suspension, freshen the carburetor along with some other odds and ends, with an end result of a usable camping/ mountain rig that would go places my 2000 Jetta would not. Like all projects off this age i should have known they are never just a carb rebuild and some odds and ends.

This truck came with a 351m and np435/np205. After rebuilding the carb on the 351 she ran good for about 10 minutes before a light miss showed up. as the miss kept getting worse it turned out to be a rusted intake valve, that would not seal and got burned. With the motor being junk and me being in the truck less than 800 bucks i decided to follow my dream completing a resto mod on a classic. I found a low mileage D0ve 429 and heated it up a bit, and got it mated with the Np435. I will admit I have always been more of a car guy and never have been into fords but i love driving this truck and the big block is a blast.

As of right now the project keeps moving forward. Build goals are to fully rebuild the dana 44, rebuild the 9” with a truetrac and change the gearing into 3.73 area. I want to change the 435 for a Zf 5 speed and keep the np205. I want this truck to keep that old school muscle feel, so the truck will kept it stock suspension and get a set of cal tracks. with a nice metallic grey coat of paint and a set of d rings with 33's


February 2016 Truck of the Month

The February 2016 TOTM belongs to SuperCab

From Frank:

Bought this truck a little over a month ago from Lithia Ford in Missoula, MT. It's a 2011 with the EcoBoost 3.5L. I'd been driving GMs for nearly 5 years and the more searching I did the more sure I was that I was finally going to buy a Ford again. I couldn't be happier with it! Thanks to all the forum members that helped steer me back to a blue oval!


March 2016 Truck of the Month

The March 2016 TOTM belongs to Jasperrc

From Russel:

"Lucy" as she is affectionately known in our house is my daughters '77 F100 Custom flareside.
She was purchased new by a WWII Navy vet and after almost 30 years, handed down to his grandson. Somewhere along the line she ended up on the auction block where she was bought for $50 by my brother in law's dad because "the body is in such good shape". After his dad passed away, my brother-in-law gave it to my daughter who had seen a picture of it and thought it was cool.

Lucy was a basket case when we got her and has been a "discovery" project. We fix one thing and "discover" the next thing that needs to be addressed. She has also been a family project with three generations working on her at one time. We've learned how to do things we didn't know how to do before and we've busted knuckles, shed a little blood and whooped and hollered, sometimes all in the same day.

The goal with this project has been to keep it mostly original and low budget. She has the stock 302 and C4 combo. The original D44 was shot so we replaced it with a 9". The C4 has been rebuilt, and drive shaft lengthened. The steering linkages, fuel, and brake systems have been replaced entirely and leaf springs swapped out as well. We did a lot of work on the interior including floor pans, seat, headliner, door panels, seat belts, and cleanup on the dash pad, and instrument panel. We added a stereo, AC(a must-have in Texas), replaced the PS pump and lines, and cleaned up a lot of electrical problems. We replaced the rear bumper, added door mirrors, and have started doing the body work with the goal of going back with the original light yellow paint.

It took us way too long making the drive out to my folks place to work an occasional Saturday to get her road worthy, but for the last year and a half she has been my daughters daily driver and a lot of fun to have around town.


April 2016 Truck of the Month

The April 2016 TOTM belongs to 1970Custom

From Eric:

Needed something more work and family friendly so I bought me an '05 Super Duty 6.0.

Only upgrades are muffler delete, Riff Raff intake boots with the earlier '03-'04 steel CAC tube, and vent visors. Have a coolant filter that needs installed. It's got it's bumps and bruises but it's a pickup not a show queen.


May 2016 Truck of the Month

The May 2016 TOTM belongs to Dalton Sexton

From Dalton:

In 1970, My mom purchased a 68 Ford F100 Long Wheel Base 2wd for my dad, Dalton Sexton Sr. The first thing he did was to change the drive train. He installed a 428 ci engine and installed a Borg Warner T18 transmission. Because he still had the 3 on the tree steering column, plus the big stick coming out of the floor, He had been asked before by a friend not so auto savvy, "Wow! you have TWO transmissions in this thing?!". Dad also replaced the rear gears with those from a 68 Galaxie. according to family that were along for the ride, Dad once chased down a Chevelle like it was standing still with this setup. He had to keep a chain wrapped around the driver's side motor mount to keep from breaking any more. In those days, people still used CB radios like telephones and a couple of times the local police chased a perp down by the river and get stuck. They would radio Dad and he would come pull them out with the truck. I was born in 1973. My mom worked long hours and had a long commute so I was always with Dad and he was always on the road. I literally can say that I grew up in that truck. One of my earliest memories was laying across that bench seat with my head in his lap, staring at the white dotted headliner. If you stare at it long enough, the dots would double and look weird. I know now that it meant I was falling asleep and my eyes were crossing.

Dad was wild with a touch of crazy and the truck was commonly how that was expressed. There was an Intersection where river road met with the main road on an extreme lowercase y angle. River road was a steep climb to the main road. Rather than take the hard right turn, Dad would cut across the ditch and climb the 12' almost vertical hill. It started a trend with the local teenagers and 10 years later, after many stuck and damaged failed attempts, The county dumped scrap asphalt in the ditch to stop the climbing. I remember when I was about 5 years old, My Dad let me "drive" while sitting in his lap. Unbeknownst to me, He was controlling the wheel under me. We veered off across a field, plowing over sapling pines like they were grass. Dad was laughing like mad but I was sweating bullets. I miss the days when we could ride in the back. I learned the hard way that you don't stand in the bed of the truck though. I looked over the top of the cab and caught a bumblebee in the forehead at 50! I think I backflipped back to the tailgate! Needless to say, Dad was regularly replacing grill and body parts because he was so rough. We jokingly call it the Johnny Cash truck for that reason. It has parts from every year in the series. The blood sweat and tears of Shubert, Hudson, and Sexton alike have gone into the survival and legacy of this truck. It is now tagged as a 72 because Dad dropped the cab on Scott Hudson's 72 donor body and replaced the door with the help of Joe Shubert.

When I was 20 years old, Dad told me that the truck would be mine one day. Every once in a while, I would ask Dad, "When can I get my truck?". "You ain't ready yet" he would say. This went on for ten years. One day at the age of 30, we were sitting on the back porch and I was staring at the truck. I mumbled to myself, "Man, I'll never sell that truck". "What did you say boy?" asked Dad. I looked at him and said matter of factly "I'll never sell that truck". As I turned my head back to the truck again, I heard a loud jingling and it was rapidly getting louder. I looked back just in time to catch the keys just before they hit me in the head. "I've waited ten years to hear you say that!" he laughed. I about fell on the floor. The first thing we did was to replace the brakes and the rear end gears. Sadly, The galaxie rear end had worn to razor blades. We put in a 3.25 gear set. Dad slung a rod in the 428 years ago, so I am currently searching for another. I would love to find a police interceptor. I had to park the truck for years because I became unable to stay awake and deemed myself unsafe to drive. I had just been laid off so I had no insurance. It took me 4 years to get diagnosed and another 2 to be able to afford to get the truck in running condition again. You let one sit for that long and expect to replace everything! I have converted it to HEI electronic ignition and have been slowly restoring the entire truck to a like new state from my art custom made item sales. I created the dragonfly hood ornament and will be ordering a custom shift knob in the near future from Eight months ago, the engine compartment would have made you cringe. Today I am proud to lift the hood. It tickles me every time I pop the hood and see someone's reaction the first time. It is truly currently a "sleeper", as in more under the hood than would be expected.

My dad passed away in 2006, but every time I am in and around that truck, I feel like he is right there with me. Four generations have been able to ride in Dad's "Ol' Blue". I plan to continue the tradition of passing the truck on as an heirloom. I will be installing a plaque on the inside of the glove box door with my Dad's name, Then mine, and when I pass it on, The recipient will be next. The plaque will be big enough for many generations to come and I pray this tradition is kept.

Dalton Sexton


June 2016 Truck of the Month

The June 2016 TOTM belongs to cbaker65

From cb:

I acquired this pickup one day out on a whim!

I was at work an my wife called me an said that she
was looking in the paper an noticed a guy selling 2
old trucks and the weekly paper just came out.
An asked if I wanted to go look at them.

I was shocked!...I said yea.
So we went an looked at them ,the guy only wanted
$350.00 for them that he needed to get rid of them
because he was moving.

So my wife asked me which one I wanted ,an I said
this one ,an she said Happy B-day!

I about fell over backwards!

The truck ran ,I drove it home ,well ,took it to my
daughters house to store it.
It sat for a little over a year until my daughters
boy friend came back an was eye balling it an wouldn't stop asking me if I wanted to sale it to him.

So finally I got tired of it an brought it down to my house ,an it sat for acouple more years ,so I just
checked it out ,changed the oil & tune up ,an started
driving it alittle ,like to the dump or to takes stuff
here an there.Drove like that for a couple of years ,
more like 3 or 4 .
Then I thought to myself that this truck has been running all this time with out issues an it was a gift
from my wife ,maybe its time to do something with it ,an make it more descent looking ,an to show my
wife how much that I do appreciate it.

I absolutely appreciate her for buying it for me!
I'm definitely in love with my 68 bump an enjoy
driving it!...


July 2016 Truck of the Month

The July 2016 TOTM belongs to slmann

From Scott:

We happened to be at the dealer and my wife said there was a Focus she wanted to look at. We looked at that car and a few others but didn't find anything that she really liked so she said to go look at trucks. At the end of the day we were driving home our new 2016 F-150 XLT 4x4. Loving this truck more and more each day. Honored to be chosen as FTF Truck Of The Month.


August 2016 Truck of the Month

The August 2016 TOTM belongs to moveoverGM

From Donald:

My late wife died of breast cancer on February 12, 2012. It was a two year fight but we gave it everything we could give. During that time we lost almost everything we had including a 1964 Ford Fairlane. Sometimes life just goes that way. But I knew that when things got better and the time was right I wanted to try to get another classic car. But I thought why not a truck. I can actually use that! So I found this 1973 F100 in a small Tennessee town of Newcomb. It was love at first sight. Nearly original, it is a sheer pleasure to drive and gets a lot of attention. And because I am Irish, I love green!!
I am honored to have my truck chosen for August


September 2016 Truck of the Month

The September 2016 TOTM belongs to

From Jerry:

My prized old truck is 1990 F250 which I bought from a neighbor (original owner) with almost 130,000 miles and going strong. She loves to work.

This truck was ordered with a 460 gas engine, 5 on the floor and crank windows. It is two-tone, gray top and bottom, black in middle. Has long bed and aluminum tool box. It is 4 X 2 and has towed a 5th wheel trailer weighing 15,000 pounds.

Old school for sure. Having grown up loving the sound of dual exhausts of V-8's, I have Flowmasters and these make this old truck very special to me.

We will use this gas thirsty Ford to tow a Hi-Lo camping trailer (4000 pounds) to Florida State Parks. We are currently in the process of restoring 20 year old Hi-Lo.

Got to admit, at 75 years old, I haven't had much truck experience but absolutely love this 26 year old F250. I love to restore and over the years have done 25 motorcycles and a few cars, but never a truck.

We're gonna enjoy this old Ford truck for sure.

Winter Haven, Florida
Ohio native with NH wife ( a real combination)


October 2016 Truck of the Month

The October 2016 TOTM belongs to plumberrob

From Rob:

This is my 2006 Crew Cab Long Box Beast... never owning a diesel before I was nervous to say the least but I am so happy with the truck now after learning a few things.
She pulls hard and hauls all the toys and the straight exhaust makes her sound like a jet airplane.. love it! haha
Gave her new headlight lenses and a new grille... Oh and new tires that are so nice quiet on the highway!
Hope she stays with us for many years to come!


November 2016 Truck of the Month

The November 2016 TOTM belongs to UTftball68

From Ben:

I'm honored to have my 79 Bronco selected as the TOTM. I purchased this rig 10 years ago, in college from the original owner, who was a local Ford parts counter guy. This vehicle has taught me a lot over the years and has been my primary test subject. It went through a very 80's restoration with the PO, complete with gold crushed velvet interior and gold anodized bright work inside and out. Over the years, I've replaced or dyed the interior pieces to something more tame, and replaced all the trim. It has seen several different engine and suspension set ups, and is currently under the knife again for my ultimate 'point it anywhere and go' machine. I have a 'crown jewel' 1970 460 coming off the dyno in a couple weeks from Left Eye Blind Racing, with a roller C6 to bolt behind it. I just snagged a set of 2006 Super Duty tons to go underneath as well. I'm also working with Left Eye Blind on some proprietary 'top secret' fenders/quarters to keep a low COG while maintaining great flex on a 40" tire. I suppose the saying is true, projects are never done, they just change direction.

» Truck of the Month 2017

January 2017 Truck of the Month

The January 2017 TOTM belongs to

From Doug:

I found this truck in the back lot of a Ford dealership about 6 years ago. It is a one-owner ranch truck that had been really taken care of. It has the 460 engine with a C-6 transmission. The only maintenance I have done is a new fuel switching valve, a TCV, a wheel cylinder, and a master cylinder.

The truck had 93,000 miles with regular maintenance. The only reason the truck was on the back lot was because of the gas mileage. The dealer thought he would have a hard time selling it...

I've put about 1,000 miles per year on the truck since I bought it, just using it to tow a camp trailer during the summer.

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